Shock and ‘Owie!

*Terminal 7 eh, Clicky… Nice opening! …/pats snout…*

This post, Dear Reader, will explore the Mandela Effect

… As decoded by Gnostic teacher John Lamb Lash, a set of 64 71 talks on UTube. I’ve been taking the time to listen…

I’d not heard of Toxy Poxy Ghandi before, so I asked my good friend Legs, who as well as being a damn fine publisher and author, is also a proper, proper scientist

Roob asks Legs a questionRoob has a popeye moment

*Spoiler alert, Clicky… /flicks lighter… Lashy reckons the Archons couldn’t hack our genes… /lights up… So they infected our brains instead… /puffs… I know… /taps ash… It seems far-fetched but apparently Sophie fell out of the Galactic Centre… /drags… A trip like that is enough to send anyone a bit bandy…*

Sew… The German word ‘Mandel’ can be translated into English in 7 ways according to John Lamb Lash:

And it does. Admittedly my understand of German isn’t great…

*/drags… We only talk like that when we’re addressing Poppy… /stubs dog end…*

… So I looked it up online and took some screenshots…

Mandel Almond TonsilMandel Shock et alMandel AmygdalaMandel Geode

Applying the verb to the nouns implies action, movement even. As for Toxy Poxy Ghandi, well, there seems to be something in his assertions here, too…

In addition, “we show that parasites are a little more likely to be found in amygdala [a region of the brain] than in other brain areas,” Vyas said. “This is important because the amygdala is involved in a variety of fear-related behaviors.”

This is very interesting, Dear Reader. I had a bit of a ‘wheat shock’ myself this weekend on Twitter…

*Haha… /grins… No, Clicky, the other one…*

*Warburtons have only bloody signed up for that charadee tax-break as well, Clicky… /sigh… I’d better show Thoughtful Man… He does the shopping… /lights up…*

I’ll delve further into this subject in another post, Dear Reader. Until then… Have a Song 😉


13 thoughts on “Shock and ‘Owie!

  1. I went to a Christian school in 7th & 8th grade. One of the teachers, who was also a Hairdresser/Beautician, Kinesiologist and Chiropractor. Gotta keep in mind that this was a Fundamentalist Christian school, and more than that, they were Fundamental Baptist, so they were pretty hardcore.

    Christian Fundamentalism –
    Independent Baptist –
    MCA –

    Some of the things she taught me didn’t really jibe with the teachings of the school. Note that I say “the school” and not “The Bible”.

    Anyway, one of the things that she taught me, was…
    Twice around the wrist = once around the neck.
    Twice around the neck = once around the waist.

    She also taught me…
    Within the musculature of the face and neck, it takes more muscles to frown, than it does to smile.

    She was/is\was one of those people that have that weird light about them. Like she was loaded with a knowing that others did not have. But there was also a darkness about her. Almost like she was saddled or burdened with an unfortunate current state that required her to be where she was, and she was doing the best that she could with what she had considering the circumstances. This had the effect of making her really glow.

    Supraspinous Ligament –

    These things she taught me always resonated as strange to me, but I’ve never forgotten them. One of the most poignant being…
    No matter what level of magic you discover, there is always another level of magic behind that one.

    Thanks for the lessons Mrs. B. ❤

    ^depeche mode – get right with me (1993)^

    Sometimes…things get whatever. 😉

    ^Deadmau5 – Limit Break [FREE DOWNLOAD] || HD^

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