Underdog Anthology XIII: Coronamas

*Woo Hoo! …/punches air… Finally…*

Dear Reader, Underdog Anthology XIII: Coronamas is now available to buy in Kindle or ebook formats…

*No, that’s a coronal mass ejection, Clicky… /lights up and smokes… Sure is pretty looking though…*

*Wait. What?*

*Oh. Butt that wasn’t caused by a coronal mass ejection, Clicky…*

*Agreed… /flicks ash…*

*So, you’re tell me that within hours of Coronamas being published, all that ‘appened, Clicky?*

*Blimey. Well, it is number 13, I suppose… /stubs butt…*

… And, for those that prefer a tangible, hold in the hand, book-shaped book, the paperback version will be available later today or tomorrow…

*Ah, blocking the space for a later link… /pats snout… Good thinking, Clicky…*

Dear Reader… Have a Song…


6 thoughts on “Underdog Anthology XIII: Coronamas

  1. Smiley’s people

    connecting worlds

    In the last few days the internet has been down in the DoorSet area

    Portland the Pandoorica Opens

    Willow meaning in Old English Wel…..It forms all or part of: archivolt; circumvolve; convoluted; convolution; devolve; elytra; evolution; evolve; Helicon; helicopter; helix; helminth; lorimer; ileus; involve; revolt; revolution; revolve; valve; vault (v.1) “jump or leap over;” vault (n.1) “arched roof or ceiling;” volte-face; voluble; volume; voluminous; volute; volvox; volvulus; vulva; wale; walk; wallet; wallow; waltz; well (v.) “to spring, rise, gush;” welter; whelk; willow.

    It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit valate “turns round,” ulvam “womb, vulva;” Lithuanian valtis “twine, net,” vilnis “wave,” apvalus “round;” Old Church Slavonic valiti “roll, welter,” vlŭna “wave;” Greek eluein “to roll round, wind, enwrap,” eilein “twist, turn, squeeze; revolve, rotate,” helix “spiral object;” Latin volvere “to turn, twist;” Gothic walwjan “to roll;” Old English wealwian “roll,” weoloc “whelk, spiral-shelled mollusk;” Old High German walzan “to roll, waltz;” Old Irish fulumain “rolling;” Welsh olwyn “wheel.”


    1. Hi Shiny 😀

      Willow appeared in Underdog Anthology 1, in the short story called ‘For Whom The Bells Jingle’…


      It’s a prelude to Leggy’s novel ‘Panoptica’, as is ‘Piper In Hazmat’…


      That whole story, (parts 1 & 2) are in Underdog Anthology XIII 😉

      *I’ve told Legs that he needs to write in an escape route out of Panoptica, Clicky…*

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  2. Very good Roobster 🧶 I can’t work out if you are showing me yours or I am showing you mine or maybe it’s a bit of both. 👀

    The Stairway to Heaven lets ‘leg’ it out of here like the Running Men/Women or let the dog see the bunny rabbit. 👯‍♀️

    Legs 11 takes you on a journey with eleven people who visit a café called ‘The Gateway’ and the eleven different events that take place whilst they are making a PIT STOP there.

    Unbeknown to any of these passengers on earth, they are all intertwined with the number ‘11’. This number appears to have a spiritual meaning. It can be seen as a gateway from one world to the next and not necessarily, literally in death, but in new beginnings.

    Each person is faced with the opportunity of walking through the gateway of time, without even knowing they have choices.

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      1. 137, according to Ladderman, “shows up naked all over the place”, sounds like my type of girl can you get me her number? 😂

        Legs story kinda links with my new post that I am writing.

        Daddy’s Home

        Coca-Cola has begun a global roll-out of its festive ad showing a father’s mission to deliver his daughter’s Christmas list to Santa Claus.

        As Campaign revealed in September, the brand has enlisted Jojo Rabbit director Taika Waititi to direct the spot, which has been created by Wieden & Kennedy London.


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