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30-Day Song Challenge: Happy!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day, Dear Reader. Today Cade and I will be offering up songs that make us feel happy. Indeed, I am happy to inform you that we’ve reached Day 9 of the LoL’s month-long song challenge…

*I am breathing, Clicky… /lights up… After tomorrow… /drags… I’ll be on holiday for a week… /plumes smokes…*

*No, sad’s for tomorrow… /smokes… apt considering I have to go into work…*

Shaggy Leggy and Great Dane Poppy

*Now you come to mention it, Clicky, Poppy Sweet Pea is a great Dane. Wow! great song choices from her and Legs…*

Enjoy! 😀


Day 9: Songs that make you happy

Cade’s first song pick…

Happy? Me? Yeah right. I am a darkness wrapped in a black box at night on the outer edges of the Universe. Evil does not “do” happy, nor happiness, nor…erm…happy happiness. However, were I to feel the slightest touch of happiness, a song that were to inspire happy within me might go a little somethin’ like dis.

^Avicii – Wake Me Up (Lyric Video)^

Roob’s first song pick…

For some strange reason, the sound of a vacuum cleaner makes Thoughtful Man feel happy, whereas my spirits are lifted at the sound of tap shoes. Fatboy Slim’s ‘Weapon of Choice’ featuring Christopher Walken video, therefore, covers all bases 😉

^Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice [Official Video]^

Cade’s second song pick…

This next song sure as shit filled me with happy just about at the exact moment in my life when hope was (for the most part) completely and totally gone. Taught me a valuable lesson in the process. Some people, are not street-lamps. Unlike those who shine all the time, these particular people don’t light all of the pathway, all of the time, to guide all people, all the way. Some people are there to light the path during those times when the pathway has gone dark, all have abandoned you, and you need only just enough light to take one single solitary step. A beacon in the distance to give the lost a bearing. A lighthouse to those caught in a storm. The briefest of seemingly random and non-specific flashes, broadcasting in the blind, just to let you know that you are not alone. A strobe.

^deadmau5 – Strobe^

Roob’s second song pick…

For me, ELO’s ‘Mr Blue Sky’ is one of the happiest songs I know. I’ve requested it be the last song played at my funeral, so mourners can leave with a spring in their step. It’s the least I could do for those who turn up 😉

^Mr. Blue Sky | Electric Light Orchestra | Pomplamoose^

Walken Cowbell.gif

*Yeah, but just look at how happy the band are playing it, Clicky…*

Cade’s third song pick…

I’ve got nothing clever to say about this next one. It makes me happy when I hear it. Has done ever since I first heard it.

^Cocteau Twins – Carolyn’s Fingers (Official Video)^

Roob’s third song pick…

My third and final choice of song makes me feel happy. Monstrously so…

*Kong does seem happy, Clicky, but it’s in black and white…*

Walken Blue Sky.gif

*Weapon of Choice plus use my imagination… /pat snout… gotcha…*

I mean, who doesn’t feel monstrously happy when they hear the B-52’s ‘Love Shack’?

^The B-52’s – Love Shack (Official Music Video)^

The final word to Roob Clicky…

*Pick Hard Data… /stubs butt… I can see why that makes you happy, Clicky…*


Hopefully you are now overbrimming with happiness, Dear Reader. Hold on to that thought because tomorrow we’ll be wallowing in songs that make us feel sad. Oh joy!

Have a Song ❤

^Imagination – Just An Illusion^

Missive from ‘Merica: Just A Little Bit… */Rawr…*







   …of like


Or some shit like that.


shit is like…


^Crazy dangerous takeoff 767 in severe storm!!^

Q: If I am “supposed to have” an opinion, what makes that opinion mine?

A: ???

Lemme guess. Now that “we’ve” narrowed down that I am supposed to have an opinion, I am now going to be presented with a list of opinions to have regarding this opinion.

Am I even close on this one?

Do I even need to be here for this?

That pesky-assed word “negligible” keeps buzzing around in my crazy-assed head.

^Orbital – Belfast (Sasha Vs The Light Remix)^

So if someone asks me “do you hear voices”…how in the FUCKING FUCK am I supposed to answer that question? And also, why is this a YES/NO or MULTIPLE-CHOICE question instead of FILL-IN-THE-BLANK? Because I wanna know what voice(s) hear my answer.

Man…and people think that I’m a fucking lazy worthless scumbag.

