CLICK5: Chinese Year of the Metal Rat – Update

4 thoughts on “CLICK5: Chinese Year of the Metal Rat – Update

  1. Welcome to Greenland

    beyond the watchers on the wall.

    there is more than one of everything the eastern star …the red and green queen of dragons

    2008 88 some HO T HO T HO T Sirius shit

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  2. A secondary school in Co Water ford has become Ireland’s first school to be awarded ‘School of Sanctuary’ status.

    Mr Pollak said: “Mount SION CBS is a model for other schools in its outstanding portfolio of work to welcome and support the young men and boys from 37 different nationalities

    “WE ARE ONE, but WE ARE MANY. We pledged to create a school culture where every student feels safe and accepted; a school where cultural diversity is valued and celebrated. Schools of Sanctuary helped us make this VI SION a reality,” said Ms Byrne.

    and as i was saying about the mothership…… all that she wants

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