CLICK5: Ee-I-Ee-I…Oh!

7 thoughts on “CLICK5: Ee-I-Ee-I…Oh!

  1. “It’s a hard world to get a break in
    All the good things have been taken
    But girl, there are ways to make certain things pay
    Though I’m dressed in these rags
    I’ll wear sable some day
    Hear what I say
    I’m gonna ride that serpent
    No more time spent
    Sweatin’ rent
    Hear my command
    I’m breakin’ loose
    And ain’t no use
    Holdin’ me down
    Stick around”

    Thank you for introducing me to that song, and video. The ‘taxidermy’ on the wall is brilliant and presented so casually, it makes it extra creepy.
    Hope you are well, Roob.
    Of course, I have been thinking about February 22, 2022 being 222222…but I did not realize, until Charlie told me, that it is on a TWOSDAY.

    That’s my son 🙂

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  2. Was this show popular in the UK? It was huge in the US.

    33 years ago, the Cincinnati Bengals v San Francisco 49ers. The halftime show is considered the weirdest, ever. “Be Bop Bamboozled feat. Elvis Presto!, and the biggest card trick ever”, was a hot mess of weirdness that is awful to watch (but you should watch it on YouTube because its so weird). It’s so weird that if you google it, you can read articles about it, and if I understand correctly, the thing was that people would get 3D glasses in their daily newspaper, (and you could get them at convenience stores, also), and you put them on during halftime to watch the magic show. Most everybody got a daily newspaper delivered at that time, so the medium was definitely a message. The connection to the show Moonlighting, is that producers of the that show were considering a finale of the season in the same manner; in 3D with 3D glasses, somehow. 33 years ago. Hmmm…
    I know you follow the secret sun. Chris Knowles discovered one of the weirdest rabbit holes, the Elizabeth Fraser phenomena. So bizarre! What does this have to do with anything? Cybil SHEPHERD and BRUCE Willis. (Bruce is always Scottish). It’s the Scottish/Shepherd/Elizabeth Fraser sync. Weird.

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  3. How does it work? I wanted to put a video of Coc two twins & decided to see what the interview one is, after searching on the YouTube oracle. How is it that it begins with David Lynch? Will send an email to explain.

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  4. 2.13.2022 or 13.2.2022
    It equals 3. The best number.
    The moonlighting lunar year of the Tiger favors Cincinnati but we’ll see. These mega rituals ramp up energy from everywhere; consider the recent Neil Young & Spotify meow meow.
    Cincinnati, OHIO. (Ohio has possibly the most native mounds). And the serpent mound.
    “…hear what I say, I’m gonna ride that serpent…”

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    1. I loved ‘Moonlighting’, MJ. It was set in LA, so there’s your Rams 😉

      ‘In the 1988–1989 TV season, the show’s ratings declined precipitously. The March to August 1988 Writers Guild of America strike[25] cancelled plans for the 1987–1988 Moonlighting season finale to be filmed and aired on TV in 3-D in a deal with Coca-Cola, and delayed the broadcast of the first new episode until December 6, 1988. The series went on hiatus during the February sweeps, and returned on Sunday evenings in the spring of 1989. Six more episodes aired before the series was cancelled in May of that year.

      ‘In keeping with the show’s tradition of “breaking the fourth wall”, the last episode (fittingly titled “Lunar Eclipse”) featured Maddie and David returning from Agnes and Herbert’s wedding to find the Blue Moon sets being taken away, and an ABC network executive waiting to tell them that the show has been cancelled. The characters then race through the studio lot in search of a television producer named Cy, as the world of Moonlighting is slowly dismantled.

      ‘When they find Cy, he is screening a print of “In ‘n Outlaws”, the episode of Moonlighting that had aired two weeks earlier. Once informed of the problem, Cy lectures David and Maddie on the perils of losing their audience and the fragility of romance. Cy was played by Dennis Dugan, the same actor who had played Walter Bishop in Maddie’s marriage storyline — however, Dugan was also the director of the episode, so his acting credit was listed as “Walter Bishop”.[26] David and Maddie then admit defeat that the show is ending but not before Maddie tells David ‘I can’t imagine not seeing you again tomorrow’ and then we are treated to a clip montage of previous Moonlighting episodes and then it ends with a message stating that “Blue Moon Investigations ceased operations on May 14, 1989. The Anselmo Case[27] was never solved… and remains a mystery to this day.”

      Walter Bishop is one of the main characters of ‘Fringe’, which has featured heavily on Merovee over the years, as well as breaking the fourth wall 😉

      Kneel Jung has been prominently in the news in his effort to de-platform Joe Rogan…

      CLICK5: A Fourth Turning Tale – The Rogan Josh Is Getting Spicy…

      … And ‘fringe’ is the word Truck Fudeau used to describe the protest convoy, as it snaked it’s way across Canada to Ottawa, capital and seat of power…

      Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: A Fourth Turning Tale – Damn! Keep On Truckin’…

      I have been to both LA and Cincinnati (albeit briefing to catch flights elsewhere) and the 14th May is the date Thoughtful Man and I moved into our house. As for Anselmo, that means ‘welcome’…


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