Who comes up with this shit?
^All U Ever Want (Original Mix) – Deadmau5 & Billy Newton^

I shouldn’t have to tell you…that I personally do not wear underwear.
But I don’t…(wear underwear that is)…but it’s not something that I can explain.
It’s something that needs to be experienced first-hand, or just…something you have to see to believe.


…earlier tonight, I was running around in my underwear, and thought…

“Man…this would prolly make a lot more sense if I was actually wearing underwear.”

I know, I know…you are prolly thinking…

“Welp…we’ve all been there eh?”

See? We aren’t so different after all.

We're all naked on the inside.

So yeah, all that to say…


^Here’s Why Wings Don’t Fall Off Airplanes^

So it’s like 22:11 on Thursday night, which means that tomorrow is prolly gonna be Friday for most of the day. I started drinking pretty early this morning and passed out for a coupla hours this afternoon, then got up around 16:00 and bumbled around YouTube for a while looking for some new music. And now, I’m sitting here typing this bullshit and just decided to start drinking again.

Good thing she dumped my looser-ass eh?

I guess the fact that I’ve been left out of the entirety of the process, and am afforded no decisions whatsoever? Yeah…most people would prolly bust a spring. But I’ve kinda felt this way my entire life. At least with respect to situations like this. We seem to only be afforded the choices and or options that others allow us to have, depending on the situation.

For example, whatshername had repeatedly told me that she was in no way, shape or form going to pay for an attorney to get a divorce. Which said to me, that at some point, yeah…she’s gonna get an attorney, and file.

And yep…that’s what she has done. Not that it takes a rocket scientist to figure that out, but it’s not that simple.

I don’t mind “agreements” changing. What I do mind, is not being allowed to participate. If you are going to dictate terms just because “you have the upper-hand”…erm…when did this become a pissing contest?

Like she’s doing me a favor by getting an attorney herself, but then dictating that I cannot show up at court representing myself because her attorney fees will go up. Plus, her attorney is urging her to tell the court that I work somewhere making some minimum wage, just for child support purposes. Well…I don’t. I don’t have a job, and I refuse to go on disability. (Assuming I could even get it) But yeah, I’m pretty fucked up…so I could get it. But that would be like a death-sentence to me.

I’ve worked my ass off to try and get better. And I am better. Unfortunately, there is no “cure” for a fucked up work record…irrespective of the reason(s) for it.

I’m a 49 year old liability…
…and that’s not liable to change.

^Deadmau5 – Moar Ghosts ‘n Stuff (Ft. Rob Swire) [Vocal Mix] (1080p) || HD^

OK…there…I dumped…

Q: You feeling better now?


Anyway, it’ll all be over tomorrow. So yeah…I can kinda talk about some stuff now. Although, I wouldn’t count on me to say much more on the subject.

^(HD) Deadmau5 – Turning Point^

Remember that “if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit” business?

If the survey says you must omit

…you musta quit.

Or…you’re prolly about to.

I guess it’s who we quit and when and where and why and how that matters eh?

Not much there to think about.

You'll get over it.
^Secondcity – ‘I Wanna Feel’ (Official Video)^

Legal Liability (Redirected from Liable)
Transcendental Law of Homogeneity
Heuristics in Judgment and Decision-Making
Heuristic (Disambiguation)
Heuristic Argument
Natural Language
African American Vernacular English
Ebonics (Word)
Failure-Internet Memes
Single Point of Failure
Reliability Engineering
Reliability of Wikipedia

I sure as shit ain’t innocent in all of this bullshit. I’m an asshole. I’m short, sharp, ask direct questions, and I give direct answers. I mean…if you ask me a question, and don’t want to know my answer…

Q: Why ask?

A: Ironic eh?

Meh…it’ll all be over with soon.

I got that skiing trip to look forward to.

I mean, I won’t be there…but they will.

^Scissor Sisters – Let’s Have A Kiki – Instructional Video^


LOL!!! The following video? The song was pretty cool, but then…I started watching the video. ROFL. People are idiots. I’m gonna have nightmares forever now.

^Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf (Official Music Video)^

So I broke down and put some underwear on, and started running around…and thinking…

“MAN! This would prolly make more sense if I was actually running around!”

And speaking of…yeah…to my knowledge…there was no “running around” that was going on in mine and whatshername’s marriage. I never did. I was shocked that she ever wanted anything to do with me. I mean…how in the FUCK does an ugly motherfucker like me ever get laid in the first place. “Personality” is how it has been described to me. Apparently, I have “a charming one, with a “rare” honesty and direct straightforwardness.” O RLY?!?!? You mean…the same one that is sometimes described as “a really bad attitude on an asshole that is mean as FUCK?”

