CLICK5: ‘K, that’s weird…

8 thoughts on “CLICK5: ‘K, that’s weird…

  1. Corvid-19 deaths in care homes are sad. But care homes have the highest concentration of at-risk residents (nigh-on 100%) plus the inevitable inter-reactions of all their staff with all their residents.

    This anthem just is impossible to apply in a care home:

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  2. Kinda interesting that “steam engines” have been mentioned a few times in seemingly unrelated videos viewed over the weekend.

    Stanley Motor Carriage Company
    Agora (Film)
    History Buffs: Agora
    Rise of the Planet of the Apes
    The Great Race

    Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes has an indirect connection to both nuclear and hydroelectric power, and that just got to thinking about Natalie Wood’s character “choosing the wrong automobile” for her to participate in the race…a steamer auto. (steam engine vs internal combustion engine) Digress

    In thinking about steam, and the transitional nature of steam, I can only wonder if there is a “flip” which happens with respect to the applicable rule(s) set(s), but this flip cannot be expressed in totality due to the environment in which this transition.flip occurs. Perhaps even that this flip is not fully realized?

    Hydrogen + Oxygen = H20(Liquid) + Heat = Steam + Antiheat = Vapor(Gas) + Condensation = Water

    I’m wondering how gravity, electricity, motion, heat/cold, radiation, etc. work in chains to create/separate chains. Especially in a geometric world made up of and surrounded by geometric oddity.

    ^Peter Gabriel – Steam^

    The slightest variation…

    à la mer – by the sea

    …can totally change everything…

    Lamer –

    lémur – the wall

    …and it only gets weirder from there…


    Salt has been appearing on my radar a lot over the past week. Some mentions of sugar as well, and a lot of more-passive mentions regarding diabetes. Dunno if that means anything to anyone else, but both salt and sugar have “burning” types of properties.

    I guess context is where it’s at. That said, I’d imagine communication(s) would be paramount. If we cannot communicate, we cannot relate…and if we cannot relate, context is lost. Should that happen, minds may began to wander. Begin to try and fill-in the blanks. Close any gaps. Surely the Universe, in times of need, isn’t in the habit of providing context where none exists. That’s crazy talk. 😛


    Perhaps there are considerations with respect to distance and speed + time. The mecahnics of evaporation itself. Sorry for rambling, but you planted some weird seeds in my head yesterday regarding “green power” and it got me to thinking about the distinctions between “power” and “electricity”. Those philosophy talks didn’t help.
    Especially that last one.

    ^Yello – To The Sea (1997) [1080p]^

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    1. Steam as in vaping, Cade?

      ‘There are some things he will never tell them. Smoking reduces cell surface proteins the virus uses to attach, and gives the smoker a regular dose of virus-killing nitric oxide. There is emerging evidence that propylene glycol, used in vapes, is also antiviral. Trump will never mention those things because he is a rabid antismoker and has recently shown his antivaping credentials.’

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        1. Whoa, with the sparks and the smoke, the Cat’s Wheel appears to turn into a transparent sphere! There’s a core and layers, rotating and spinning…

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          1. Yeah, reminded me a bit of the spirograph image MJ posted in one her comments in the previous post.
            More wheelz in wheeeeeelz.

            Which reminds me, I forgot to ask her how her arm was doing.

            I know nothing about her injury really, but it does make me wonder about the nature of rotational quadrants with respect to the chakras relative to a particular injury. Especially as it pertains to the propogation of any deviations up and down the line with respect to range of motion.

            ^Andy C – Haunting^

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