CLICK5: Forbidden Schmidden

2 thoughts on “CLICK5: Forbidden Schmidden

  1. “We discovered that they want to come to Minsk and organize an assassination attempt against the president and his children,” Lukashenko told state media journalists during a subbotnik, a Soviet-style collective effort to clean up the country’s communities.

    Lukashenko also accused the U.S. administration of being behind the plot.

    “Another thing surprises me: Why do the Americans behave this way? Remember, no one can assign the task of eliminating a president other than the top political leadership. Only they can make that call, not the special services,” Lukashenko said, according to his media office.

    Lukashenko added that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin had raised the issue during a Tuesday phone call with U.S. President Joe Biden. “I’m grateful to Putin. When he talked with Biden, he asked him this [Belarus-related] question.

    There was gurgling, no clear answer.”🤐😂

    They def don’t want him to talk. A dummy in the White House.

    He already bottled it by recalling the US warships.

    Hey dum dum you better run run from Attila the Hun Hun.

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