Missive From ‘Merica: Signs Of The End Times

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… CAN … YOU … READ …
c C
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a A
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¿s S?
oah ↄ\/c hao
^Chaos Chaos – Theaters (Official Video)^
Question is, who do they belong to?

The immediate thought is likely “her” because she is an adult and they appear to be on the adult-size type scalar plane. But there’s a disconnect there, for obvious reasons. Doesn’t make sense that they belong to either, but perhaps one makes more sense than the other.

No, that doesn't make sense either.

After that it kinda more becomes…what, are they. Then it kinda sinks in. So…where is your head? Or better yet, where was your head upon first encounter.

Now that we’ve got everything in both a chronological and logical order, where is your head now? I’d bet, you’re now wondering if Cade, the meek and timid Okie from Texas, is messing with your head.


As usual, just encountered a certain something completely by chance on my travels. I’ve actually already encountered quite a few certain somethings on my travels this Friday morning. Stuff that made me think.

Wanna come along for a bit and see what else I’ve seen?

^Uneasy Rider The Charlie Daniels Band with Lyrics^

What I have not seen, is scientists. That’s right, all through this lockdown and pandemic or whatever, I have not seen scientists rattling off about how great the actions taken by government(s) are, and now that we are into the vaccination stage, I’ve not seen popular and well known scientists all over the media blabbing about what you the uneducated and unwashed masses should do.

I see Anthony Fauci, and I see Neil deGrasse Tyson, but that's about it. 

Are they holding the rest in reserve in case the front lines get shot down and they need an alternate? Probably. Anyway, lets go search Google for some of the more well knows scientific mouthpieces and see what they are up to. I’m just gonna go by names as they pop into my own head, starting with Lawrence Krauss.

Lawrence Krauss to Retire From Arizona State After Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Lawrence Krauss, accused of sexual misconduct, received $250K from Jeffrey Epstein

Rut roh. Old news, but I guess that kinda explains that one. But wait…what’s this? Krauss’ name gets a mention here…

As Church Membership Slumps Ominously, Time for a Return of the God Hypothesis

You ever notice that in horror movies, and especially supernatural horror and/or monster movies, no one ever believes in the entity in question, be it a ghost or god or monster or creature or alien or whatever weird entity…that is, they don’t believe, until the fucker shows up. Yeah they’ve heard this thing exists, they figure its legend, so they get the bright idea to go looking for it, and yep, sure as shit it or they or whatever…

shows up. 

Just wondering if all these acts of creating disbelief could in fact be engines driving a helluva lot of people right onto the pathways that will firmly put them in believers category. Getting them in line for some face-time with the Almighty, or at a minimum maybe one of their agents or some other flunky. And the best part is, that only a few lambs need to be sacrificed so that the rest of the population is kept informed that this mystical something is indeed still around, and not a good idea to fuck with it nor seek it.

I've gotten off topic. 

Church numbers falling during a global pandemic and global lockdown? NO WAI!!! Let’s take a peek at Richard Dawkins and see where he comes up in the headlines.

Biologist Richard Dawkins condemned for ‘bad faith’ take on trans lives

Well fuck…that ain’t nCoV-2019 related…is it?

‘Covid won’t be the last’ – Richard Dawkins warns more pandemics ‘almost certainly’ on way

I cannot read that article because the website gives me a popup forcing me to accept their cookie policy before being able to read, and I refuse to accept any cookie policy, so yeah, I cannot read that. Prolly just gonna be a rehash of the “this has happened before, it will happen again” modality.

CRISPR: Can we control it?

On a related note, and whilst we are thinking weapons and weaponization, lemme pass this along…

Government Accidentally Releases Documents on “Psycho-Electric” Weapons

Yeah, doesn’t matter what it is nor what it does, everything from Tide-Pods to telekinesis can and will be weaponized. Let’s move on to someone out on the fringe, Seth Shostak.

Search for Alien Life Moves Well Beyond Mars

Monoliths in California, Utah, and Romania aren’t gifts real aliens might send to Earth

Nothing much recent from Seth based upon a Google News search for his name. Perhaps I should add “covid” to the mix and see what that gives me.

Federal Agencies Now Required To Report What They Know About UFOs

Oh yeah, I forgot about that bit. Another distraction in the hunt for scientists who are being mouthpieces for the establishment. Lets try Michio Kaku.


Physicist Michio Kaku Believes We Will Soon Find Alien Life, But Contacting Them Would be A “Terrible Idea”

What’s God Got to Do With Michio Kaku’s New Book, The God Equation?

Meh. Looks like he’s got too much going on with his TV show and new book to be worried about COVID. Let’s check out Brian Cox and see what he might be saying about COVID.

Rejoiner Brian Cox shut down after ‘woke professor’ tried to ‘preach about politics’

Dr. Brian Cox has a message for Flat Earthers

Brian Cox called for ban on using ‘British people’ term during woke revolt

‘Such a huge loss for the Queen’ Brian Cox leads celebrity tributes to Prince Philip

‘Need better theory than Einstein’ Brian Cox’s claim as new force of nature possibly found

Hrm…I guess maybe the core is indeed holding up the status quo whilst others are pushed forward to talk about this current pandemic. Not too smart to put all your eggs in one basket. Let us check one last dude whilst you sit there all befuddled as to why I’ve not singled out any female scientists that you’ve likely never heard of. The last dude we shall check is Jim Al-Khalili.

We owe our lives to innovations in technology’: Jim Al-Khalili

The deafening rise of ‘background’ music

Scientists fought coronavirus, now they face the battle against disinformation

The week in radio and podcasts: The Life Scientific; The Listening Service; Witness History: CulturePlanB

At the bottom of that last article, The Guardian informs me that I’ve read 6 articles in the last year.

I'm being watched. 

Question now is, sometime in the future, am I gonna be tested on how well I absorbed the information from those 6 Guardian articles that I (according to them) allegedly read?

^Strange flash of light shows up across South Florida sky^

Here’s the real question, cupcake…

Q: Why should I give one single shred of a fuck what some cosmologist, astronomer or physicist thinks about coronavirus/COVID-19/nCoV-2019?

A: Where are all the rock-star physicians at?

