We Kenned Trolling Along the Y’ello River…

Yesterday on Twitter was a hoot and a half, trolling virtual signalling celebs…

*Oh, a Song already… Take it away, Clicky…*


*Covering the Song with an image, Clicky? I’ve told you before… Dear Reader does not get that…*


*No… Dear Reader, doesn’t get covering news that way, either…*


*/Sigh… Nor gifs…*

*It’s a bloody good thing those children arriving are actually adults, Clicky, otherwise all kinds of baseless insinuations would be banded about…*


*/furrows brow… I wonder why I felt empowered to go trolling yesterday, Clicky…*


*Oh Sweetie… Have a Song…*

20 thoughts on “We Kenned Trolling Along the Y’ello River…

    1. Oh JP… */wipes tear from eye…* Loopy is very upset because my very loud cackling has just interfered with his online game play.

      “Mum!” he wailed.

      “Taking the piss… Sea?”

      And it’s all your fault, Joe Public ❤

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  1. Peg is creaming in her pants to ban me yet again. Been nice knowing ya. lol

    Jesus fucking christ. What is her deal with accusing me of violence/being violent? She wanna see my scars or something? If she were to see “the storms”…I can assure you…she’d never accuse me of violence/being violent again.

    Thanks for letting me vent. You can now ban me as well if you so desire. 😉

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  2. When I heard the name Mr Hardway being called repeatedly, Peter File crossed my mind.

    Maybe our reality is based on TV shows and films and books. Where I work is something out of ‘Are You Being Served’. There is a Mr Lucas and Lisa is always talking about her pussy.

    And has JB joined The IT Crowd ? But you will always be the original Jen Barber, sitting behind your desk pretending you know about computers, mice and hard thingies.

    And of course Clicky and Double Clicky and Right Clicky.

    Or is it Clitty, Clitty, Bang, Bang ?

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      1. I can’t find the clip or a pic, but the view from the right of the “WTF” on the red flag is impressive. I just re-watched this movie the other day with someone. Boy, Monty took a lotta shit right on the chin. So did Patton. Maybe that’s why they loved to hate each other.

        Weird what can inspire us to do better.

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          1. I don’t know that I am intentionally “fucking with anyone’s head.” That said, I do understand adversity, and I do understand danger, and I do understand complexity, and I do understand the concept(s) of chance and fate.

            I’d say that any and all will be “a close shave”…just like always. That said…”a close shave” is subjective. But then again…I have a beard. Beards tend to not only hide things, but they allow us a little perspective as to what is and is not…a close shave.

            For example…carrying a pocket knife in my pocket is about as close and as comfortable as I can get with a knife of any sort being near my junk. The only consolation being…the knife is closed. This is why cannot and will not even entertain the concept of “the vasectomy.” Fuck that noise. I’d prefer to keep my business in my pants intact and unused. Some of us, do not fare well with surgeries…elective or otherwise.

            That said, I do try at all times to carry a pocket knife with me/keep one on my person.

            The first time you almost witness another human being damn near burn to death after surviving a car accident, all because the seatbelt is jammed from the accident and there is no fucking way you are gonna be able to tear that seatbelt material, nor can you unwedge the person from the tangled mess enough to drag them through the window? Well…if our fear is as such that we cannot remove that fear without removing “instruments that could be used for harm”…I just pray that you did not remove someone’s right to carry an instrument that would have saved your life…all on the basis of protecting your life.

            I’ve been severely burned several times by both fire and the sun. It’s neither pretty nor quick nor is there any respite in any future for anyone who suffers as such. Just ask the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Not that I would compare my grief/to theirs. But I damn sure understand it. I don’t “level” like most people do with respect to 1-10 or 0-10 as to the amount of suffering. There is a kinship there. Something I understand. Understanding via experiences and/or participation is not always a requisite. But there’s not exactly a line trying to get into the burn unit of your local hospital thick with volunteers looking to help out with burn victims/burn sufferers now is there?

            Sometimes…I simply do not know how to respond to certain things. I do the best I can when and where I can.

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