CLICK5: Kraken The Code

4 thoughts on “CLICK5: Kraken The Code

  1. Roob

    I’ve left a longer reply on Merovee in reply to your original link. There’s a lot in this one.

    As is the way of things Jenny is going to the Zodiac restaurant for her lunch today.

    I connect the SF Chronicle with Chronos and Time which goes with the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction.

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      I learnt today, from a Daily Mail article that the original monolith to turn up in Utah is thought by some to be the work of the artist John McCracken. He died in 2011…

      ‘he first monolith in Utah: Some observers pointed out the object’s resemblance to the avant-garde work of John McCracken, a US artist who lived for a time in nearby New Mexico and died in 2011.’


  2. Roob

    The never ending sink hole.

    A few months ago Rebecca had been listening to a podcast and she sent me an email. Said it reminded her of me.

    We once visited Bodmin Moor on holiday and went to Minions restaurant.

    And the Moor. Iago and Ego.

    All’s Well That Ends Well and William Shakespeare.

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