CLICK5: Quoth The Raven…

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17 thoughts on “CLICK5: Quoth The Raven…

    1. Clicky limits himself to 5 things to click on in his posts, JP. It’s kinda like abstract art for the reader, so that why comments, especially yours, are always appreciated…

      *Yes, I know Wes explains it a whole lot better than me, Clicky… /lights up and smokes… Thank you…*

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  1. RooB

    Your overseas readers may be intrigued to learn that the quaint Brits actually have an official position of RavenMaster (Chris Skaife) at the Tower of London.

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    1. Totally disagree, Elena. Starmer’s body guard physically restrained the man from entering his own pub after Starmer ducked in there to avoid his pertinent questions.

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        1. Like having a right to go into a Pub?

          I personally have no time for Starmer, but he does have a right to be who he is. Even in my house. That is Democracy.


          1. Yes, but Starmer was only told to get out of the pub after his goon assaulted the landlord, who was reentering his own pub.

            You’re also right that it is a democracy; we’ll see how this plays out at in the upcoming local elections. That’s why Starmer was there in the first place, on the campaign trail. The telling thing for me was that he didn’t want to engage in discussion or hear another’s perspective on the pandemic, not even from a party supporter. Then his goon beat the questioner up. Sorry, Elena, it looks like cowardice and thuggery.


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