CLICK5: A Gamble Gambol

3 thoughts on “CLICK5: A Gamble Gambol

  1. Gimbals are popular recently. “They” have no idea who or what is driving some of them, nor who made them, but they seem to have an inkling as to how some behave.

    CAPCOM: Aquarius, watch that middle gimbal. We don’t want you tumbling off into space.
    Jim Lovell: Freddo, inform Houston I’m well aware of the God-damned gimbals!
    Fred Haise: Roger that, Houston.
    Jim Lovell: I don’t need to hear the obvious, I’ve got the frappin’ 8-ball right in front of me!
    – Apollo 13

    Gimbals are popular in all kinds of crafts tho,

    ^Unedited Navy Gimbal video.mp4^


    Day Two: Inertial Guidance (The Story of Doc Draper) –


    ^Platform in the Sky – Doc Draper^

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    1. gimbal (n)

      ‘1570s, “joints, connecting links,” alteration of gemel “twins” (late 14c.), from Old French jumel “a twin” (12c., Modern French jumeau), from Latin gemellus, diminutive of geminus (adj.) “twin, born together” (see geminate). As a type of contrivance for securing free motion in suspension, by 1780. Related: Gimbals. Gemmels (plural) was Middle English for “twins” (late 14c.), also “Gemini,” from Old French gemeles; hence also gemel ring, a double finger-ring that may be taken apart; also gimmal.’


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