Christmas Ads Past and Present

Thoughtful Man sent me something to watch on Arse-about-Facebook this morning. A Christmas ad from 1978…

*Crikey! That brought back memories, Clicky… /lights up… Packed with stars of yesteryear…*

*Thirty years apart butt…/flicks ash… also packed with stars, Clicky…*

Apart from the quality of the production, the biggest difference between the Christmas ad of 1978 and the Christmas ad of 2017, is that one concerned itself with selling products whilst the other is selling an idea

‘Unlike John Lewis’s famously tear-jerking adverts of 2011 to 2015, the tone of Moz The Monster is more in line with last year’s lighter ad, Buster the Boxer.’

Clicky and Franks take on the M and S Christmas Ad

*/:O… He does?! Go and get it Clicky… /deep drag… For Dear Reader…*

*/squints… Moor covfefe-coloured chillin, Clicky? *

Of course, the M&S advert doesn’t feature any products either but it is flogging a movie

Butt what of Moz?

*No, Clicky, the one under the bed… /relights fag…*


Sew… could be moose“would-be-Arab” and/or cheese

*Knot lanky Cleese, Clicky… /rolls eyes… Although… /coughs… At least that one’s short…*


*Thank you… /stubs butt… Enough of Christmas ads, Clicky… /sticks out tongue… Ugh! This year’s batch are gruesome… Go get sumfing to cleanse the palette…*


*/lights up…*

Don’t worry, Dear Reader, there’s only 44 more days to go now. Have a Song… 😀

7 thoughts on “Christmas Ads Past and Present

  1. Here’s some I stumbled across. (not really, I went looking for “Christmas Ads”)
    But these are in the order I found them.

    ^1990s UK Christmas Adverts Compilation^

    Lots of weird things to see in those commercials, but there was an ad in there for Black & Decker power tools, and they featured an electric/rechargeable screwdriver. (Power Driver)

    I got one of those Black & Decker rechargeable screwdrivers for Father’s Day one year, and it died fairly quickly. (Wouldn’t take/hold a charge). I wonder what happens to all those batteries?


    ^I Love 70’s Commercials – Volume 9 CHRISTMAS!^

    Some of those are familiar. I guess hamburgers are a big thing in my country. We used to have “Hardees” in this area, and I loved their burgers because they put a “secret sauce” on it that was tasty. I think it was either French Dressing or Catalina Dressing. (McDonald’s uses Thousand Island on their BigMac)

    The “UnderRoos” bit was funny.
    “They even come out heroes against warm water and detergents”
    Ye olden days of the absolute necessity of an accurate sort of clothing/laundry via types and/or colors.

    US – this one is from a playlist, but I thought it interesting enough to extract because it made me remember “Christmas Seals” from my childhood.

    ^Barbara Eden 1973 Christmas Seals TV Commercial^

    Dunno about abroad, but here in The USA, we were fucking BOMBED with TV commercials showing world calamity of all kinds, and we were shown those commercials year-round. However, they got particularly heavy around Christmas time…”The/A Time For Giving”. My parents always complained that TV turned to shit around the holidays and the commercials were a beating and/or utterly depressing. Shit you can’t afford, shit you/others don’t need, and/or areas where you feel helpless to actually help.

    “Pouring piss down a drain” I believe is how my dad used to refer to donating money to charity/charities because of all of the overhead involved. “Giving someone here a job so they can afford to feed themselves, all based on others elsewhere not having jobs/not able to afford food.”…is another way that “charities” were explained to me. (how they “work”) Tough concepts for a kid to ponder eh?


    ^Merry Xmas from Lucky Strike Cigarettes!… It’s Toasted!^

    Enjoyment. Now THERE’S a word you don’t hear in commercials anymore.

    Must be that “Joy” bit. (computer programmers and AI designers prolly just came in their pants)

    Entity –
    EN –
    en –
    Entrammel –
    Entrammes –
    Port Salut (Redirected from Entrammes cheese) –

    I'll not take that wavy wiki wall any further. ❤

    Here's that entire playlist

    ^Christmas Commercials From The 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's^

    Lots to think about contained therein.

    The "Window Wonderland" bit is quite hilarious. "Glass Wax"…lolz.

    Frosted Glass –
    Glass-Wax –
    Abrasive Blasting (Redirected from Sandblasting) –
    Centrifugal Force –
    Rotating Reference Frame –
    Fictitious Force (Redirected from Fictitious forces) –

    I'll not take that wavy wiki wall any further. ❤

    A song for you, and anyone else that cares for a listen.
    Great song. I'm glad I stumbled across it last night while looking for protest sign pics. 🙂

    ^Broken Social Scene – Protest Song (Official Audio)^

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  2. Roob

    I’ve left a Merovee type reply to your link on Merovee.

    The other thing that strikes me is Orange with Marmalade – see Trump, and Orange is the New Black and the Houston Oilers etc,etc.


  3. Test comment via mobile phone to test typing and posting ability/abilities.

    Hmmmmm…I’m quite slow at this mobile typing.
    Lucky ya’ll.

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