Where are all the rock star medical doctors, virologists, chemists, botanists, biologists, anthropologists, historians? Wear dey at, huh? My guess is gonna be that those who likely could be (or should be) speaking out have signed so goddamn many NDAs with so goddamn many interests that they can’t even comment on the weather without getting fired, sued and/or suicided, let alone comment on this SARS-CoV-2 virus thingie. Hundreds of trillions of dollars hang in the balance here. Don’t need some poison pill fucking up the works.

^Birds Chirping | Relaxing Nature Sounds | Morning Bird Sound | Mountain View | Bird Singing | Forest^

Here’s an interesting one for you to chew on…

…or at least, it’s an interesting thought to me. Wanna hear why?

OK, fine...you've talked me into it.

Supposedly, the only unforgivable sin (according to The Bible) is rejection of the Holy Spirit. One would think this means that when the Holy Spirit shows up, you do what it instructs you to do…no questions asked. Thing is tho, there appear to be all kinds of entities floating around out there in the realms of what I call “Else”. The ether or the spiritual realms or whatever. Anything that isn’t some tangible and understandable something, is “Else”, and it is supposedly brimming with entities and interests of all kinds.

But here, in our time and times, is where things get even more slippery. We, live in times when “psychic communication is almost commonplace. Satellite, radio, telephone, television, microwave/cellular, cable, Internet, cinemas, books, newspapers, magazines, flyers, mail, signs, billboards, bumper stickers, t-shirts, product packaging, not to mention all kinds of crazy stuff being worked on, in secret, by interests of all kinds, that you/I haven’t a clue about and likely never will. Hell, even things as “simple” as electricity, running water, gas and availability of products/supplies at local markets and retailers can be considered communication pathways because you are transmitted information when a something that was previously available is no longer available. All kinds of ways for ideas and information to get into your head, all kinds of ways for ideas to get into you, and ultimately these things will effect your spirit. They will affect your thinking and your feeling.

A question that I personally have wrestled with is “how would you know?” Meaning…if some spirit or entity whatever, showed up (in…person?*), and started communicating directly with me, how in the hell am I to know that they are who they say they are? How am I in any way equipped to deal with what is happening and why? I can tell you what society would say…

Society: Dude, you’re fucking crazy!

Simple. You’ve had a psychotic break, your brain is malfunctioning, and it’s just making things up.

Now, I mention this because, were I to encounter some less-than-standard type of entity, I am pretty much on my own. I cannot rely on anyone but myself. I cannot lean on anyone. I cannot tell anyone, and I mean NO ONE…because if I do, I’m instantly gonna be branded a loon, and things in my life are about to get even more complex because I’m likely gonna be thrown into “the system”. And we all know both how great that system is, and what we think of those that wind up in it. You are now branded a crazy, for life…marked. Everything you knew, is gone. And we don’t want that now do we?

Yep, yer on yer own. 

Might wanna hit the public library and/or book stores and be discrete about seeking help. Just, keep in mind that agencies of all kinds from all nations are watching those publications and making note of who is reading what. Heh, heh, heh…we live in interesting times in that all kinds of folks are having all kinds of vague encounters with those seeking information, eh?

So now, we’ve decided that maybe its best to go dry. We’ll work with what we have in our own personal databanks.

Q: Who do predators seek?

A: Rut roh...

If you’ve any education of any kind, you likely know that predators seek the weak and the sick. The vulnerable and the clueless. Those who aren’t paying attention or have made some kind of mistake.

OH THE HUMANITY!!! I am completely and totally fucked!!! I’m under some kind of psychic and/or spiritual attack because I’m weak or sick or stupid or just plain ol’ wasn’t paying attention! Maybe all that!!! Wait…sanctuary. That’s what I need…I need some kind of sanctuary!!!

CHURCH!!! Get your ass to church!!! But wait…which one?!?!!?? Churches are made up of warring factions who all think that they, and only they, have all the answers!!! And what about religions?!?? Holy shit are there a shitton of them. Which one actually does have the answers I seek?!?!?!?

I’m desperate here. I don’t have time for all that. Some kind of creature from another dimension is pestering the fuck out of me and putting all kinds of weird ideas into my head, and I need help RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!

W: What are you on about?

Cade: Just taking another trip down the evaluation highway.

W: Don’t you mean, reevaluation highway?

Cade: Same thing. Same roadway. Just because I’ve been down the same road before, doesn’t mean the road itself is the same.

W: Trying to be clever?

Cade: No. Just pointing out that each and every pass down “the same road” isn’t the same. No telling what you might see.

W: Like re-watching a movie or rereading a book.

Cade: Or similar.

W: Similar, not same.

Cade: Or maybe even same but not similar.

W: Or maybe not similar, not same.

Cade: Could be. Books get revised, movies get edited, and same roadways change.

W: In effect making them neither similar nor same.

Cade: Correct, I too have likely changed. My environment has potentially changed.

W: New 65 inch ultra high definition television, new Blu-ray player, new ultimate-supreme collectors edition of the movie on Blu-ray Disc, 7.2 wireless surround sound audio system, new couch…

Cade: New girlfriend. New start. New, new, new. So, yeah, not similar not same.

W: Your roadway has changed. But it’s still the same movie.

Cade: Sorta. And yet not at all the same.

Kinda weird to think about the concept of “a slow poisoning of the mind”, and especially as it relates to learning and growing. In this instance, someone is putting forward that to consume anything non-scriptural is to poison oneself. In effect, one could argue that this someone is making the case for there to be but a single publication in existence…The Holy Bible. I already have a question regarding that…

Q: Which one?

A: ???

I dunno how many versions of The Holy Bible there are, but there are a bunch. Getting the wrong one, or listening to someone teach from the wrong one, could doom your soul to eternal damnation. I wonder if pastors get kickbacks from the publisher for recommending their version.

^Strange hum and trash can lid sound (strange sounds on Puget sound)^

Here’s a really weird kink in that paradigm from above.

J. C. Ryle

Quite a few published works there, and I didn’t have to go very far at all to find some stuff that wanders off into conjecture and opinion.

Shall We Know One Another in Heaven?

What I’m wondering about here is when one makes a distinction between that which is church policy, and that which is “scriptural”, and even that which is personal opinion. What about that which is social and those things that are financial? “Pilgrim’s Progress” features heavily in that writing, and I dunno if I personally would consider anything in either of these works as “scriptural” just because a Bible verse is quoted here and there. But here’s where things get really funky. The Bible contains stories of all kinds. Historical events, tales, parables, all kinds of adventures and weird happenings.

