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  1. ISO Elation

    International Organization for Standardization –
    Elation –

    In thinking that elation may be a type of faux-joy, which in turn means that joy may have parts, got me thinking that it occurred to me last night that fear has many parts. Maybe even stages?
    Grief has stages.
    Sleep has stages.
    Mitosis has stages.
    Playhouses have stages.
    Rockets have stages.
    Oh look…fear does appear to (perhaps) have stages.

    The Five Stages of Fear –

    That’s…interesting, but not really thinking in those directions necessarily. Was thinking more in terms of anything which might be mistaken for fear, when what we are experiencing isn’t really fear at all. Not even fauxfear.


    Is that too close to apostrophe?

    A something that intentionally parades itself as fear, knowing full well that it is not fear. Something packaged as fear, sold as fear, but in reality…no fear here.

    Damnit! Schrödinger’s Cat has suddenly wandered into my brain and I’ve lost my train of thought.

    These more or less static models of emotions and emotional responses that psychology has acclimated us to and gotten us to adopt hook, line and sinker? Yeah, something about them isn’t adding up.

    ^Al Stewart – Year of the Cat (Official Audio)^



    Standards, principles and laws built on curves. Maybe even because the structure cannot be formed without the curve + the omission of any opposing forces, concepts, whatever.

    100% of the of the remainder (which is used to construct this new imposter whole) is in no way representative of the whole. Think of a skinless chicken breast sold as somehow being representative of the entirety of a chicken. Or better yet, “boneless chicken wings” being sold as “chicken wings”, when in fact, they are not deboned chicken wings, nor even wings at all…they are formed chicken breast parts. Should be obvious considering that chicken wings are dark meat, and breasts are white meat. But, we shrug and buy it anyway.

    A Whole != The Whole

    Neo: Are there other programs like you?
    The Oracle: Oh, well, not like me. But… look- see those birds? At some point a program was written to govern them. A program was written to watch over the trees, and the wind, the sunrise, and sunset. There are programs running all over the place. The ones doing their job, doing what they were meant to do, are invisible. You’d never even know they were here. But the other ones… well, you hear about them all the time.
    Movie = The Matrix: Reloaded

    Thinking about when a something needs to step outside of itself, in order to experience itself. But in this case, thinking about polar sans parity. Some sort of loss occurs. Question is, who knows it.

    Maybe even can one know it/can it be known.

    Knowing…the totality…of a particular emotion.
    Holy shit that sounds scary.
    What depths must one plumb to know a single emotion in its totality.
    /me strokes beard…hrm

    ^*NSYNC – Bye Bye Bye (Official Music Video)^

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      1. I haven’t watched the video Clicky, but I’d imagine it’s the same shit as what I blabbed about in my previous comment. Or at least, same basic idea. Aggregates of other forces, perhaps even residuals of other forces, aggregated, creating…more forces and/or another force. In the case of gravity tho, Have kinda pondered the notion that maybe it’s as much a matter of these forces not existing, which, creates a force. Or at least a type of the force. And no, not “lack of creates antigravity”. Quite the opposite. Lack of these other forces creates gravity, presence of these other forces creates…something else. Maybe even elses, plural. (not necessarily anti-gravity as much as a lack of gravity as it exists elsewhere)

        Why would I think that a lack of would create basically a vacuous type force? Attractive? A pull or directional something? Welp, magnetic and strong/weak forces not withstanding, maybe sometimes it allows for the development of a certain specific navigational ability, with some “weaker forces” acting to fine-tune without being overly oppressive, or maybe even unnoticeable. Find ourselves, find others, all at a specific pace and according to specific timelines, which we ourselves mostly decide/define. There are circadian types of rhythms to consider also, but it occurs to me that gravity is the force best suited to allowing us some freedom to find ourselves. (and others) Sans gadgetry anyway. And also sans overt types of influence(s).

        There is a very real force which appears to be pulling us up, out and away from Earth/Terra and down into the abyss. Damned if I’ve seen anyone trying to explain it tho. Some try and rationalize it, many are trying to capitalize on it, some even try to glorify or romanticize it, but I’ve not seen any tax dollars being spent on trying to understand and explain what this force is. It appears to be there tho, and just as real as any of the other forces that “Science” chases.

        ^Monophobia (Extended Mix)^

        This fucking Big Bang model is beating me to death, and I am no closer to understanding it. Perhaps it’s just a division that I cannot yet understand. Maybe I’m incapable of understanding it. (quite possible, and maybe even likely) Maybe it’s less of a division, and more of a division reversal. A transposition of “all something” and “all nothing” where “all something” occupies “all nothing”, and vice-versa. Not as much of a “bang” as a “switcharoo”. Some universal hermaphroditic type something. Maybe even asexual?

        Not trying to think sexually as much as I’m trying to think outside the box. Unfortunately, and thanks to slang”, any time I think of “boxes”, I think of a woman’s nether regions.

        THANKS SLANG!!!

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  2. Grabbing a something…for the express purpose…of letting it go.

    Let go.
    */Lets go
    Let’s go

    Catching a fish, and letting it go, isn’t quite the same process.
    Catfishing or similar however? Different story.
    Seemingly straightforward, but also kinda backwards.
    Infliction of pain?

    ^Def Leppard – Let it Go (High ‘n’ Dry)^

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