That Special Relationship: Round 2

CLICK: Last time…

*Er, what you doing? …/squints…*

*What do you mean you’re protesting? …/purses lips… Oh, you’re protesting ME…*

*Piss taking bastard… /rolls eyes…*


I figured I stay away from pics and music till…whatever or something. I had no idea if you’d even be up for this idea, and didn’t put any thought into it other than the basic premise of a general back and forth with no rules.

When I post music or pics, it’s for many reasons, up to and including no fucking reason at all. Just, something I found interesting or whatever at the time. Passing it along. Making a note. Sharing…I guess. /me shrugs.

I like being encouraged and try to encourage others. In my own way of course. Heh heh heh!

Speaking of which…

I lambasted that left-leaning right-winger guy over at The Slog on his new article today, but it didn’t post for some reason. His comment about 90+% of people ignoring the hygiene signs at hospitals just made me rofl after his rant calling everyone rodents and rats.

In hospitals?!?!?


It’s full of sick people!!!


Next thing you know…

there’ll be germs FUCKING EVERYWHERE!!!


We get a new President today…again…or something.

/me shrugs


Congratulations! You were lucky in only having to suffer US version of Tony Blair for 8 years; we had to put with the original for ten… And still he doesn’t shut up. Yours will probably be the same unfortunately.

Music and pics: Okay, I agree. For me they are more Clicky’s domain – it’s how he ‘speaks’ */shrugs… Well it is…* I dunno, give an imaginary creature some trousers and they think they’re the only ones allowed to wear them. I’ll have a word, ask him to butt out… Perhaps he can top and tail these ping pong communiqués… *Happy? …/nods head…* He’ll be alright with that… *Okay… /rolls eyes…* and there’s always the comment section.

If you want to hear a proper rant about hospitals and hygiene, I would point you in the direction of The Underdog. Have you read any of the Anthology I sent you yet? Not all the authors in it are Limeys. Great video, btw, nearly 200 views of your battle with the packaging. Quite suspenseful at one point when my sellotaping looked to have the better of your switchblade.

So apart from being a pilot, you’re also a musician. I know you mentioned it on (currently out of phase) Sync Miss Forum, but remind me, how many different instruments is it you can play?


How many instruments can I play? Or how many can I play well?

Can Play = several.
Can Play Well = zero.

^Laibach – Across the Universe (Official video), 1989^

Guitar, bass guitar, piano/keyboards and drums/percussion. But I consider myself a songwriter. It’s helps explain why I am such a poor musician, which helps explain the terrible music, which helps explain the shitty songs played shittily. 😉

I come from a musical family full of musicians, both amateur and full and part-time professional musicians. Yet I was not allowed to pursue music as a career. Not sure what I was supposed to pursue professionally…but neither were they…so…yeah…I wound up a JOAT-MON, or, Jack-Of-All-Trades…Master of None. Lotta “shitty and worthless jobs” that someone needed me to do, but not acceptable enough or good enough or well paying enough “to raise a family, be a productive and respectable member of society, and be a good son.” Oh…and there’s that being a good Christian in the eyes of God/Jesus that is acceptable enough to draw breath. That must explain the asthma and other illness(es).

A JOAT-MON is sometimes also known as a walking travesty, professional fuckup and completely worthless waste of space/flesh that should have never been born nor even conceived. Or at least…in my case.

To relate, a conversation I once had with my father with respect to a car accident I was just involved in…ended as such…

Cade: Is something wrong?
Cade’s Father: Yeah! I had my dick out, when it should have been in my pants.

MEANING: If I had not fucked your mother on that one particular occasion, you never would have been born, and I wouldn’t be here and now dealing with your sorry ass.

I was 23 years old and living in DC at the time, and had made the 1,300 mile drive down to Dallas for a visit. Got into a car accident, my fault … :/ …and he was trying to help me get my car more or less drivable for the 1,300 mile return journey in a basically undrivable car…which I somehow successfully made thanks to his help. I was and am thankful for that help. All of it. Yep, even the crusher. Not like I hadn’t heard something similar many times prior to that. But I learned an important lesson with respect to the difference between me and most. I see adversity as opportunity…NOT damnation or some kind of curse.

Sorry. I just don’t believe that God/the gods/The Universe is sitting around 24/7, dreaming up ways to make our lives a fucking nightmare of an existence. We can do that all on our own.