Q: Are my own stories and adventures worthless because they are not documented in The Bible, and what exactly may have God had in mind when they stopped writing and shut the book, yet life continued?

A: I missed the show. 


I was born at the wrong time. I did not walk with the prophets, hence, I guess I gotta just do my best to relive their bullshit in my own time(s) instead of living my own life and finding my own way in my own times as they did. Gotta establish my own walk with God. Find my own feet.

I'm stumbling like crazy here. This is fucking nuts to think about.

They, did not have a Bible. How in the fuck did they make it through living their lives “according to scripture” in those times when there was no scripture? Certainly not the scripture we have today.

Ah yes…reliance upon the priests. If you want your scripture, and you wanna know what is/is not scriptural, gotta go to the priests. They’re the ones with the books and the backing of the church(es).





^Lindsay’s Prophetic Vision – End-Time Wealth Transfer – Apr 12, ’21 FB LIVE^

Say, um…

…is that a volcano in the background I see? And is that tea, and doesn’t tea contain caffeine? I bet that photographer went through hell setting up that shot. Gotta be at the right spot, at the right time of day, and everything in your life has to run smoothly in order for that to happen. Gotta have the correct permissions to be there, gotta have the right weather, and you gotta have the right staff, gotta have the right equipment. You did remember to bring everything, right? Did I? I can’t remember.

Coffee...you need coffee. Strong coffee and lots of it.

So yeah…calm. That calm. Calm like the calm depicted in the photo. Fuck yes my mind can be that motherfucking calm! What the hell are you on about regarding calm minds looking like a caffeine factory next to a goddamn volcano?!?!?!?

^End Times Signs or Atmospheric Deception?^

btw…i 4 got to mentions




…we interrupt this previously joyous occasion for the M-F/9-5 working public with a special news bulletin.

Please stand by….


I wonder what the percentage of people who work Monday thru Friday and 9 AM to 5 PM actually is. Like, compared to those who work other shifts/other days. Hell, some of us are on the clock 24 hours a day, 365/366 days a year. And to think even further on the subject, the phrase “9 to 5” implies permanent, full-time employment. No afternoon shifts, no swing shifts, no graveyard shifts, is not part-time work, is not temporary work, is not seasonal work, is not occasional nor as/when needed work, no weekends, no overtime, no split days nor split days off, no rotating days, no rotating hours, off work on all holidays, just straight up 40-hour work week, 8 hours per day Monday thru Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM with likely a paid lunch and possibly two paid breaks of 1 morning and 1 afternoon, off work on Saturdays and Sundays, and a minimum of two weeks of paid vacation every year. What percentage of people in the US of A have a job like that anymore? Ya think anyone else in the world is thinking about stuff like this? If so, ya think maybe Google might could point us to some information?

What percentage of Americans work 9 to 5 or more?

Less than 2%? Answer #2 says they’ve run some numbers based upon US Census data and come up with 1.9% of Americans work 9 to 5 based upon a start-time window between 8:45 AM and 9:09 AM? Jesus that’s fucking horrifying sounding. Tell me we aren’t living in a time when the unions are dead.

Answer #5 says that 31% of Americans work a 40 hour work week, but that’s not really indicative as to when they are working those 40 hours. Working 9-5 is a helluva long way from working from 3 PM to 11 PM or working 10 PM one day to 6 AM the next day. Shifts like that don’t provide an individual with much time for doing much of anything except either preparing for, or recovering from, work. No telling what days you might have off either, and for those poor folks working the graveyard shifts, having off on a certain day doesn’t always mean you’ll actually be off on that day because YOUR days start at night.

I found that out the hard way when I worked a midnight shift for 4 months. I was off on Fridays and Saturdays, sure…but my Sunday started at 11 PM on Saturday night. In effect, I wasn’t off on Saturdays at all because I had to be rested and ready for work by 11 PM Saturday night. I basically got 1 day off per week…Friday. The rest of the time was preparing for and coping with the rigors of working all night, trying like hell to sleep during the day, and also trying to stay well, healthy and not die in the process.

(and keep my fucking job/do it well)
^Positive and Negative SIGNS of the Endtimes! Be Prepared!^


…no coincidence, they say. Lemme do a little copy/paste for anyone too lazy to go read the article.

Research shows the timing of these incidents isn’t likely a coincidence, Slutkin said, since the more people see violence and take it in as “normal” the more likely they are to commit violence themselves. “We know historically there is a strong copycat phenomenon with high-profile mass shootings,” Dr. Jonathan M. Metzl, Director of the Center for Medicine, Health, and Society at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, told Insider. “And so when there’s one in the news it tends to spur a number of copycat events, so people feel a contagion effect. One leads to another, leads to another.” “This is a lot of people who are on edge having the means to do something and seeing that other people are doing it,” he added.

Kinda like rushing to get “vaccines”. Or wearing masks. Or shaming others for not being part of the herd and going with the flow. Or joining TikTok or some other social media something. Or starting your own podcast. Or buying a hot stock. Or getting some hot new merch. Or watching some hot new show. Or going to a rally or protest for some hip new activist something. Or jumping on any and every new trend that may just lead to you gaining some notoriety or standing out in some way so one can feel good about themselves. Hell, is there anything at all on this planet, in our time(s), that is not driven by some kind of copycat mentality? Speaking of copycats…

2017 Shayrat Missile Strike

Biden takes first military action with Syria strike on Iran-backed militias

I’m being a copycat right now by commenting on this. Being trendy. Being current. Being hip.


Caw Pee Cat

Cop Peek At

Cop E Cat

Cope Cat?
Cats coping with...the unknown?

Making the unknown known is…tricky. There’s a permanence to everything we do. Everything goes on your permanent record. Gotta make each and every decision count, and most importantly, we need feedback. So considering that familial, friends and work/professional peers type of support is gonna be difficult and perhaps even impossible in obtaining, how does one obtain feedback regarding the decisions that we make? Is it possible that sometimes you just gotta go public? Lemme relate a bit here for those who might be a shade lost as to what I mean.

