Pearls Before Swinehund

Dear Reader, this post follows on from the previous LoL post, and I should probably start this post with a word about pearls

*Is she saying ‘knacker‘ or ‘nacre‘, Clicky? …/lights up…*

Back in September of 2013, over on Sync Miss For Him, I shambled the album cover artwork of Lightning Bolt by Pearl Jam…

lightning bolt album artwork

*/fumes… It pisses me off that some numpty locked and buried Sync Miss For Him, Clicky… /drags… I’m gonna have to do this from memory… /sigh…*

Basically it occurred to me that each of the tracks’ artwork could correspond with a globally headlining news event/events that had occurred (and was yet to occur) in 2013; each image represented a month. The image for ‘Getaway’, for example, relates to the inauguration of Obama in January that year, ‘Let the Records Play’ with the close flyby of asteroid DA14…

*Yup! …/flicks ash… Blue Frank is convinced the asteroid pass and meteor explosion are intimately related…*

*Oh yeah! …/drags… February was a very busy month that year, Clicky…*

  • ‘Mind Your Manners’ depicted the election of Pope Frankie in March,

  • ‘My Father’s Son’ and the Boston Marathon bombing in April,

  • ‘Pendulum’ and the murder of Lee Rigby in May,

  • ‘Infallible’ and Edward Snowden revelations in June,

  • ‘Future Days’ and the birth of Prince George in July,

  • ‘Sirens’ and the imminent but thankfully scuppered attack on Syria in August,

  • ‘Lightning Bolt’ and the Navy Yard shooting in September,

thats all folks.gif

*/huffs… Well, it was at the end of September when I posted the shamble Clicky… /puffs… hind sight’s easy… /blows… predicting what’ll happen is difficult…*

For the remaining three track artworks, I figured ‘Yellow Moon’ might have something to do with North Korea, although in hind sight ‘Swallowed Whole’ could have been something to do with North Korea. ‘Sleeping By Myself’, however, I speculated it could be related to a high-profile divorce, or the death of a prominent black man…

*/final drag… Signing a message about cigarettes, Clicky… /stubs butt… “from so far”…*

Dear Reader, I seem to have rambled on a bit and not actually covered what I wanted to cover in this post. Another post will follow that moves us forward in time to January 2015, and on again to this Friday just gone. It’s about bacteria


*Oh shush, Clicky… /lights up… Go get a Song…*



6 thoughts on “Pearls Before Swinehund

  1. There’s quite a bit to think about in your “movie” concept. Writing is one. Accentuation/depreciation is another. But there’s a weird vibe within it that keeps jabbing me in my thinking on those “the is a fake feminist/this is a real feminist” tweets. Those Tweets, to me anyway, smack of telling someone what they are and what they aren’t, and which they should be. There’s an accretion that is zeroed by the diminishment of another. Almost like creating a swell that isn’t actually there.
    EX: The girl who removed her headdress or whatever seems more like a Tienanmen Square figure, than some comparative icon to smash others. Meaning, she stands alone…just like the others. Why latch onto her and start beating others with her? I can think of some interests that would do that in order to diminish all.

    I dunno, maybe I’m reading this wrong, but it seems like some are looking for the next replacement. Looking for something they can later replace. Prolly am wrong AND reading it wrong. That’s a lot of wrong, but I’m kinda used to being wrong.

    Right and left
    Right and wrong
    Correct and incorrect

    Butt anyway, yeah…your “fanny” bit can weave you in and out of all kinds of pathways with respect to evaluating how your own mind works, what your intentions are, blah blah blah.

    Great lesson.
    Lot’s to think about.

    ^A.V. Undercover: The Melvins cover Butthole Surfers^

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    1. Howdy Cade 😀

      You’re talking about our twitter #ReplaceAMovieTitleWithFanny convo today…

      …Interspersed with my tweets about goings on in Iran…

      I dunno Cade, it’s appears simple to me. Linda…

      *Actually Clicky, I think it’s Sarsour…/grimaces… Butt she is a vinegary bitch… /shudder…*

      … Sarsour preaches feminine empowerment from the comfort of the West, the other demonstrated it in Iran. I don’t like preachy, threatening people; they’re usually trying sell a religion or steal your money. Usually both.

      On another note, I just watched this video, ‘Recommended’ by Ewetube 😀

      Happy New Year, Cade ❤

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