CLICK5: Seeing Stars

5 thoughts on “CLICK5: Seeing Stars

  1. Was it Agni who made themselves small and hid in a plant or flower?

    Agni –

    Actually I don’t think so. Seems to me that the story I heard, some god made themselves small and hid themselves from the world out of shame, or maybe heartbreak. Maybe both? But someone else (another god or goddess maybe) noticed they were missing, sought them out, and found them hiding in a flower or plant. Can’t find the story.

    Are you thinking that maybe some “deja vus” are not always a something that has already happened and is happening again, but maybe sometimes is actually the experience of missing a something that isn’t there? Sensing that there is something that should exist, no idea what it is, but whatever it is, isn’t there?

    If so, I’d think that could mean only one thing…someone, is fucking with time.

    ^Adam F – Metropolis^

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      1. Clicky, the lyrics to that Carole King song contain an interesting dynamic right along the lines of some of the recent intellectual fare.
        Not so much Newtonian cause/effect (which is overt) but more the angle spun by the narrator who suggests that there’s no communicating with someone who has, apparently, closed themselves off to…I guess both communication and reason.
        The notion buzzing around in my head is kinda whispy tho…tough to grasp.
        Sounds like everyone in the story has more or less given up.
        Resided themselves to set things in motion, then let things play out…more or less exactly as one would expect.
        There’s something weird in there tho because it doesn’t really flow like a cautionary tale.
        Could it be…prejudice?
        Like…my own male prejudice(s) thinking there is some deeper meaning because the tune is composed and performed by a woman?

        BTW, I’ve talked to plenty of men with shotguns in their hands. Maybe that thought is throwing me for a bit of a loop too. Some out-of-context something gnawing at me.

        Lot’s to unpack.

        ^OneRepublic – Counting Stars (Official Music Video)^

        (that image above may not work btw. just sayin’)

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