More Shock & ‘Owie!


*/flicks lighter… Find an opening clip… /flicks lighter… as awesome… /shakes lighter… as the one you found for the previous post… /flicks lighter… Clicky… /lights up…*

*Ooh I loved Medium, Clicky… /puffs… Hang on, didn’t Cade specifically mention ‘medium’ in his post last night? …/squints…*


Sew… continuing on from the Head Shock post, Dear Reader, more Mandela Effect, as decoded by John Lamb Lash. However, as MEROVEE Frank has just picked up on the ‘Almond Shock’ in his latest post today, I thought we’d have a listen to one of his talks looking at a clusters of clues…

*Interesting…/plucks cig from pack… Shultz and Shulz? …/lights up… Snooping out missing ‘t’… /deep drag…*


*/coughs… Yeah, a cartoon snooping dog and Shaggy, knot a “shaggy dog chasing another shaggy dog”… /blow smoke rings…*

I’ll admit, Dear Reader, I had not heard about the Rhine Meadow camps before…



*/taps ash… I don’t know what to say, Clicky…*


*/smokes… The how… i.e. Mandel… /ponders…*

As a kid, I never could understand why Howie Mandel was cast to play a serious role. Sometimes they would put bits of Howie’s standup act in the show but even then, they were played straight. Another character that slept around with the female staff. An ongoing theme of the series. He had the last line “It ain`t over `til the fat lady sings” of the series before the mind-fuck ended while working on an opera singer.’

That’s enough for tonight, Dear Reader. Clicky and I will be back with some more decoding of the Mandela Effect as it applies to the Sophia Correction. Until then… Have a Song…

11 thoughts on “More Shock & ‘Owie!

      1. Odd that I linked to that very post in my today’s post, but I didn’t read the comments. I linked it primarily because of “the smoking angle”…hence, I linked both parts. That, and the fact that it was a Roob post.

        I have now gone back, and read the comments.

        Sorry Jen. I wasn’t ready. 😦
        /me shrugs
        Doesn’t change how I feel…it just…is what it is.

        Anyway..erm…yeah…something about a "t".
        Names. Variants.
        "T"…as in….train and/or trains? Or T-Rain? As in, tears.
        Trail of Tears –
        Yeah. Trains. Knocking the dust off of all kinds of memories. Migrations of all kinds. Weight shifts, and wait shifts, and wait staff, and shit like that.

        ^Depeche Mode – But not tonight^

        I think we've had some of those in The USA. Trains.

        Some above ground…"The El" or "The L" if they are elevated. Called "Light Rail" here in Dallas, but they are primarily not elevated. Sometimes elevated like bridges above roadways or other infrastructure, sometimes below ground to avoid infrastructure, and sometimes not…remaining at ground level.

        Some underground…subways or metros or The Subway or The Metro. DC had a GREAT metro system.

        They've made a lot of changes in this area to the railway system(s) for freight and long-distance passenger service, although most passenger rail systems in this country are gone. That said, many accommodations in suburban areas to either elevate or submerge roadways for cars so as to not conflict with railways and vice-versa.

        I think there were some other types railways/railroads here. Like, for and when, people themselves were getting railroaded.

        Gives whole new meaning to the "people are our business" types of slogans.

        ^Tubeway Army / Gary Numan – Are 'friends' electric?^

        Interesting bit about names and changing names.
        I know someone who changed his name because he didn't like the spelling. First name. Same name, different spelling. I think it was a gender thing. Something about a misplaced "Y" or something like that. I guess his parents didn't know that the spelling with an "E" was/is considered masculine, and the spelling with a "Y" was/is considered feminine. Gotta name that baby quick, cause back in them days they didn't know what the baby was gonna be till it got there. If you don't name the baby by the first or second day, the birth certificate will show "Baby" as the first name. Then you gotta go get it changed, all the hassle and expense, and who needs that when you are poor as dirt way back when.

        ^Make The Girl Dance 'Baby Baby Baby'^

        I guess more digging is in order.
        Or on order.
        Or whatever.

        I get the feeling I'll be having some "doozy" type nightmares tonight.

        Should make for good fodder for part 3 tho.

        ^Depeche Mode B-sides – Flexible^

        It takes a lot of faith to board certain trains. A day at a time. A breath at a time. Shit like that.

        Katsumoto: You have seen many things.
        Nathan Algren: I have.
        Katsumoto: And you do not fear death, but sometimes you wish for it. Is this not so?
        Nathan Algren: Yes.
        Katsumoto: I also. It happens to men who have seen what we have seen. But then I come to this place of my ancestors, and I remember. Like these blossoms, we are all dying. To know life in every breath, every cup of tea, every life we take. The way of the warrior….
        Nathan Algren: Life in every breath…
        Katsumoto: That is Bushido.
        Movie = The Last Samurai

        ^Deadmau5 – Strobe (1080p) || HD^

        I dunno. Maybe this is one of those “false memory” types of things…but I don’t think so. Maybe I’m not capable of looking at things objectively. I’m sure I’ll be told as much.

        Do the right thing until the stars fall…and then, do right.

        Suddenly, I’m buying my own bullshit.
        /me retches

        Anyway…yeah…people getting railroaded here and there, from one unfortunate situation to another.
        Everyone chasing the rabbit, and some not even knowing why they are chasing it, cept for the fact that they were told to. “Follow Orders” and all that.
        Gravitational Lens –
        Hounds and Jackals –
        58 Holes –
        Just wondering when those orders will stop? Will the restaurant close? Or just change locations perhaps.
        We’ll see.

        ^black sheep the choice is yours lyrics^

        Sorry for the wall of text Roob. Been doing a lot of reading today and my mind is…well…I’m as stupid as ever. BUT!!! I have been thinking about a lot of shit today. 😉

        ^deadmau5 – Errors in my head^

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        1. Whoa! That’s a comment and a half, Cade! Okay, where to starT…

          I saw Ethan Hawke’s name mentioned in the Make The Girl Dance video…

          Train of Thought… Vienna…

          There’s a whole mass of mental connections to be made with Vienna and trains and Nazis, especially Adolph Hitler, who moved there in 1908 as a penniless painter and came back in 1938 under different circumstances…

          … Butt naked Native American Indians, where do they come into this?

          ‘Adolf Hitler was a heavy smoker in his early life—he used to smoke 25 to 40 cigarettes daily—but gave up the habit, concluding that it was “a waste of money”. In later years, Hitler viewed smoking as “decadent” and “the wrath of the Red Man against the White Man, vengeance for having been given hard liquor”, lamenting that “so many excellent men have been lost to tobacco poisoning”.’

          I dunno. Ex-smokers tend to turn into Anti-smokers, and virulent ones at that. Personally, I would thought wholesale massacre, corralling and running native people off their lands would have been reason enough to want to exact some vengeance, except tobacco was/is an integral part of their lives…

          *What, Clicky? …/squints… Oh…*

          ‘One of the common sayings in Indian country is that when our ancestors first gave tobacco to the European invaders, they knew it was going to kill them, they just didn’t think it would take this long.’

          I’ve seen a double T recently… Oh yeah, Clicky’s first video in the previous post… 😉

          Perhaps ‘t’ will be missing in the future…*/shrugs…* A segment of ‘authority’ demands it…

          Fuck ’em!


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