CLICK5: That Starmer Charmer…

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  2. From the ZeroHedge article…

    “…since the customer has been notified and has agreed to voluntarily take the risk of death without being obliged or compelled to do so.”

    Um…”without being obliged or compelled to do so” by whom? Didn’t Macron only recently declare he was going to make life miserable for “the tiny minority” who were refusing to take any COVID vaccine? That he was enacting legislation to “piss them off”? Hasn’t France passed legislation on their “vaccine pass” which stipulates that one cannot buy or sell without The Mark? BLOOPS! I overstepped my bounds there methinks.

    One cost of going unvaccinated? Your insurer may ask you to pick up the tab for COVID-19 treatment

    Yeah I think there’s more than enough evidence to support that a precedent has been established that these vaccines do not qualify as “experimental”, and rather fall under the “required” category thanks to the rhetoric spouted endlessly in the time leading up to the time of COVID-19 vaccine releases, and also all of the rhetoric spouted endlessly post-COVID-19 vaccine releases. I’d think you also cannot play both sides of the fence like this in threatening to deny benefits if one does not get vaccinated and becomes ill from SARS-CoV2 and/or variants, then further threatening to deny benefits if one suffers injury or death as a result of one get vaccinated. That reeks of racketeering or even just flat out fraud and certainly unethical business practices.

    And, since when is a leader of a nation declaring war on minorities ever wound up having a good result? Wait, I’m getting off track. Digress.

    Since when has “risk of death” been grounds for release of contractual obligations/relief solely on its own merits? Virtually everything in life has “risk of death”, but a “contract” does not preclude or supersede one’s inherent (or expressed) rights if a company is negligent, act hastily or irrationally, nor if it knowingly subjects individuals to unreasonable risk, even in times of upheaval or crisis. This is the healthcare industry we are talking about, and surely these companies who are manufacturing vaccines have some responsibility for mitigating this “risk of death”, and the insurance companies have a responsibility for picking up part of the tab in the event of death due to their almost assured involvement in some way in also insuring the very people who develop, advertise, advocate, administer, etc. these vaccines.

    The only thing I can figure is that the courts are expecting a lot more of these cases and they are perhaps trying to nip it in the bud, or at a minimum delay the inevitable. Perhaps even pass the buck and require litigants to switch their focus off of insurance companies and on to other entities. This could get damn ugly.

    I smell a superfund being established so as to limit future payouts, and prevent the insurance and medical industries from collapsing under a litigious landslide.

    Oh, and regarding this misclassification of cause of death? Meh…nothing to see here. A precedent has been well established for that too, both pre and post COVID-19 vaccines release.

    ^Needles And Pins – The Searchers^

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  3. And the Kazakhstan connection and Hunter Biden and China. And bizarrely 221B Baker St.

    ‘Hunter Biden was working with a Chinese oil company in Kazakhstan that is now under US sanctions and a former Kazakh prime minister now accused of treason to broker a lucrative pipeline deal.

    Emails obtained by show the president’s son teamed up with the former Kazakh prime minister Karim Massimov, now facing charges of high treason, to try to pull off a $120million pipeline deal after similar ventures had faced opposition from Western energy firms.’

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        1. I’ve seen a quite a few Hamlets, Frank, and my favourite by far is Mel Gibson’s…

          Which is funny because I saw a tweet about him yesterday…


  4. And schools and leaders.

    Kei Starmer Smith went to Reigate Grammar School. I went to Brambletye in East Grinstead and so did Benedict Cumberbatch. Boris Johnson went to Ashdown House ( Paddy Ashdown) just down the road and Piers Morgan went to another school close by called Cumnor house where JFK visited.

    And your part of the world if you like. The dog that didn’t bark in the night and schools. John Major’s mythology says he went to a comprehensive in Brixton. Can’t find out the name of it. Same with your lady Anna Firth. Just mentions she went to Durham University. Doesn’t list the school. And birthdays in the year of the Water Tiger. Anna Firth is 55. and football scores – East Fife 4 : Forfar 5. Smelling rats everywhere.

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