Three Evenings In July

Dear Reader, I’ve been rather on my own this week. My good friend, LoL regular and remote viewing partner, Cade Fon Apollyon, a.k.a. The Okie Devil of Text US, has been gainfully employed selling fireworks for the past 3 days…

cade and roob tuesday working 1

*He should have gone with the Combo, Clicky… /flicks lighter… *

*/lights up… Defo on the Combo…*

Cade and Roob Tuesday Working 2

*Great Scott! …/drags… And wot wiv enter the dragon… /stream smoke… Sounds like Leggy…*


On Wednesday evening I tried writing a post for the LoL…

Cade and Roob Wednesday working

*/flicks ash… Yeah, I decided to post it on Merovee instead… /drags…*

… Butt decided to visit the Red universe instead…

Ben gal u r u.

Been trying to write a post about the front page of the Echo newspaper this morning…

Echo front page 030719

A chap named Ben drowned whilst on holiday in Benalmadena. Knot-eyes his surname is Lloyd


See ‘Lloyd’ (Joe Turkel) and Danny Lloyd (‘Danny’)?

Back to the front page. Three stories are mentioned:

Page 13 – ‘two arrested as cops target London gangs on trains’. A train crash starts the Franky Spanky shambles. As well as last weekend’s shambles…

And again in Monday night’s remote viewing with Cade…

Page 3: A pun 😉 ‘Tyred out: Car stripped for parts.

And page 7: the story of the unfortunately Ben, caught in a riptide, first tribute paid by Levi (Evil) Ripley…


Cig gone aye Weaver… Back to ‘Wanted’…

So page numbers highlighted on the front page of the Echo are thirteen, three and seven. 1337 appears in comments in the Franky Spanky shamble…

I decided to stop and post these odd synchronicities here instead; orange is the smell of ‘Shining,’ according to Dick Halloran in the book 😉

Oh and the Jim Beam fire occurred in Versailles, Kentucky…

On Thursday, Legs and Poppy were finally back online after having their internet connection knocked out by a bolt of lightning at the weekend…

Thursday Foursome

*Great Scot! …/smirks… Now that’s a funny fanny…*

… And I was able to catch up with Legs…

Leggy and Roob Catch Up 1

*It’s true, he does… /nods…*

Leggy and Roob catch up 2

*/final drag… I don’t think Tolkien partook of the waccy-baccy, Clicky… /plumes smoke… butt that don’t mean his characters didn’t… /stubs butt…*

Leggy and Roob Catch Up 3

*Oh that’s enough for tonight, Clicky… /pats snout… Kindly go get us a Song…*

Anyhoo, Dear Reader, I’m off now for a spot of remote viewing with Cade. Have a great we kenned and… Have a Song ❤


11 thoughts on “Three Evenings In July

  1. Cade – You’ve been wanting to do this forever. 🙂 Just short of owning your own fireworks stand. Maybe a little closer to the reality now. So glad you had fun with it. Thanks for the post Roobs. ❤

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  2. From the article about the unfortunate dude in the riptide…
    “I am going to miss out little chats and cigarettes together.”

    Cigarettes? Aren’t cigarettes/smoking like…evil? Or something?

    ^Vance Joy – ‘Riptide’ Official Video^

    I guess I’m just reflecting on what makes…moments.

    There are many moments in my own life that others might qualify as…shit.

    But, to me, they are what makes living worth…living.

    ^Fluke ‎– Slap It (Untitled No.3)^
    /me shrugs

    I’m a self-centered piece of shit.

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    1. I’m kinda surprised that the stand employees were not packing. Most small stands here usually have at least one armed employee or have a firearm on site because 1) most fireworks stands are out in the sticks because of the fireworks laws in Texas which relegates all fireworks sales to the boondocks/outside the city limits, and 2) fireworks are historically an all cash business. As a result, fireworks stands have always been seen as an easy target because they are in the middle of nowhere, easy in/easy out for bandits, and lots of cash on hand.

      These days a lot of stands (even the small ones) have electronic payment devices/POS services because of broadband wireless, so a lot of sales now are credit instead of cash. But still, loads of cash sales. That said, loads of really high-tech and expensive fireworks on the market these days, so anyone spending cash are likely to be spending a lot. And that’s just to say that even tho credit/debit/cashless purchases are up, so are prices, so still usually a lot of cash on hand. Prices are likely to be atrocious next year because of the new tariffs (at least a 25% increase in retail prices) so it’s possible that a lot of the casual customers are going to be priced out of the market completely, a lot of the big spenders are not going to be as happy with their purchases/purchasing power so will spend less,.and the midrange customers may not even bother buying fireworks at all.

      Another note here, and that is that a lot of charitable groups run fireworks stands because it’s a good way to make some quick cash once or twice a year, and a lot of those groups may not be as eager to have weapons on-site since they are not depending on the money as part of their own personal income. Mom and pop stands likely DO depend on that money as part of their income, and could potentially be ruined if they are ripped off. Local laws may also prohibit or restrict firearms on site. And to be honest, discharge of a firearm near shitloads of highly volatile black power, flash powder and fuses is a really bad idea. Just don’t want to make it sound like I was suggesting all fireworks retailers are packing heat.

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