CLICK5: Bat Virus & Joker Shamble

3 thoughts on “CLICK5: Bat Virus & Joker Shamble

  1. Sorry, I didn’t read The Links. But then I like Bats.

    I had a phone call today, in French, natch. Asking if I had been offered a Vaccine, which I had. I somehow staggered through in my horrible French and said Yes but No Thanks. She said, Thank you, Madame, have a good day and didn’t even try to change my mind.

    Now that is good service for you. Vive La France.

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    1. I like Bats too, Elena 😀

      What appears to be occurring today with the SARS-CoV-2 and ‘vaccines’ is thematically similar to the Joker’s homicidal art project from the 1989 movie ‘Batman’.


      1. I’m with Leg Iron on Vaccines, but then I always was. I didn’t actually need him to convince me.

        I never watched that Film. Why would I. I will die when I feel like it. If I ever do. Which won’t be soon.

        I like your use of Words which is quite funny sometimes, but the sort of people that I have to associate with almost certainly wouldn’t understand it. It would go down like a lead balloon on The McCann Site. They think that they are good at Semantics. They should try Proper English first. But then I spent a few years in Glasgow. And if you can understand that then the sky is the limit.

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