FedEx mounts big-money push to head off unionization by US workers

Amazon borrows from FedEx playbook to smoke union drive in Bessemer

How Can the City of London Survive Brexit?

Speaking of feedback, you know that “customer satisfaction” card that is in the packaging when you buy some new something? But the thing is, they usually want you to fill the survey out and return it within 15 to 30 days of purchase. You just bought the fucking thing, it probably works out of the box, so of course those who take the time to fill it out are likely gonna give the product some high marks.

Q: Why do companies not ask you to fill it out and send it one or two or even five or more years after you bought it?

A: Heh. Heh heh. Heh heh heh ha hee haw har har har and a tee hee hee too.

They want feedback that is gonna give them ways to get new suckers to make initial purchases, not information that is gonna create loyal customers who come back again and again because your products are great. The market(s) for most products are as such that customers don’t have much of a choice in the first place, and retailers are gonna make those choices even more thin. If you want a certain item, and the company can stay in business, they’re likely to get you again and again even if they are pumping out complete shit.

^Thats No Moon Sounds [Trevor Henderson Giant OC]^

When you have a problem, to whom do you turn?

When you have a problem, why do you have to turn to anyone?

Who the fuck told you that, when you have a problem, you must turn to others?

^Heaven Delightsyt – Signs of the end of times^

If a carnivorous insect takes a shit on my tomato, my tomato is no longer considered vegan. Wait…what in the hell am I even talking about…insects are now vegan. It’s all about the protein…

who gives a fuck where it comes from.

I guess someone got the message that any, and I man ANY, processed food, is likely to contain insect matter of some kind. Pretty sure there are even regulations which specifically allow for a certain percentage of processed foods to contain insect and other unexpected/unintended matter. Sure, you can try and be super-accurate screening out the beetle poop, dead ants, moth eggs, mouse whiskers and pheasant feathers, but you cannot get it all. Exceptions must be made, otherwise, commerce suffers. If commerce suffers, nothing is produced, money does not change hands, people go hungry, illnesses crop up, and wars of all kinds loom large in the wings.

^End-time biblical signs: wars and rumors of wars (11)^

Are you really gonna tell me that there are people in the world who do not know what civil defense sirens going off in non-stormy conditions means? Cause if it ain’t stormy, and the sirens are going off, it means only 1 of 2 things.

1: The system is being tested;

2: Air-raid/war.

That’s it. Civil Defense sirens only sound during storms where a funnel cloud or tornado has been sighted, when the system is being tested, or when the nukes and/or bombers are inbound.

Civil Defense Siren

Outdoor Warning Sirens: Frequently Asked Questions

Funny that, upon hearing the siren, they direct me to check my local media. I don’t even own a fucking television.

^strange sounds over Rock Hill^

And so endeth another. More time wasted…another day or two or three or so, gone. Nothing learned. Nothing gained. Nothing to show for our time. Nothing at all. Although…it’s now Monday, and humans are launching UFOs on Mars.

fucking rofl

My entire life, Martians have been slinging UFOs our way. I’ve lived long enough to see the tides turn. 19 April, 2021…humans launched a flying object on Mars. My divorce was final 4 years ago today.

^NASA Mars Helicopter Takes Flight in Milestone for Planet Exploration^


^Strange Object In Night Sky^


Until next time, Dear Reader. Have a Song…

7 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: Signs Of The End Times

  1. *I inadvertently left out a footnote

    I added the asterisk in the missive as I was writing, but I was wandering around so badly that I didn’t get back to it.

    IN – PERSON ?

    When language fails us. In this case, the concept of having an encounter with a resident of “Else”, where we have to really think about the nature of that encounter. How we process that encounter, and how we describe it. Some being that resides in the spiritual realms popping by for a visit…is that considered “in-person”? Can’t be. This spirit or whatever in the hell it is might be so goddamn abstract and weird looking that “person” just doesn’t fit the bill. A unique entity, sure, that’s entirely possible, but they are most decidedly not a person.

    person – https://www.etymonline.com/search?q=person

    That really doesn’t help me.

    If we really are “growing up” as a species, and are becoming aware of some very real possibilities regarding our place in the Universe? We sure as shit seem to be doing a sloppy job in actually preparing the communications aspects for interaction with these beings and/or realms. No protocols, no procedures, and no language for working out the details on how to describe and relate these encounters/events. No wonder that prophets are always viewed as being loons. They have no idea how to describe what they’ve seen/experienced, and their audience has no way to understand it. The language just didn’t exist on either side, so they did the best they could with what they had, and everyone walked away confused and suspicious.

    “Encounters”. You hear that a lot with supernatural or unusual things.
    “Beings: That too is used a lot with supernatural or unusual things.
    “Encounter with a being” or “encounters with beings”…that too is used.
    But where am I during all this?
    Where are we?
    Is this encounter “in-person/in-being”?
    In-being encounter?

    If I am alone, and I encounter a mountain lion “in-person”, the mountain lion is suddenly irrelevant. The mountain lion is incidental. Only I matter because I am the only person there. Same can be said about any encounter with other life forms from ants to bees to sharks to trees or flowers…seeing something “in-person” renders anything and everything else as secondary. Only I matter.

    Welp, if the language doesn’t exist, I guess I’ll just have to make some shit up.
    Prolly should do some research first just to make sure I’m not missing something.
    No need to reinvent the wheel.
    Cause then we’d have a wheel within a wheel…and who needs something stupid like that eh?

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    1. Cade great post. I have been writing about close encounters myself recently I have been getting the strong feeling that we have forgotten the original way we used to communicate using our internal antenna to send thoughts and emotions through the airwaves.

      Now all language and forms of communication have been hijacked and strictly controlled. I used to teach English to non English speakers and the only way I could get a job in a good language school anywhere in the world is if I took their official course which costs a few thousand. Then I had to teach the language according to their strict methods. There is a huge effort to make English the global language for business and academics/scientists the lingua francas.

      Lingua francas have developed around the world throughout human history, sometimes for commercial reasons (so-called “trade languages” facilitated trade), but also for cultural, religious, diplomatic and administrative convenience, and as a means of exchanging information between scientists and other scholars of different nationalities. The term is taken from the medieval Mediterranean Lingua Franca, a Romance-based pidgin language used (especially by traders and seamen) as a lingua franca in the Mediterranean Basin from the 11th to the 19th century. A world language – a language spoken internationally and by many people – is a language that may function as a global lingua franca.

