Adventures In Remote Viewing: I See, You See…

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*You back from the park, Clicky? Good, I’m writing a post. You can help…*

Earlier today, Dear Reader, I had a comment caught in the Spam trap over in the Red universe of MEROVEE. I thought I’d take the opportunity to get a screengrab, so that you can see what I saw when I posted the comment: the bare bones, or the skeleton of it so to speak. Kinda like an X-Ray image…

Merovee Moderated

*Oh brilliant! Frank’s freed it… /lights up and smokes… Looks different in the flesh…*

It is true, Dear Reader: the Okie Text US Devil, Cade Fon Apollyon, and I are in the midst of remote viewing the fantastic Wes Cecil’s series of 16 talks on the His Story of Feel O’Sophie…

*Too fuckin’ right it’s epic, Clicky… /drags… I wonder what Cade makes of it…*


I dunno if “the usual” will Doo here RooBee. If I segue into Brick Top’s speech from the movie ‘Snatch’ regarding the disposal of dead bodies utilizing pigs…

…and then try and explain how that thought connects to a Tweet regarding Tony The Tiger…

… and Netflix hero Joe Bling The Tiger Dude + his nemesis utilizing tigers to dispose of her allegedly murdered husband’s body?

…It might not make sense to anyone reading. Not to mention that 1) your own Tweet about hats is still buzzing around in my brain…

… and 2) Merovee Frank’s comment about fractals has me to thinking about utilizing less-liner, non-linear and perhaps even non-repeating geometric shapes for more accurately measuring speed(s) and distance(s).

Top all that off with the thought of Hillary Clinton potentially being tapped to be Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential running mate?

… There’s some creepy shit going on. It’s really fucking with my ability to focus on thinking about why Dark Matter may sometimes coalesce into more dense concentrations, and sometimes disburse into less dense concentrations. More than that, pondering the recognizability of Dark Matter, as Dark Matter, when in various concentrations. Wondering what divisibility has to do with size/scale. And not to make this mess any more confusing, however…

Human Microbiome

Since we are contemplating what “light speed” really means to an object that is traveling at only 5 miles per hour, may as well bring up discrepancies in the measurements of time.

“More recent estimates, he noted, put the total number of human cells at anywhere from 15 trillion to 724 trillion, and the number of gut microbes at anywhere between 30 trillion and 400 trillion. Which gives a ratio that can best be expressed as ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.”


Seems it could be anywhere from 45 trillion to 1.124 quadrillion, so to let’s just take a median-ish type thing and say our human body/bodies has 250 trillion microbial and microscopic thingies inside of each one of us, and let us think like an accountant might. Let’s think in terms of “man hours” with respect to aggregate:

250,000,000,000,000 seconds/per second;

250,000,000,000,000 / 60 = 4,166,666,666,666.6666666666666666667 minutes per second;

4,166,666,666,667 / 60 = 69,444,444,444.45 hours per second;

69,444,444,444 / 24 = 2,893,518,518,518.5 days per second;

2,893,518,518,518.5 / 365 = 7,927,447,995.9410958904109589041096 years per second;

7,927,447,995 / 100 = 79,274,479.95 centuries per second.

Now, the fact that my own body ticks off 79 million centuries per second is jarring enough. But if there are indeed close to 8 billion people on this planet?

79,274,479.95 centuries per second * 8,000,000,000 = 634,195,839,600,000,000

634+ quadrillion centuries tick off, every second, of every day, within humans alone, on this planet. That’s a lot of time, in almost no time at all.

^Gemini – Turn Me On [HD]^


*I know! Maths!*


*Okay, but what do I do with that?*

*Ah, so like the D’OHists? …/stubs butt… Come on, I wanna finish this up so we can get back to listening to the next talk, Clicky…*


23 thoughts on “Adventures In Remote Viewing: I See, You See…

    1. Yeah, we didn’t really watch that because it clashed with Dad’s preferred viewing…

      … But, Michael Landon! I loved Little ‘House on the Prairie’, books and TV show…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Excellent, Rubedo. And excellent philosophy videos. I watched about half of the first one and I put it in my YouTube pocket for listening. You find nice things to listen to. Maybe that’s why you’re the Library of all Libraries?
    Tiger and Pig. First thoughts…CHINESE zoo-diac! I asked M why all the PANdemics come from China. He said “probably because that’s where PANdas come from.”

    Right. And I have seen more than enough

    Pigs (pi-G) (notice Dipper’s (aka Mason’s) ‘crown’ on fire when they high-Phi-ve)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hiya MJ 😀

      Actually,I’ve been pondering where all the recent pandering has got us…

      *To food fascists…*

      *Gender fascists, yeah…*


      *Basically Social Justice Warriors in general, Clicky…*

      *Oh, don’t talk to me about the police during lockdown…*

      *Maybe it’s cos they drove ’em…*


  2. Roob

    Your link about The Virginian took me back to when I was a young lad.

    My mum used to smoke Golden Virginia tobacco in roll ups. Which was a bit incongruous as she was a dignified lady and the two didn’t quite go together.

    Occasionally she would send me to the local newsagents with a note that read ‘Please give Francis 1/2 oz of Golden Virginia tobacco’. This was from about the age of 7. I would hand over the money and they would give me the tobacco to take back.

    Embarrassing parents ! And then you become one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here, but for Benson & Hedges cigarettes for my mum 😀 Were you allowed to buy yourself some sweeties with the change, Frank?


  3. I hit Send too early ! Didn’t finish comment.

    Hello Sweetie 🙂

    Also sometimes I used to be sent to Lloyds Bank to cash a cheque for my mum. Poor cashier. A 7 year old boy appearing at till saying give me money.

    How did we survive !

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    1. The word hopscotch always intrigued me: hops were used to make beer, not scotch 😉

      scotch (n.2)

      “incision, cut, score, gash,” mid-15c., related to scotch (v.).

      scotch (v)

      “stamp out, crush,” 1825, earlier “make harmless for a time” (1798; a sense that derives from an uncertain reading of “Macbeth” III.ii.13), from scocchen “to cut, score, gash, make an incision” (early 15c.), of unknown origin, perhaps [Barnhart] from Anglo-French escocher, Old French cocher “to notch, nick,” from coche “a notch, groove,” perhaps from Latin coccum “berry of the scarlet oak,” which appears notched, from Greek kokkos. Related: Scotched; scotching.

      Interestingly, the point of lockdown is ‘to make harmless for a time,, Shake Sphere (personal and institutional spheres have been shaken by the virus globally), and scarlet (red) oak, which is where this post all started yesterday on Merovee 😉

      We have scotch’d the snake, not kill’d it:
      She’ll close and be herself, whilst our poor malice
      Remains in danger of her former tooth.

      MacBeth is also big on handwashing 😉


      1. I’ve seen you’ve seen I was talking with Dunning about booze and death and rebirth 🙂 Strange how it works.

        And not really connected. Korben Dallas popped into my mind recently. Said he used to get spooked by some of the things we talked about. God knows how he is coping with this.

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