Sometimes… we can make even the best of dreams a nightmare with a word. “Nightmare” is a popular one. I can and have used that word myself many times, in situations that turned out just fine. Just…a few bumps here and there. Cliches usually come in handy at those points.

I guess I just hate the fact that we are sometimes SO FUCKING SURE…that tomorrow either ain’t coming, or if it does, that it ain’t worth suffering through. So…I try to live in the now. Eyes here, eyes there, eyes EVERYfuckingWHERE except the now…but focused primarily on the now as best as I can. It works for me…sometimes. 😉

I may have a shitty life, but I love it. I realize that in The Bible, Jesus said not to love you own life…so yet again…I fail. However, it allows me to at least attempt to respect my body a bit, which The Bible says is God’s Temple. The longer I can keep it alive, the more chance I have of being able to do something good with it. But “good” is subjective. I know how I feel. I get the feeling that God…whoever or whatever in the fuck that is, knows how I feel as well. He/She did create me afterall. Or at least…created the system that created me…so, yeah…created me. 😉

Holy FUCK!!! You’d think I like talking about myself or something.

I wouldn’t know.

Never done it before.

/me shrugs

^Love And Rockets – “All In My Mind”^

So yeah…all that said…you really want to know about “The Alpha to Omega Bet”…and you also want to know if I really made a bet with God.

A: Yes

Q: About what/what was the bet?

A: Heh heh heh

Q: Who won?

A: Heh heh heh

Q: What was the bet/the stakes?

A: Heh heh heh

Not so fast. We’ll get there. 😉

^Wall Of Voodoo – Mexican Radio^

P.S. – Direct questions will be answered directly as best I can. That said, I appreciate your tact. ❤



Jesus actually said that? Perhaps your dad was busy hating his own life that he felt able to say what he said to you. I had a similar but different conversation with my mum in my teenage years. She said, “Not that I don’t love you but you might want to consider not having children because having children is harder than you think. You have to sacrifice a lot.” Perhaps Jesus was addressing parents. I don’t know I wasn’t present.

Anyway, I took her words to heart because I didn’t want to have children for the longest time. I was very firm about it, too. And then one day, in my thirties, I got my period and started to cry over it and couldn’t stop. It occurred to me that I’d sacrificed a lot by heeding her words. That’s the thing about sacrifice, sometimes you don’t realise you’re doing it until you do. However, I’m glad I waited as long as I did because I feel as though Thoughtful Man and I hit the Jackpot knocking out the two that we have.

Hell, I know we hit the Jackpot, same as I know I hit the Jackpot having the parents I did and marrying the man that I have. If you are a JOAT-MON then I am Jackpot Girl…

*Clicky, I realise Cade disregarded my suggestion, but that doesn’t mean I have… /thinks… Although…*

Ian Dury apparently contracted polio as a kid from visiting a seafront swimming pool in Southend. The swimming pool no longer exists but I have visited it, as its foundations form part of a seafront casino…

Not that I frequent casinos very much. I have visited Las Vegas but that was more to see Tom Jones in concert than to gamble. In fact on the second day we were there I was approached by a security officer, who asked me, “Miss, are you okay?” Thoughtful Man was playing blackjack at a table and I’d been wandering aimlessly around rooms filled with rows of slot machines. I had a $20 note in my pocket, I just didn’t want to play. Possibly the look on my face was bad for business, hence the approach. More probable was that they thought I was up to no good. In any case it was a shock to be singled out for attention.

You made a bet with God?
Does God know?


If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it.
– Matthew 10:39

OK…so I paraphrased. But there are several references to that same quote in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The Bible is a tough read anyway. Especially when the vast majority of it in “spoken aloud” format has been screamed at you from some “fire and brimstone” pulpit telling you what a worthless shitbag you are. Some great stuff in there tho irrespective of the perception of it and it’s contents.

It’s pathetic that “the wise, educated and learned” can quote from anything, from anyone, from anywhere…EXCEPT “The Bible.” All of a sudden, you are a religious zealot quoting from the wrong book(s) and need to be “shown the way” to “true” enlightenment.

I dunno. Seems to me that…

Enlightenment = Enlightenment.

Contextually…Adjectives = Trouble.

Auxiliary Verb
Perfect (Grammar) (Redirected from Perfect aspect)


*Okay, we’re play it by ear then, Clicky… /pats snout… Look, I said you could tail this round, so why don’t you just give us a Song?*


*Don’t push it!*