      I think the original Lingua Franca was a lot different and maybe that is why we have the story of the Tower of Babel as everyone could speak the same language. I think the use of symbols are important because they speak to our subconscious and to our ancestral memory in our DNA and even that too has been hijacked and controlled.

      I have been discussing this with Roob that music and dance played a major part in this original language hence the 5 notes in Close Encounters. I first felt this really strongly while travelling around Andalusia in Southern Spain. I went to see a show at the home of the flamenco dance and it blew me away. The intensity of the male singer and the female dancer was incredible and they were both telling the same story in their own language one through song and one through dance. This has been handed down from generation to generation but it came originally from the Gypsy tradition.

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      1. Your comment regarding specialized language(s) is right in there with what I’ve been pondering, and especially as it relates to encounters with…let’s say “less than tangible beings”. Two things stand out in my mind.

        One is, that in our modern world, there is likely both a language for specialized use, but also a medium for transmitting, interpreting and/or relaying the information. Say in the case of aviation, there is a very specialized language, this language carries some very precise protocols, there are some very specialized nuances and cadences, and there are radios and electronic navigation and information types of mediums for transmitting these languages. However in the case of say, medicine, there is still a very specialized language that exists, but the medium for understanding, interpolating, interpreting and relaying this information is very different…doctors, nurses, medical workers, etc.. Different, but still kinda similar. One main difference being that doctors, when acting as radios to transmit information to a patient or other medical staff or whatever, will undoubtedly put their own spin on the information. More like a computer than a radio. Sure, radios will sometimes have functionality to filter or boost/amplify or whatever, but these things have known limits and it’s still kindof a dumb box at the end of the day.

        Two is, that although there are most decidedly efforts to understand and develop modalities, languages and communication/documentation methods for dealing with ghosts or aliens or cryptids (and now extremophiles), they appear to have been damn lazy about it. In fact, and not unironically, those in “science” have passed the buck to fall upon either the medical profession and their own specialized language(s) for dealing with those who are obviously mentally ill, or the clergy/religion who also have their own specialized language(s) for dealing with sinners, heretics, and the like who get led to the darkness of evil.

        Now, that religious one and the specialized languages that can exist there gets really tricky. A particular religious language may have so evolved that it has actually lost memory of its original roots, and in fact, its original roots may lay in some competing religion that the “evolved religion” now views with contempt or hostility. I think we see this a great deal when thinking about the translations of the Bible from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek into English or some other language. The final product becomes so detached from its source that it becomes some other something and loses sight of where it came from, has no clue where it is, where it was going, nor why. Now one is faced with the problem of people just making up random shit as to the meaning(s) of any text, and eventually, these things work their way into the text.

        Interesting that you bring up dance too because I wrote a bit about that not long ago. Dance as a form of communication. It’s kinda like sign-language, cept maybe more like getting the whole package involved instead of just the facial expressions, arms and hands. Potentially lots of angles, some jiggly bits, maybe a jeté or pirouette here and there, perhaps even a badonkadonk giving a twerk or some gyrating hips. I guess where I’m going with this is hooks. Some distinction that makes a something specific to something else, but also unique within the larger context. Dancing is dancing, but what distinguishes Appalachian clog dancing from disco dancing? I’d think a uniqueness that allows a language to develop around the dance(s) themselves. The Monkey is not The Twist, a Cabbage Patch is not an Allemande Left, a Ball Change is not a Reverse Fleckerl, and a Port de Bras sure as shit ain’t The Funky Chicken. They’re all dance moves within the dancing framework(s), but the tones are different, the dancers are different, their motivations are different, the music is different, everything is different. Question in my mind being, how did “dance” become so generic, when dancing and dances are so very specific, plus how are these so easily and readily understood. Relating that to communication(s) make me wonder further how language is so generic, communication is so generic, yet the act of speaking and/or communicating is…well, it ain’t easy. I guess it depends upon the dancer, what they are trying to convey, and how good they are at it.
        Exposure to culture and cultures?

        Perhaps rediscovery of certain lost things will give us more insight into other things we may have lost. i.e. – psychic communications of some kind. Or perhaps just some kind of a knowing that requires no real definable language nor distinct pathways nor infrastructure. Some binary type of “yes/no” or is/is not, or perhaps some tertiary kind of “yes/maybe/no” type of understanding. No guesswork, no worry, nothing nor no one is suspect, no investigating nor sneaking around to gather intel, one just kinda…knows.

        Have gone a bit off-course, but not really. Thinking about how to communicate the impossible is quite daunting and requires a lot of wandering and mediation. Sometimes this “meditation” comes in the form of a verbose and somewhat incoherent rambling whilst searching for that needle in a stack of needles.

        Sorry, but was writing all this time trying to remember the name of this language I once read about that is spoken all over the world, not many people speak it, pretty sure the language is always identical irrespective of where spoken, and some seem to have this innate ability to speak it. Also pretty sure that some people suddenly have the ability to speak it without even knowing what the hell it is. Can’t recall what in the hell the language is called tho. Sry…was really just wanting to pass it along and see if you’d heard of it.

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        1. “Every man carries within him, unconsciously,
          the memory of ancient civilisations.
          Similarly, the rock is a fragment
          of the World’s memory.”

          Carl Gustav Jung, Memories

          I just heard about Jim Steinman and they are describing him as the Wagner of Rock.

          One thing you and I have in common is our love of music. Our tastes may vary but it is an important part of our lives as demonstrated by the fact we use it to communicate a message or information in our posts. It also reinforces or complements our points made in written words. In regards to my posts, normally it gets the point across much more effectively than what I ramble on about. Which is why I encourage readers to watch and listen to the videos as if they don’t then it doesn’t have as much impact or makes what I am trying to say much more unclear. To be honest the posts are just me talking to myself or trying to make sense of all the craziness out there.

          I made a series of videos recently about Rocks or S tones as in Meteorites and connecting them to ancient stories and mythology about the mother/goddess figure. It is compiled mostly of songs to go with the visuals. I have only uploaded the first one so far, it’s not very good as it is my first attempt using the somewhat problematic video editing software. However I am trying to use less words and more sound and visuals. I can’t explain to you as to why, I just feel the desire to communicate both to myself and others in this way more often.