Yeah…honesty will get you killed. EX:

Q1: Does this dress make my ass look big?
A1: No. But your ass makes that dress look small.
Q1: Does this dress make my ass look big?
A2: No. It just doesn’t hide your natural dimensions as well as some of your other clothing choices.

I mean…what the fuck kinda question is that?

Don’t use me as your lightning rod. Or do. Whatevz. I just work here.

^R3hab & NERVO & Ummet Ozcan – Revolution (Official Music Video)^

AH!!! A question via the Whatever However Hotline!!!

Q: So Cade, why weren’t you trying to save your marriage instead of trying to save the world?

A: GREAT QUESTION!!! I dunno. What do you think? I mean like, what do you think I should have done? I mean like…specifically. We can’t go back, ‘cept maybe for like…a visit or something. So yeah…what would you suggest that I have done differently? And speaking of which…why don’t you focus on saving your own whatever instead of telling me how to save my own whatever….K?

I’m sorry…that prolly sounded kinda…shitty…eh?

I only get one vote of two with respect to decision-making. And if mine differs from hers, or hers differs from mine? Yeah…there’s a good chance that someone is about to get nullified. Suddenly…everything is compromise. But…that’s OK. I went into this whathaveyou under that assumption. A partnership. Meh….we only get one life. That includes her and hers. There’s always gonna be winners and losers. I prefer to lose. It’s how I win. It’s hard to explain. But I dunno. Maybe you understand that concept better than you think you do.

^Karen Harding – Say Something^

I don’t think that it’s the good that makes the bad, nor the bad that makes the good.

It’s the whatever that makes the whatever, whatever it is.

^Krewella – Enjoy the Ride^

I can tell you this…that ski trip wouldn’t be happening were things to have transpired any differently up to this point.

Put that in your second-guessing pipe and smoke it.

^Better Off Alone^

Don’t “miss me”…I’ll be here always.

^Format:B – Chunky^

A special thanks to Roob for putting up with my bullshit, and encouraging me to keep writing.

^M83 – “Wait” (Official Video)^

…and miles to go before I sleep…

…and miles to go before I sleep…

Keep On Truckin’ World

^Avicii – Wake Me Up (Lyric Video)^
^Dirty Vegas – “Days Go By” (Original version)^



*Hello! I’m Home… /stamps feet… OMG it’s fucking cold out there! …/shrugs off coat… Thanks Clicky! …/pats snout… Oh it’s warm in here… /chuckles… So, what mischief have you been up to whilst I was out there… /points… freezing my arse off?*

*Okay, slow down… /rubs hands over the library fire… Cade sent a missive? …/stops rubbing hands… You did WHAT?! …/looks up slowly… Clicky!! …/:O…*

*/Harumphs… Saved by the cute… /tuts… You really shouldn’t rely on the children to save your bacon… /squints… They get old… /sigh… Well then, I’d better go read the latest… If you’ve fucked it up, Clicky… /warms buttocks on library chair… Well go on then, assistant, go make us a cuppa… /lights up… *


Get You, Duckie!

Fear has a long history, and the idea of control-by-fear has a history that’s only five minutes less than that. Keeping control of a pack of hominids by being the biggest and nastiest was a simple step and an easy one to cope with. Everyone knew who the biggest and nastiest one was and everyone knew to keep on his good side. Nothing devious or sneaky required by Big’n’Nasty, although underlings might engage in sneakiness to get their own way without being battered. Big’n’Nasty ruled by fear.



Dear Reader, it appears Madam X Secretary approved the meme…


*I saw that story yesterday, Clicky… Posted… /knot-eyes… of it with Red Frank… Very sad…*


*/squints… ‘K, Oz…. /scans… More tragedy… Hugo sent me that story on DM this morning, Clicky…*

*Yeah, another popular music star bites the dust in 20H+H… Again… /knot-eyes… on MEROVEE yesterday…*


*/:O… Yes, I opened the box… Clicky! /stern squint… They’re nearly 20 years old now… /wrestles with beastly assistant… Stop it! Don’t you dare…*

*/Turns purple… Cade’s right – you are a shithead, Clicky!*

*You wouldn’t! I told him that in confidence… /wrestles some more… I don’t care what kind of fucking freaky-work-based friendship you struck up with Leggy under Dume… Stop. It. Now…*


*/explodes with cold rage… I’m going to fucking kill you!! …/lunges…*


*/Grabs book… Now swim…*


*/Points finger… And don’t even fink about leaving a S…*