CLICK5: Roob’s Halloween Story Spoilers!

4 thoughts on “CLICK5: Roob’s Halloween Story Spoilers!

  1. *Clicky!*

    *Yes, spoilers! …/rolls eyes… What are you doing? I’m posting ‘What Time Do You Finish?’ up here on Saturday…*

    *Well, yeah Red and Blue are battling in the US election but not in my Halloween tale…*

    *I know! …/involuntary shiver… Yeah, spooky how synchronicity works…*

    *Well of course, if Dear Reader doesn’t want to wait until the we kenned…*

    *Wow… /nods appreciatively… only 77p on Kindle. What a cracking deal!*


  2. Roobster isn’t it strange that after talking about the Notre Dame yesterday and the idea that the old dame is sentient it appears in the mindlines the very next day. In regards that is to losing your head…ie losing your manhood…and then we have Cannon losing his Balls.🥺

    This morning I woke up to find my other eye is now swollen ie the left one.

    Aww no not this shit again..

    Can you have a word with the old girl and tell her to go easy.

    I know I take the piss but I do love her really.

    Aphrodite’s Pearl and Venus her ass is famous 😉

    and her Rock…. on Tommy….he wants to break free from her fish net

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