          I wrote a post awhile back entitled The Memory Code here is an excerpt:

          No matter what path or journey I may take I keep getting brought back to the same place the site of the ancient s tones.

          A few years ago I spied the above title The Memory Code in the Water Stones bookstore in Salisbury; the author who is from Oz or The Land Down Under visited the area and was inspired by its standing stones.

          She realised that as she stood overlooking StoneHenge and Avebury that they were actually memory spaces created by the ancients to record the lost knowledge of the past.

          Having read her book I think she may be onto something. Here is a short synopsis:

          In the past the elders had encyclopaedic memories. They could name all the animals and plants across the landscape and the stars in the sky, too. Yet most of us struggle to memorise more than a short poem.

          Using traditional Aboriginal Australian SONGLINES as the KEY, Lynne Kelly has identified the powerful memory technique used by indigenous people around the world. She has discovered that this ancient memory technique is the secret behind the great stone monuments like Stonehenge, which have for so long puzzled archaeologists.

          The stone circles across Britain and Northern Europe, the elaborate stone houses of New Mexico, huge animal shapes in Peru, and the statues of Easter Island all serve as the most effective memory system ever invented by humans. They allowed people in non-literate cultures to memorise the vast amounts of practical information they needed to survive and they achieved it using song and dance.

          So song and dance were passed down as the main method/language to pass on vital information from generation to generation.

          You brought up Bible translations and how they have lost the original message and I totally agree as you will find the same song and dance in a stone circle routine that the indigenous people used scattered throughout, particularly in the Old Testament. The stones according to this theory are used like amplifiers or a set of Peaveys as due to the type of stone they have absorbed energy throughout the centuries particularly electrical energy from lightning strikes.

          The story the Spanish couple were telling above was a love story that didn’t have a happy ending.

          They explained the outline of the story before they started, so we as a modern audience would have a better understanding.

          In the movie Close Encounters that I have been discussing recently the ‘aliens’ used sound or musical notes/stones to communicate along with visuals of Devils Tower/Mountain imprinted into each persons mind, no words were involved in the process.

          In the occult world maybe that is what they believed the Lost Keys of Solomon were all about, musical notes, high or low frequencies. The Bible story of creation states that God used sound to create the universe, Christ was called the Word, he is depicted with a sword/words coming out of his mouth and Shiva dancing his dance of destruction.

          Maybe that is why angels play HAAARPS and let’s not forget the PIE D Piper or the Pan Pipes.

          Just putting ideas out there I would be interested in your opinion.

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          1. Sorry for not getting back sooner, but I was formatting a blog post most of the day.

            A few years into this current stretch of “my journey”, and whilst digging through some of the “ascension” and “spiritual awakening” craziness, remember bumping into a guy who was doing some research into mysteries of the Jewish Kabballah book. He was going on about angels and whatnot, and at some point he got onto the topic of “the name of God”. One thing this person put forward was, that God’s name is basically infinitely long, but also (and most interestingly) that the true name of God can only be sung…it cannot be spoken. Welp, that instantly resonated with me, I guess I kinda had an “ah HA!” type moment, and it got me to thinking about cymatics. Everything in existence moves and vibrates, and we humans (and pretty much everything else) respond differently to sound/music than we do to speech. A parent can sometimes calm a fussy baby by singing, and on extra rare occasions, I might be able to woo me a gal by singing to her. ;-P

            As I got further down that rabbit hole, and I’ve written about this before, but I got to thinking…wait…when a Briton sings, their accent mostly disappears. In fact, when a lot of people sing in English, irrespective of where they are from, their accent tends to disappear, and they sound more like how Americans speak. This got me wondering if people from the UK, upon hearing Americans speak, does it sound like singing to them?
            (I never got an answer) heh

            That got me to thinking about folks with speech impediments who cannot talk worth a damn, but they may be able to sing like a bird. Take for example Mel Tillis, who was quite well known for having a wicked stutter/stammer.

            ^Mel Tillis tells a story^

            Guy could sing tho.

            ^Mel Tillis – Coca Cola Cowboy^

            Regarding the Close Encounters sequence/hook, loads of stuff like that in music in that it seems to have a broad appeal irrespective of the “musical genre”. Prolly why they are most aptly named as “hooks” because they are gonna grab someone. (Kinda like “the old greys” of lore who could supposedly accurately predict what was/was not a hit by listening to a song a time or two, and if they could whistle it after listening, it was a hit)

            As a musician, what is really interesting to me is how hooks can grow and mutate. How a tiny phrase from an existing work can be a seed which grows a tree that goes off on it’s own tangent, is still the base hook, but really isn’t the same at all. This theme is very prevalent in art too…good artists copy/great artists steal…and within the cosmic context of “the all” there’s something really strange about someone adding new pieces to an existing puzzle. Making a new, but unique, branch, on the existing tree, instead of making am entire copy of the existing tree.

            If you take a minute to look at and think about the name of this next tune, within the context of the current conversation, you can likely see where it’s origins lay. You can listen to confirm if you so desire.

            ^deadmau5 – Closer (Cover Art)^

            Back on dance, I was staying with a friend type person sometime back, and they once asked me to watch a show with them called The OA. Had no idea what it was, I didn’t watch much of it, not even really sure what it was about, (I think angels) but there was a very striking point where these individuals showed up and started doing this ritualistic type of dance over someone who was sick or they had a heart attack and died or something. Instantly, it made sense to me personally. I guess maybe some people would think “oh that’s bullshit…angels doing a dance number around a sick person ain’t gonna do nothing”, but it made perfect sense to me. In fact, seeing that one scene made so much sense to me that I completely lost interest in the series. That said, one really has to go way, way back in time to see the significance of the dance in order to understand it’s power or meaning, then one has to bring it forward in time and make some comparisons to some of the things we do here in our “modern” world which could be considered ritualistic, but most people aren’t going to classify these activities as such.

            Getting up, taking a shower, getting ready for work.
            Working on an assembly line.
            Sitting at one’s desk and going to break or lunch or going home at certain times.
            Sitting front of the TV at 8:00 every Tuesday to catch your favorite show.

