Missive From ‘Merica: No.85 Part 4 – Unthought Known

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So this week, Dear Reader, I have been revisiting John Lamb Lash’s ‘Sophia’s Correction’, having not really paid much attention to it for a while. He’s made a series of 64 in-depth videos since October of 2016 and I’ve listened to a few of those, and posted some up in comments over on MEROVEE and Blade & Chalice

The fourth part of this latest missive from The Okie Devil of Textus, a.k.a. Cade, concerns one of those videos. You’ll find a link to it below. Enjoy! ❤


It was recently recommened to me that I watch a video. Last night, I finally broke down and did so. I did not actually watch the video, and I assume that it was all talking anyway, but yeah…I laid in bed last night and listened to it in the dark.

It wasn’t very far into the video/audio, that it became clear that there were some very familiar things being talked about. Many familiar concepts, masked by foreign names, labels, titles, etc.. As I continued to listen, I was struck by the fact that the ONLY thing and things that were unfamiliar, were these names and titles. Everything else tho? Familiar…very familiar…known.

The more that was discussed, the more I felt…

“Hey, I know that. I don’t know the name, but I know that process or concept or whatever.”

I eventually started to doze a bit, and this hazy non-sleep was broken only by a sudden silence. I roused suddenly, thinking that the video was over, but then they started talking again, and I was soon dozing once again as I pondered what was being said. I could only think….

“So…is this what it is like to hear someone talk about something that you already know? Something from a new source, and they are using unfamiliar nomenclatures and making personal annotations about familiar things, and about the only thing that is interesting about what I am hearing is these new additions?”

In my case, no. I spent most of the time wondering…

“How do I know this?”

There was nothing really familiar about any of this at all, yet somehow, I know it.

 How is that possible?

Let’s take the scientific road, eh?

^Blackmill Feat. Veela – Let It Be (Full Version)^

Much of what was being said, was like drawing over the top of much of what is in my head with respect to connections to what we tend to term as ‘science’ and/or ‘scientific’. Like someone drawing over the top of something I’ve already drawn.

That said, there are MANY religious types of connections and pathways in this same thinking. As I think about it now, all I can think about really…is spirit. Not spiritual, spirit. The ability to experience and choose. Not science, and not religion, but both and neither, all dependent upon what I choose and where, and not solely based upon right or wrong. Choice based on the ability to choose. Master of The Option…if you will.

I reserve the right to choose.

If science is wrong, and religion is right – I reserve the right to choose.

If religion is wrong, and science is right – I reserve the right to choose.

Up to, and including, choosing not to choose.

You yourself are allowed and afforded the opportunity to be comfortable in your own skin, yeah?

Me too.
^Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra feat. Nino Mochella – Kiss The Sky^

I’ve wrestled with this concept quite a bit over the span of my lifetime.

Q: What value has originality?

A: ?

Should that answer seem self-evident? Well, how do you “study the masters” and become your own in the process? The concept of “The Ronin” is very real, therefore, it must be necessary. Afterall, all masters themselves learned from somewhere…right? That means that even a rogue must have some purpose in this “larger scheme of things” that is always bandied about.

Hell, if nothing else, it gives you elevated fucks someone to kick. Your lofty goals and ambitions ain’t worth a flying fuck without practical representations and practical demonstrations as to their relevance and necessity. That’ll have the effect of giving you a gem of gems with respect to “the big question”…

Q: Why?

A: There's your answer.

Carry on Oh Ye Elevated Ones of the Grandest and Most Highest of High on DMT.

Or whatever.

I mean…if The Master wants nor needs no master, why is it such a stretch to think that The Ronin might also need no master?

Lots to think about there.

^George Benson – Give Me The Night^


*Time to call it a night I think, Clicky… /yawns and stretches…*

I have a day off work tomorrow, Dear Reader, so please doo come back then for the next installment of Cade’s awesome missive… And have a Song 😉


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