A Nifty Fifty Post

*What a rousing start, Clicky. Nice… /pats snout…*

Tomorrow, Dear Reader, is a special day: my good friend Cade the Okie Devil, The Unseen Synchro, will be celebrating a milestone date…

…One that I reached back in May…

*The whole episode? Okay, it’s a good one… /sits back and lights up…*

Funny, a question of music… Back when he was younger, Cade wrote and performed some songs for an album he made for himself. He’s a lapsed musician but after some badgering…


*/drags… I’m so glad I didn’t say ‘sucking up’… /expels smoke… DON’T! …/glares…*

… After nearly two years of asking, he finally dusted off the tapes and put his music up on UTube so that it could be heard…

Devil’s Work – OneThing (1991) >








< Devil’s Work – Side: More Fun – Tracks 1, 2 & 3 (1991) >








< Devil’s Work – Side: More Fun – Tracks 7, 8, 9 & 10 (1991) >






< Devil’s Work – Side: Fun – Tracks 1 & 2 (1991) >






< Devil’s Work – Side: Fun – Tracks 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 (1991) >


*Yes, I caught you whistling ‘doing the devil’s work’ yesterday, Clicky…*


With 4,776 miles between Dallas, Text US and the LoL, it would be impossible for me to wish Cade a happy birthday in person. Butt with the power of L-space, Clicky and I would like to wish him all the very best with some laughs, great music and good gifs…


*Ooh cake! …/beams…*

*Oh… /pouts…*

Have a great day, Cade… And have a Song… ❤

10 thoughts on “A Nifty Fifty Post

  1. Awwwwwwwww

    I dunno what to say.

    But I sure know how to say it.

    I guess a song is on tap. ❤

    ^KlangKuesntler – Pop Dem Bottles (Original Mix)^

    Let's have two. 😉

    ^Latmun – That's Good^

    Let's have another. ❤

    ^Melé – Atlantic^

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      1. Dear Clicky,

        I still cannot find a good free host to upload the MP3s for whoever might want them. They all require me to register, and I guess I’ll have to breakdown and register at one of these to get them uploaded.

        I should also make a note here, that this is not the first time I have transferred some of my music to digital. However, all of the stuff that I transferred to digital about 10 years ago is sitting on a computer that is currently dead.

        I will do my best to break down and register so I can upload them, and will try and do so sometime before tomorrow.


        P.S. – A friend had an cassette 8-track multi-track recorder, and I was able to have access to it over a weekend about 10 years ago. During that 48 hour timeframe, I frantically ripped as much as I could, so the quality on those is also not that great as I recall. But it seems that I was able to rip over 100 songs over that weekend. Maybe even closer to 150 songs. Maybe someday. /me shrugs

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  2. OK…so…this is just how fucking stupid I am.

    It JUST fucking hit me, as to why you posted that goddamn Hawaii 5-0 video that has all the women, cars and airplanes in it.
    A: Because I’m “5-0” years old.

    Suddenly…I DO feel a day over 49. 😉

    Thanks for the early boost over the “I don’t feel a day over 49” hump.

    ^Adam F – Circles (HD)^

    On a "related" note, yesterday at lunch, my mother informed me that 2 more relatives have Dementia. That brings the total to 3 current members of the fam with Dementia.

    Let's have a song for them while we're here…eh?

    ^Crookers – Remedy (Feat. Miike Snow)^

    OH!!! And mental note since I'm here…Helium Protons and Strings as they relate to geometric angles, angular momentum(s) and velocities. Especially of the accelerating/decelerating varieties. State change and changes. Kinda thinking particle accelerators here, but there's some thoughts in there on HAARP and power grids too. Maybe even AM stations. Been thinking a lot about water lately with respect to continental drift and plate tectonics, so I keep flipping the Earth/Terra a lot as it spins and wobbles. That said, electron transfer and Sodium are in these thoughts, so that also means crystals, heat, and friction…so yeah…the effects of certain "modern" infrastructure(s) on plate shift. Power grid(s), highway systems, traffic amounts and weight shifts.

    We killed all the migratory animals, blocked their routes and/or fenced them in where they cannot roam, negating eliminating circadian types of weight swift/transfer(s). I guess motorized vehicles will have to do for now eh? 😉

    Today I saw a pic of a 35 day old Mylar birthday balloon, and it sent my mind to spinning.
    Sorry Roob. :/

    ^VICIOUS PINK – 8:15 To Nowhere^

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    1. I saw something today on sodium and transfer of electrons…

      It was in here:


      I’ll tell you something I saw today that what fucked me off no end. This:

      What a bunch of cnuts! Song?

      *Director, Clicky?*

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