            We ourselves do a great deal of “ritualistic dances”, but the arrangement of these dances is as such that we pretty much already know what the outcome is gonna be, and we take these things for granted because our personal stakes are usually quite low, the rewards tend to be high, and again the outcome is almost assured. More than that, these dances we do in our moderns times are typically socially acceptable, if for no other reason than everyone else is doing the same shit for the same reason(s). Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, these rituals are primarily centered around a single beneficiary…ourselves. We do our own little dances, in order to benefit ourselves. There’s some power in that thought.

            Back to the angel dance and how and why it works, welp, sigils, of sorts. Sigils in motion perhaps? Certain energies directed certain ways by certain motions. (like Shiva dancing)

            I would imagine people thinking an angel dance being nonsense is not much different than Captain Blyth of Mutiny On The Bounty fame being in Tahiti and completely losing his shit by seeing the natives doing their procreation dance. He didn’t understand it, it conflicted completely with his own personal worldview and socially acceptable ideas, therefore it was complete nonsense and these people could be doing something much better with their time than indulging themselves in this lunacy. They should be singing hymns of praise about Jesus instead of dancing around like savages to their bongo drums and dry humping each other in honor of their false gods. Blyth wants everyone to dance to his tune, not their own. And Blyth’s tune is actually not his own. He is in fact dancing to the tune of his masters.

            ” And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane…by those who could not hear the music.”

            Some can hear the music, some cannot.
            Some want to hear the music, some do not.
            Some can learn to hear the music, some would rather not.
            And I guess finally, some people don’t care how stupid they look when they dance, they just wanna dance.

            ^Doobie Brothers – Listen To The Music • TopPop^

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  2. I am enjoying our conversation. Funnily enough I included the OA dance moves on my Close Encounters post. The 5 dance moves to go with the 5 tones or 5050 or the two palm trees 🌴🌴 🖐🏻🤚🏿 The two mirroring one another. The OA or the AO the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end.I liked the fact you have a cat on you deadmau5 vid in relation to my point that cats appear to symbolise aliens in some way.


    Yes there are a lot of actors and celebrities from Ireland and the UK who having lived in the States for awhile who develop a transatlantic accent Liam Neeson being one example. However it is the Northern Irish and Scottish accent which is closer to say the Southern accent.

    When my Dad went to England they thought he was American.

    I did get some strange looks when I started talking over in Tennessee but then I did get some strange looks anyway before I opened my mouth. 👹

    Singing and dancing is an international language that everyone can understand as you point out and there was also a guy in England with a serious stammer who could sing without a problem. There is a message for us in that.

    I grew up as a punk and used to watch local bands rehearse in their garages like this one who lived just a few streets away. I found punk lyrics to be very deep and philosophical. 🤪

    I later became a DJ and the first obvious thing I noticed was that I could control the mood of the audience depending on what I played.

    My former wife and I used to run a music studios up in Scotland it was a social enterprise as well as commercial. It had 5 rehearsal rooms a recording studio and a live venue. I went to the best studios in the city and walked around with a notepad and measuring tape. I replicated all of his equipment and placed it in my own studios but I added additional soundproofing as I had the live venue and recording space going at the same time. The guy who owned the other studio (who was a well known name in the industry) told me it couldn’t be done because of sound leakage which was music to my ears as I took great delight in proving him wrong.

    The place was in a deprived area so we tried to help the local community by letting it be used by local drama groups, dance groups, street artists and even Scottish Pipe Bands. It was great to see for instance a thrash metal band standing outside another rehearsal room listening to some old entertainer who was singing Matt Munro’s From Russia With Love and nodding their heads in appreciation.

    We also launched an initiative in conjunction with the Community police called Hit the Beat it was for young people who were heavily into drugs and alcohol and involved in crime. We had dance and drama workshops, drum and guitar lessons, graffiti art it was an amazing success. They had to be clean to come back every week and many of them formed their own bands and went on to became successful musicians. It was a joy to behold. However the criminals in the area were not too impressed by all the work we were doing and paid the local politicians to close us down under the guise of planning and building regulations. Thankfully I was able to transfer Hit the Beat to another venue and it is still going today.

    I learned from that experience how this world works and the fact that politicians are just gangsters in suits who don’t give a damn about the local communities they represent. I am not ashamed to say that I sat down and cried when I had to close it down.

    I was bitter and angry for a long time over it all as I we were left with a lot of financial debt. However I let it all go and later reinvented myself by going back to university getting my qualifications and going into teaching. It was then that I tried to incorporate music, dance and drama into my lessons and I discovered it helped the students way better in retaining the information than reading from a boring old text book. The students as you can imagine loved every minute of it.

    Sorry for rambling on but my point being that music and dance and the arts in general help us to communicate and train our memory to retain more information than words in a book or talking ever could.

    Over to a Dr Who or Dr Jones time to wake up now.

    Thanks Cade you have given me some food for thought.🤔

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    1. Regarding DJ’ing, and interestingly, the night before you posted this, I bumbled onto a song that was used in the John Hughes film Uncle Buck. In the description of the video, there was a note…

      “Most people don’t know that in addition to being one of the 80’s finest directors of teen films Big John Huges was a fuckin monster on the turntables. “

      I was kindof shocked because I’d never heard that before, but also kinda not shocked at all because I’ve seen enough of his films to know that the dude was obviously into music. I’ve looked for this following song many times, found it occasionally, had no idea it was actually made by the director of the film, and I assume that the name of the tune refers to the massive pancakes Uncle Buck makes for his nephew in the film.

      Just thought it interesting that the night before you mentioned being a DJ, I bumbled onto this song/that note.

      ^Uncle Buck Soundtrack – Giant Banana Pancakes (80’s hip hop)^

      Punk, where I grew up, wasn’t really a thing. If you were a teenager and wanted to play in a band, you played metal. (or at least rock, but I personally preferred the heavier and faster stuff…drummers, lolz) There were no radio stations that played punk or anything even close to punk, the skating rink played mostly disco or up tempo R&B (although to the skating rink owner’s credit, he did turn us all onto some early electronic music like Kraftwerk and Herbie Hancock), but luckily I personally “was able to get my punk on” via television shows like Saturday Night Live and other similar late-night comedy or variety shows. In the late 1970’s and into the very early 1980’s, they always seemed to have musical guests on playing music that one could get nowhere else.

