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Underdog Anthology XX: A Dark Spring

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Howdy, Dear Reader!

As you can see, the latest volume of the Underdog Anthology is now available to buy. It’s only available as a Kindle book at the moment, but the paperback will follow shortly. The cost of the Kindle book is only 79p, which works out at less than 10p a tale, and that’s throwing the Afterword in for free! I draw this to your attention, Dear Reader, as it seems to be a hell of a bargain, and something you may well want to take advantage of 😉

*Well, yeah, the stories in it are pretty dark, Clicky, but nothing like real life, right now. Seriously, have you seen who the UK government and mainstream media are fervently supporting in Ukraine?*

*/drags… It’s utterly shameful…*

As a further enticement to purchasing a copy of UAXX, Dear Reader, the Afterword is reproduced in full below… I did say it’s for free 😉



by Roo B. Doo

Welcome, Dear Reader, to the Afterword of this here Underdog Anthology. Not sure if you’ve realised but this volume bears the sign of the double-cross. Watch out! How we’ve managed to get to number XX I’ll never know 😉

A double-cross is an ‘act of treachery’. In 1941, MI5 set up a military counter espionage unit called The Twenty Committee. The naming of this unit clearly linked the double crosses of the Roman numerals for twenty (XX) with one of the unit’s aims, which was to ‘double cross’ Germany by coercing German spies to become English double agents. In April XX-XX, the UK’s chief of the defence staff General Sir Nick Carter revealed the secretive 77th Brigade of the British Army was involved in countering coronavirus misinformation online. A double dose of double-cross. Yikes to be on the end of that!

There is also a double-cross in ‘vaxx’ which, sadly to say, people are continuing to discover is entirely apt.

How about a sing-song, Dear Reader, to cheer ourselves up? As is traditional on this dead poets page, the lyrics of a poem or song are carved up, mangled and mutilated to fit a current thing. This time, to add a little piquancy, only one of the songwriters, Kelly Gordon, is dead. Dean Kay is alive and thriving, according to Wikipedia, which makes this a dead but alive offering.

The most famous version of this song is by Frank Sinatra and it’s a belter. He’s definitely dead but, in life, had a reputation for hanging out with Mafia types and, it is said, the famous singer/movie superstar character, Johnny Fontane, in The Godfather was based on Frank Sinatra. That resulted in a bed full of horse’s head. The Mafia, now there’s an organisation where the double-cross is just part and parcel of doing business.

Considering where we are, some might say that’s also apt…

Vaxx Life

Vaxx life

(Vaxx life)

That’s what all the politicians say

Get the first jab in April, shot two in May

They said we’d have to be immune

If we wanted to see Disney World in June


They said Vaxx life

(Vaxx life)

Governments and Media scream

‘You Anti-vaxxers get your kicks

Stopping our Build Back Better dream

But they don’t let it, let it get them down

Cause they believe they can still win us around


They tried persuasion, peer pressure, payola, proscription

And pure gaslighting

We’ve been set up, locked down over and over

Just to get one thing

Each lie they come up with

Told to our face

‘It’s safe & effective’

They’re a fucking disgrace


Vaxx life

(Vaxx life)

They tell us, ‘you must comply’ yet

The thought of acquiescing, baby

Well, my heart just ain’t gonna buy that

Cause if I wobble and take one single try

What’s the betting that I’d be that one to die


Or get blood clots, Bells palsy, brain tumour, breast cancer

or blood poisoning

On top of getting Covid over and over

The ‘Long Covid’ thing

Each time the Media tries lying

Right to our face

‘It’s safe and effective’

They’re a fucking disgrace


Vaxx life

(Vaxx life)

There’s anger, I can’t deny it

The thought of cutting heads off, I must still decry it

But if they ever give it one more try

People will rise up

And this time they’ll die

No Lie


I’ll also be posting up my story from Underdog Anthology XX later this week. It’s called Wholly Ghost and it’s the eighth installment of my Ronageddon series. If you are unfamiliar with previous seven stories, there is a link to them under ‘Pages’ on the left-hand sidebar. 

*Sumfin like that, Clicky… /stubs butt… ;)*

… In the meantime, Dear Reader, have a Song! ❤

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