Missive From ‘Merica: No.85 Part 3 – Breathe…

*Hmm… Looking kinda brown there, Clicky…*

*/rolls eyes…*

Ironing and washing up chores are now done for the day, Dear Reader. Thoughtful Man is home from work and I’ve ordered grub from HKK. So let’s see if I can post part three of Cade’s ten page missive before dinner arrives. They’re usually pretty fast…

Enjoy! ❤


I’m currently stuck at the same place I’ve been stuck at for a while. And that is…

‘what do I have to offer at all, let alone anything I might have to offer someone else?’


So where that leads me to, is…

‘Why throw wrenches into the works?’

I sure as shit don’t want that, and if I cannot complete this process of getting this shit out of my head in a constructive way, that’s exactly what I see myself as doing.

Causing confusion and dismay. 

Something to consider tho, is that I’m not try to create order either. Order is just as chaotic as anything else. As such, I’ve let others lead me as much as possible.

 Listen to what they have to say. 

There is no why in allowing others to lead you. To me anyway, the fact that someone is willing to help me and/or pass things along, tells me, that “why” will be answered for me at some point, and the fact that they ARE helping me I consider to be grace via graciousness.

^The Supermen Lovers (feat. Mani Hoffman) – Starlight (Official Video)^

I sometimes get accused of “reading into things that are not there”. Have you considered your own intentions? Have you even considered your intentions? The possibility of unintended effects? I’m not talking “subconscious” types of bullshit here. If your intention is to help with “A”, that means that there is an “X”…which means there is a “B”. You’ll need to evaluate your own path to see where you have merged into traffic, but there is a nested nature to everything. That’s just my own opinion, I just don’t personally see these static holograms and these holographic types of thinking as being anything static.

EX1: Is a bridge static? When you walk across a bridge or drive a vehicle over a bridge, is the bridge still static? Does the bridge accommodate the change, changes and changing? Sure it does. Irrespective of whether this is to bend, or not to bend, and when and where and under what circumstances, all is movement.

The problem and problems, as I see it, is this “finite nature” that we have become so bedazzled with. It doesn’t allow for change where change is necessary. Like something so absurd as someone being told…


…based on some static acceptable/approved respiratory rate that is based on average and averages. Context loses all meaning, or at least, it occurs to me that it certainly can.

EX2: What is the “average” respiratory rate of someone having a sudden chance encounter with a Grizzly Bear?

Or…have you not amassed enough data for an accurate accounting? What’s your base for attaining an acceptable level of accuracy?

Are you needing volunteers for your “CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE BEAR KIND” research? If so, I’m available.

Are you needing volunteers for your “CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE BARE KIND” research? If so, I’m also possibly/probably available for that.


Just sayin’.

I can understand your reservations.

I’m hairy.

^Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz – Prayer In C (Robin Schulz Remix) (Official)^

For the record…I would think that the respiratory rate of someone having a sudden chance encounter with a grizzly bear would most likely be…


That said, we don’t need Grizzly Bears in our life in order to have measurable stress and stresses…do we? We’ve all kinds of stress and stresses and stressors. What seems to be lacking…is relief. Certainly lacking in relief from those who wish take relieve us of our relievers and their relief(s).

^Crookers – Remedy (Feat. Miike Snow)^


*Still aways to go, Clicky… /burps…*

Dinner arrived before I could finish up this third installment, so I’m feeling kinda stuffed right now, Dear Reader… Until Part Four… Have a Song 😉

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