On The Lash: Reaper – Sounds Like Leaper – What You Sow…

So I was fucking about on the internet yesterday evening, playing games, listening to music and chatting with friends when I noticed that John Lamb Lash had posted another of his Mythophrenia in Action talks…

Roob tells Cade the fishy sync on new JLL talk

*/shakes lighter… Clicky… /flicks lighter… you’re gonna have make my Yew-Tube history screenshot bigger… /lights up…*

It’s primary topic is the Diamond Sow and those that eschew pigs and pork…


Right at the start, just before hitting the 2 minute mark, Lashy gives an example of a totem animal that could be considered taboo to eat by a tribal shaman…

“For example, salmon.”

… And I’d just listened to ‘The Salmon Dance’ by The Chemical Brothers!

YTube viewing

*/drags… And in between I listened to Gorillaz, Clicky…*

*Death… /drags… Yeah, “She totally kissed the monkey” …/puffs merrily…*

‘Vajrayogini : Vajravarahi : Dorje Phagmo : Miss Piggy : Tantra Mother.

‘She wears the five-skull crown, a necklace of skulls, and she drinks blood from a skull-cup. The act of blood-drinking performed by the Tantric tutelary goddesses cannot be confounded with the vampiric blood-drinking ritual of the Xenosh — perpetrated literally in JRM and celebrated symbolically in the Catholic Mass.

‘In the imagery of Gaian Tantra, drinking blood from a skull-cup refers to the action of chemical osmosis across the blood-brain barrier, which is the condition for absorption of dakini elixirs, or wisdom elixirs: instruction that runs on neurochemical pathways.

‘Mastery of mythophrenia is also called mantique, the technique of self-knowledge through divination. The adjective is mantic. I propose that mantique and mantic can replace the terms “spirituality” and “spiritual” which are insipid and obsolete.

Travel Pictures Ltd

*/looks at fingers… Mine ain’t that bad, Clicky… /stubs butt… The amber stain… /throaty chuckle…*

*That’s an idea! Perhaps women should try doing that in Sweden, Clicky …/lights up…*

Dear Reader, have a Song…

Now Don’t That Top All…

Music legend Fats Domino has died, Dear Reader. He was 89

*/rolls eyes… Yes, you can get fat from eating too much pizza, Clicky… and, yes, Fats Domino was a great musician, butt…*

*That is certainly phat, Clicky… /shakes head… Butt it’s still not Fats Domino… /sigh… Now go find me a video of him in action…*

*Yeah… /sniff… Thank you! At last…*

Fats Domino was one of the first rhythm and blues artists to gain popularity with a white audience and his music was most prolific in the 1950s.

Domino’s music has been credited as a key influence on artists during the 1960s and 70s. Elvis Presley introduced Fats at one of his Las Vegas concerts by saying “this gentleman was a huge influence on me when I started out”.

Paul McCartney reportedly wrote the Beatles song Lady Madonna in emulation of Domino’s style.

*Cool! You got him singing it…*


He was given his nickname by bandleader Bill Diamond for whom he was playing piano in honky-tonks as a teenager. He said the youngster’s technique reminded him of two other great piano players, Fats Waller and Fats Pichon.


This afternoon Red Frank over on MEROVEE posted me a scene from ‘Dr Strangelove’…


*Knot that bit, Clicky, butt… Gno Clear…*

In the mid-1940s, he joined trumpeter Dave Bartholomew’s band, and the two co-wrote Domino’s first hit The Fat Man. Suddenly, the New Orleans sound became popular nationwide.

Dear Reader… Have a Song 😉

We Kenned Trolling Along the Y’ello River…

Yesterday on Twitter was a hoot and a half, trolling virtual signalling celebs…

*Oh, a Song already… Take it away, Clicky…*


*Covering the Song with an image, Clicky? I’ve told you before… Dear Reader does not get that…*


*No… Dear Reader, doesn’t get covering news that way, either…*


*/Sigh… Nor gifs…*

*It’s a bloody good thing those children arriving are actually adults, Clicky, otherwise all kinds of baseless insinuations would be banded about…*


*/furrows brow… I wonder why I felt empowered to go trolling yesterday, Clicky…*


*Oh Sweetie… Have a Song…*