Belt & Braces */assumes position…*

New Who Outfit

*Straight in there with the photo eh, Clicky?*

Dear Reader, today the new/knew/gnu Who outfit was released to the world…

Apparel (n.) c. 1300, “fighting equipment or accouterments, armor, weapons;” mid-14c., “furnishings, trappings;” late 14c., “personal outfit, a person’s outer clothing, attire,” from Old French apareil “preparation, planning; dress, vestments,” from apareillier (see apparel (v.)). Middle English also had apparelment (late 14c.).

… Posted an observation or two on MEROVEE

 …and further discussed with Poppy in Twitter DMs…

PSP and Roob discuss The Doctor's new Outfit 1

*She’s a great Dane and I wear the face of Great Dane, Clicky… /lights up… We could be twins… /draws deeply with Gallic shrug…*

PSP and Roob discuss The Doctor's new Outfit 2

*She makes some excellent points, Clicky…*


*The owls are not what they seem, Clicky? …/blows smoke ring… What you on about?*

*/drags… Ah, cooper… /exhales… Gotcha! *

PSP and Roob discuss The Doctor's new Outfit 4PSP and Roob discuss The Doctor's new Outfit 5

*Three parent babies are a thing, Clicky…*

PSP and Roob discuss The Doctor's new Outfit 6

*Nice! …/flicks ash…*

PSP and Roob discuss The Doctor's new Outfit 7PSP and Roob discuss The Doctor's new Outfit 8PSP and Roob discuss The Doctor's new Outfit 9

*/stubs butt… Belting, Clicky, belting…*

*/rubs throat… Clicky?*

*… Make us a cup of coffee, sweetie… /sticks out tongue… Those rainbow belts really uber zesty…*

*Oh and get a Song… /bats lashes…*

I think that’s enough to be getting on with for now, Dear Reader. Although a Cade style question suddenly occurs to me…

Q: What’s the point of humans?

A: Our ability to imagine? ...*/shrugs*...

Until next time… Have a Song…

15 thoughts on “Belt & Braces */assumes position…*

  1. Culottes or Gauchos is what sprang to mind when I saw her pants. They look comfy. Especially with the suspenders in tow.

    Culottes –
    Gaucho (Disambiguation) –

    And I agree with Poppy. The boots are a nice addition, although I know fuckall about Dr. Who.

    That said…there is a mystique about her. In that photo. Almost like she, as a person, doesn’t matter at all, as the clothing takes center stage. Maybe that’ll eventually allow her to be whoever she is, and whoever she becomes.
    /me shrugs

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    1. K…this may sound weird…but I was looking at the photo again. And I got to doing some thinking bout that jacket she is wearing. I made a comment “privately” to Roob, that her clothes are so prominent, that she herself, as a person, almost vanishes…and yet…she still glows. Let’s test that theory, and get rid of some of that shiny shit that is surrounding her.

      I’ll need to employ my expert skills at MSPaint in order to pull this off.
      Prepare to be awed and bow to my graphical prowess. (rawr)

      As we can see…I continue to be totally awesome at sucking at almost everything. But let’s not focus on me and my graphical shortcomings. In fact, let’s take this a step further, and remove the one thing that we can remove that is feminine in this photo. (jmo)

      As you can see, I am a motherfucking MASTER at the “spraypaint” and “eyedropper” functions in MSPaint.

      That said…did I really wipe out the only feminine thing in this photo? Well…other than her. But we cannot remove her…can we. We might as well have a photo of the outfit, and nothing else. Let’s continue…

      Maybe I’m looking at this incorrectly. But the only thing, that I see as asymetrical…is that bar across her breast/breasts. The only thing curvy. And curvy in it’s own unique way. Just a like a woman. And I mean…”A” woman…as in an individual. I suck at art, but I can draw a woman’s basic curves. But drawing an individual woman’s unique curves that are unique and specific to her and her alone? Yeah right. I’d rather piss glass.

      Just thinking…that someone has gone out of their way to remove every fucking bit of “womanhood” from this particular Doctor, leaving but the smallest bit for her and her alone. And I removed it. That crossbar on the “H” that Roob pointed out. That leaves only her feet, and what little we can see of her legs. Maybe this Doctor has legs, and ya’ll just ain’t seen em’ yet. 😉

      I dunno…maybe I’m wrong. She just looks very fragile to me. A deceptive fragility perhaps, but certainly not all. A definite fragility there behind that toughness and vaguery. There’s a delicate nature to knowing, and she has a look of knowing.

      Meh. I don’t watch the show…so…yeah.

      ^No Mana feat. Cafcat – Lethargy^

      Let’s go ahead and go to creepy town…

      Oi and egads and blimey and all that shit.

      Meh fuckit. I’m bored. Sorry.

      Just wondering what kind of say-so the actress herself had in that wardrobe. Supposedly Angelina Jolie is a fashion wizard when it comes to color(s).

      ^ATTLAS – Kayla^

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        1. 🙂
          I remember those. My sisters had those. Maybe not exactly, but they used to have these cardboard cutouts of models that had paper overlays of clothing with those fold-over tabs.

          Overalls with horizontal stripes in the top right is nice.

          female/feminine = –
          male/masculine = |
          nines, lines, ales, f/m and fe/ma…sounds like a party. 😉

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    1. ‘Operation Sugarcube’, an installation sponsored by Uni-lever that the firm I worked for provided logistics for…

      When I shambled ‘A Subtlety‘ on Sync Miss For Him in June 2014 I included mention of it…

      A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and Two birds one stone. Or rather…


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