30-Day Song Challenge: Happy!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day, Dear Reader. Today Cade and I will be offering up songs that make us feel happy. Indeed, I am happy to inform you that we’ve reached Day 9 of the LoL’s month-long song challenge…

*I am breathing, Clicky… /lights up… After tomorrow… /drags… I’ll be on holiday for a week… /plumes smokes…*

*No, sad’s for tomorrow… /smokes… apt considering I have to go into work…*

Shaggy Leggy and Great Dane Poppy

*Now you come to mention it, Clicky, Poppy Sweet Pea is a great Dane. Wow! great song choices from her and Legs…*

Enjoy! 😀


Day 9: Songs that make you happy

Cade’s first song pick…

Happy? Me? Yeah right. I am a darkness wrapped in a black box at night on the outer edges of the Universe. Evil does not “do” happy, nor happiness, nor…erm…happy happiness. However, were I to feel the slightest touch of happiness, a song that were to inspire happy within me might go a little somethin’ like dis.

^Avicii – Wake Me Up (Lyric Video)^

Roob’s first song pick…

For some strange reason, the sound of a vacuum cleaner makes Thoughtful Man feel happy, whereas my spirits are lifted at the sound of tap shoes. Fatboy Slim’s ‘Weapon of Choice’ featuring Christopher Walken video, therefore, covers all bases 😉

^Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice [Official Video]^

Cade’s second song pick…

This next song sure as shit filled me with happy just about at the exact moment in my life when hope was (for the most part) completely and totally gone. Taught me a valuable lesson in the process. Some people, are not street-lamps. Unlike those who shine all the time, these particular people don’t light all of the pathway, all of the time, to guide all people, all the way. Some people are there to light the path during those times when the pathway has gone dark, all have abandoned you, and you need only just enough light to take one single solitary step. A beacon in the distance to give the lost a bearing. A lighthouse to those caught in a storm. The briefest of seemingly random and non-specific flashes, broadcasting in the blind, just to let you know that you are not alone. A strobe.

^deadmau5 – Strobe^

Roob’s second song pick…

For me, ELO’s ‘Mr Blue Sky’ is one of the happiest songs I know. I’ve requested it be the last song played at my funeral, so mourners can leave with a spring in their step. It’s the least I could do for those who turn up 😉

^Mr. Blue Sky | Electric Light Orchestra | Pomplamoose^

Walken Cowbell.gif

*Yeah, but just look at how happy the band are playing it, Clicky…*

Cade’s third song pick…

I’ve got nothing clever to say about this next one. It makes me happy when I hear it. Has done ever since I first heard it.

^Cocteau Twins – Carolyn’s Fingers (Official Video)^

Roob’s third song pick…

My third and final choice of song makes me feel happy. Monstrously so…

*Kong does seem happy, Clicky, but it’s in black and white…*

Walken Blue Sky.gif

*Weapon of Choice plus use my imagination… /pat snout… gotcha…*

I mean, who doesn’t feel monstrously happy when they hear the B-52’s ‘Love Shack’?

^The B-52’s – Love Shack (Official Music Video)^

The final word to Roob Clicky…

*Pick Hard Data… /stubs butt… I can see why that makes you happy, Clicky…*


Hopefully you are now overbrimming with happiness, Dear Reader. Hold on to that thought because tomorrow we’ll be wallowing in songs that make us feel sad. Oh joy!

Have a Song ❤

^Imagination – Just An Illusion^

5 thoughts on “30-Day Song Challenge: Happy!

  1. from pro “forth, before” (see pro-) + -igium, a suffix or word of unknown origin, perhaps from the same source as aio “I say” (see adage).

    I say, eh? I say I will say I said.

    ^Deadmau5 – I Said (Michael Woods Remix) (1080p) || HD^


    Garlic…mayonaise. lolz…my word.

    Chalk And Cheesehttps://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/chalk_and_cheese

    Not sure what to say about that one.

    Chocolate and Cheesehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chocolate_and_Cheese

    I almost used a Ween tune from that album instead of Transdermal Celebration on drugs and alcohol day.

    It mentions tinsel, a tree, a melon, pumpkin carving, a car/driving, a raisin, a hill, lasagna, and ohms.

    ^Ween – Roses Are Free^

    Do ya’ll say “Happy Boxing Day” to eachother over there? Like, greet eachother on this particular day, with a particular greeting that includes representation/acknowledgement of the day?

    Happy Bach Sing Day. ❤

    ^Mischa Maisky plays Bach Cello Suite No.1 in G (full)^

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  2. Two happy tunes spring to mind:

    Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel – Make Me Smile

    Satchmo’s What A Wonderful World

    Hope you like ’em.


      1. The Domino Effect

        Eyes Wide Shut

        And Gnoses

        Etymology. Borrowed from German Schnorchel (“(submarine) snorkel”), related to schnarchen (“to snore”). Thus named because of the submarine snorkel’s functional similarity to a nose and because of its noise when in use. The anglicized spelling was first recorded in 1945.

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