On The Lash: Reaper – Sounds Like Leaper – What You Sow…

So I was fucking about on the internet yesterday evening, playing games, listening to music and chatting with friends when I noticed that John Lamb Lash had posted another of his Mythophrenia in Action talks…

Roob tells Cade the fishy sync on new JLL talk

*/shakes lighter… Clicky… /flicks lighter… you’re gonna have make my Yew-Tube history screenshot bigger… /lights up…*

It’s primary topic is the Diamond Sow and those that eschew pigs and pork…


Right at the start, just before hitting the 2 minute mark, Lashy gives an example of a totem animal that could be considered taboo to eat by a tribal shaman…

“For example, salmon.”

… And I’d just listened to ‘The Salmon Dance’ by The Chemical Brothers!

YTube viewing

*/drags… And in between I listened to Gorillaz, Clicky…*

*Death… /drags… Yeah, “She totally kissed the monkey” …/puffs merrily…*

‘Vajrayogini : Vajravarahi : Dorje Phagmo : Miss Piggy : Tantra Mother.

‘She wears the five-skull crown, a necklace of skulls, and she drinks blood from a skull-cup. The act of blood-drinking performed by the Tantric tutelary goddesses cannot be confounded with the vampiric blood-drinking ritual of the Xenosh — perpetrated literally in JRM and celebrated symbolically in the Catholic Mass.

‘In the imagery of Gaian Tantra, drinking blood from a skull-cup refers to the action of chemical osmosis across the blood-brain barrier, which is the condition for absorption of dakini elixirs, or wisdom elixirs: instruction that runs on neurochemical pathways.

‘Mastery of mythophrenia is also called mantique, the technique of self-knowledge through divination. The adjective is mantic. I propose that mantique and mantic can replace the terms “spirituality” and “spiritual” which are insipid and obsolete.

Travel Pictures Ltd

*/looks at fingers… Mine ain’t that bad, Clicky… /stubs butt… The amber stain… /throaty chuckle…*

*That’s an idea! Perhaps women should try doing that in Sweden, Clicky …/lights up…*

Dear Reader, have a Song…

7 thoughts on “On The Lash: Reaper – Sounds Like Leaper – What You Sow…

  1. Sooooooooo….erm…I’ll take a crack at this one/these ones. (aside from the obvious things)

    Relating? Not just and only, but I was thinking about a concept earlier that is kinda connected to who can relate to what and when, and that concept I was pondering was guidance. Well, I guess it was guidance, but more of a knowing kind of guidance, which I guess is more “control” than “instruction”.
    EX1: If you are floundering, and someone extends a hand, you may choose to refuse that hand.
    EX2: If you are floundering, and someone extends a hand, you may choose to refuse that hand. That hand may grab you by the hair and drag your floundering ass out of that wherever you are.

    So I’m thinking, which is guidance, and which is control?

    But yeah…relating. Isn’t there some “knowing” going on there?

    ^The arctic wooly bear caterpillar: A relentless race against time^

    If you are seeking an answer, when do you know it? What answer(s) does the Arctic Wooly Bear Moth seek, and when and where are these answers found?
    I’ve been thinking a lot about looking for things that aren’t there lately, and I guess I am now also thinking about looking for things that are there. If we are thinking about two things, that are better represented by one thing, we’ve got some choices to make.
    Choose one or the other.
    Come up with something that represents both.
    Sounds almost like marriage or relationships or whatever. I digress.


    ^The True Story of Hidalgo HistCh2004^

    I don’t really expect anyone to watch all that video above, but basically, it’s a documentary where anyone and everyone pretty much claims that everything Frank T. Hopkins said was bullshit. It’s bullshit, because there is nothing within the accepted and acceptable channels to confirm someone’s story. Which, in my mind, gets back-ish toward some of the JLL kinds of talks. I’ve not listened to but one, but we’ve talked about them some, and there seems to be a “one way” kind of mentality that persists within Gnosticism. Now all you gotta do, is get 8+ billion people on board with that same line of thinking, and all will be well.

    I wonder where treachery comes in? Or is the assumption that treachery already exists?

    ^Clan of Xymox – Obsession (1989)^

    I guess to sum up…if you are on the path of a Shaman, or on the path of a healer, or on the path of an empath, or the path of a whatever? You prolly aren’t going to know that until the path ends. We can guess along the way…and prolly nothing wrong with that…but we tend not to get the wizard hat until after graduation. Even when and if we get that wizard hat? It’s still just a designation as to a different kind of student. Just thinking, that if there are certain segments that seem strange or unfamiliar along a path you’ve already traveled? That doesn’t mean that you’ve not traveled that way. Just…may have been a while.
    /me shrugs

    Thankz fer the readz Roobz. 😉

    ^Vampire Weekend | Unbelievers (LYRICS)^

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