      Also, I grew up in a conservative Christian home, and was not allowed to purchase my first record album until I was 13 years old. (and even that was contested)

      Mom was(is) a church pianist, dad was kindof a pillar in the church (although not in any official capacity) so there were appearances to be maintained. Prior to me purchasing that first “rock record”, I had to sneak in order to listen to anything. The only music we were officially allowed to listen to was either church music or country music. Which, I always found that second one ironic because all they talk about in country music is fighting, fucking, going to the bar/getting drunk, heartbreak, cheating on each other and generally just being depressed.* I, being the clever bastard I am, chose neither, played a trump card, and listened mainly to the “easy listening” radio station which played elevator music/Muzak and more ambient stuff, or the “classical” station which played the symphonic stuff.

      *Country music actually has a lot of the elements of being totally punk rock, but it rarely actually crosses the line over into being punk, and when it does, firearms are usually involved. (no slam dancing or mosh pits, the guns come out…rofl)

      All that to say, I don’t really feel that I missed anything with respect to punk. By the time I got around to actually getting into it, it was already so fractured, commercialized and evolved, it was kinda easy to go backwards and find those bands which were considered by the masses as being “punk”. Interestingly, I found that they were actually the ones that appeared to have completely ripped off the real masterminds behind punk music, and one had to really dig to find these extremely obscure bands who may have only played for a year or two, or maybe even a few months or even weeks. The American punk movements only convolute the whole mess even further. Lastly, “punk” always seemed to me to be more about clothing / fashion than an actual music genre. “Glam Rock” that went in a different direction, and the music itself was pretty much the same old rock-n-roll, except maybe some tweaks in the music. More in your face, much more raw/less polished, and less about “pussy, cocks, drugs, mystical realms and mythical creatures” and more about the simple day to day topics/concerns that all the other musical genres tended to ignore completely. Added some humor and a cheeky darkness to the system, and really started to point out all of the hypocrisy directly. No clever innuendo, no hidden meaning(s), no passive-aggressive bullshit, no waiting through 15 minutes of instrumental noodling and demonstration of musical prowess…very direct, concise, to the point.

      ^Elevator Music — MUZAK — Stimulus Progression^

      Sorry about your program(s) getting shit-canned. 😦
      And yeah, all that sounds about right. If “they” can’t call the shots, get in on the action or at least get a cut, “they” are gonna shut you down. They are in charge afterall. Can’t have some rogue entity out there running things smoothly without the assistance or oversight of the official officials…they might no longer be needed/be made redundant. Can’t have that. If you won’t let them play, they’ll burn your playground down.

      As a former “addict”, I probably could have used a program like that. The Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and Narcotics anonymous meetings and all the therapy and psychiatrists and drugs and all that was a beating. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really knocking them and I’m glad they were there for me, but it occurs to me in hindsight that all many of these programs do is continue one’s descent and help one find bottom. They’re depressing, they’re vague, and everyone in them seems completely lost. They’ll never tell you that, but that’s in effect what these programs do…help the participant find bottom. Once one finds it, they either completely self-destruct, die, quit going/give up on the program or are so helplessly lost that they become entirely dependent upon these systems to continue on. Hell, there were people in some of those AA meetings that hadn’t had a drop of liquor in years, yet here they were still attending meetings regularly, every day, and had been doing so for years. If they were mentoring or sponsoring others, that’d be one thing, but many of the “old timers” didn’t do that. They’ll simply point you to “the literature” and tell you to follow the program and find your own way. Just pointing out that there is a strange continuance of the dependency angle(s), and I guess some view AA/NA or similar support group as some kind of social club.

      I guess to someone who has only just taken their last drink an hour ago, and they’ve now stumbled into an AA meeting in desperation to get off the sauce, there is indeed something beneficial in having a person at the meeting who has been off booze for a very long time, even if this old-timer will not actively participate in this new person’s rehabilitation. Their mere presence gives that new person hope that they may be able to do the same. An inspiration to get cleaned up. “If they did it, I can do it too.” Just pointing out that there are all kinds of pro’s and con’s, and one really has to dig deep and be willing to kick the shit out of themselves to find some better answers. Take the bumpy road. Take the difficult path. Take the long way around. Nice to have these infrastructures around when you’ve got no one else to turn to, and tearing structures like these down without understanding how they really tick helps no one. Even at around a 10% success rate, that’s 10% more than 0%. One out of ten, make it. Ten out of one-hundred, make it. One-hundred out of a thousand, make it. Those aren’t bad numbers considering the alternative. Fucking hell, I’m thinking like a military strategist now. Yeesh.

      Which, I bet there are a fuckton of junkies, alkies, overeaters, rape survivors, cancer survivors and other individuals/families who utilize support groups who have been shit out of luck through all this lockdown stuff. No meetings. Even if some of the support groups are doing the online thing, not everyone has access to technology, not to mention that technology is unreliable.

      Meh, just brainstorming now more than conversing. I’ll shut up. Am truly sorry about your program tho. I can only imagine how badly that musta stung.

      Good speaking with you. 🙂

      ^South Park: La resistance^

      Oh and I forgot, and yes, music absolutely can control the emotions. Especially in more closed and intimate environments, you can drive emotions just about anywhere you want them to go. Not always easy to draw people in such an environment where they are susceptible tho, However, slap some clever packaging on it, inject some razzle-dazzle into it, surround it with hype and controversy, and one can change the dynamics of the venue(s) entirely.

      I think some refer to this process as “marketing”.
      Church groups would call it “witnessing” or perhaps “discipleship” or maybe “missionary work”.

      I once asked “why do ya’ll always play up tempo and uplifting songs prior to the offering, have melancholy special music prior to the preaching, and down tempo and depressing songs after the preaching/during the invitation?” I was rebuffed for peeking beyond the veil.

      I don’t think anyone wanted to admit that it’s because it’s a very effective and well thought out formula for the church driving the service the ways they want it to go, and ultimately getting what the church wants/needs out of the parishioners. Reliable, results-based, algorithmic programming. Playing up certain things, playing down others, all to control the emotions, and ultimately control the thinking. The concept is very popular. One can find formulas like this everywhere if one looks. Just kinda depends on the churches one attends. 😉

      ^Solid Gold 81-82 // Wendy O’Williams & The Plasmatics ‘Black Leather Monster’^

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