Missive From ‘Merica: No.85 Part 2 – Eyes Straight Ahead

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So then, Dear Reader, the second part of Cade’s latest ten page massive missive is now ready for your perusal…

Enjoy! ❤




helloooooo there.

That’s prolly how I look when me and my goofy-self is going about my goofy life, doing the goofy shit that I do, in the goofy way in which I do it…

when suddenly…


Oh my.

I only get goofier from there. I mean, not that I take notes on my goofiness and goofy experiences or anything, but I can imagine…yeah…I prolly look something like that when a woman catches my eye.

I’m like….


I guess I’ve been out of that mode for so long, that I forgot it even existed. Not entirely true, but I devised a method of overcoming wandering eyes when I was in a committed relationship. My method was/is not entirely different from this Buddhist method of dealing with unforeseens, where they teach you to “Acknowledge…then push aside.” My method, was/is…

“Woah…she’s hot…but, oh yeah, I’m married.”

Not “Yeah she’s hot, but I got better”…because that kind of comparative thinking, to me anyway, is destructive. You start to make demands via comparison that are impossible for someone else to achieve. I’m sure, that whoever she is, yeah, she’s prolly a great person. But I don’t know her, and I certainly don’t know a single dynamic about “me + her” and how that would work…so why dwell on shit like that?

If you are unhappy, why make someone else suffer too? Break it off, go elsewhere, and find what it is you seek. Whoever you are with doesn’t have it, so why make them carry that and those burden(s)? It’s your problem after all. It certainly seems to have started there anyway. Food for thought.

^Bonobo : Cirrus [Official Video]^

I never regretted being married. Still don’t. I’ve no idea what that would or should change.

I don’t regret “not being able” to have loads of freaky sex with a bunch of different women. I had loads of freaky sex with one particular woman, and there was a hell of a lot more than that. Trying to find something to be angry or bitter or sour about, yeah, there’s a fuckton of that shit too, but I was angry, bitter and sour about it then, so why wouldn’t I be angry, bitter and sour about it now?

I don’t want to “get over” this shit. That’s my toolbox. My tools. How I learn. How I grow. There’s fucktons of shit in the toolbox…

from good…

to bad…

to indifferent…

to whatthefuckever. 

Like a “junk-drawer” in your house. Shit that has no other place due to its specificity and uniqueness, but you certainly can’t throw this shit away. Hence, the junk drawer. Miscellany drawer. Whatever. We all have one. Some have many. But they are always a joy to go through. Especially when looking for that special something, that you cannot remember what it is, but you remember where it is.

/me shrugs
^Meat Beat Manifesto – Prime Audio Soup^

I was just reading CFrank Davis’ latest, and I’ve not read CFrank’s shit in a while. But he raises some interesting points about destinations. Destinations mean pathways. Pathways mean origins. Origins means originators. Originators means followers.

WHEW!!! We covered some ground there, eh? I wonder how we did that? Oh well…it’s unimportant. Our path is laid out before us, and all we need do now…is blaze it.


Q: Can you imagine a 10 year old kid reading this bullshit of mine?

A: I can't. But yeah...I can.

At 10 years old, I had been being taught by some of the finest adults that I knew, and they had been teaching me for right at 10 years straight. No breaks, no vacations, and even breaks for vacation were learning experiences laced with requirements and expectations. So yeah…by 10 years old, I was already quite adept to life on Earth/Terra.

I mean, fuckin-a … comparatively … spending 10 years in college means you’ve prolly got a doctorate by now, and have chalked up some impressive post-graduate degrees. But we don’t think in those terms…do we? We need paper. We need papers. We need proof. Acceptable proof.


Q: Since when were my parents and relatives and neighbors, their teachings, and their experiences…non-acceptable or not acceptable?

A: ?!¿!?

Must be a “class war” kinda thing or something.

^Röyksopp & Robyn “Monument” (Music Video)^


I have ironing and washing up to doo now, Dear Reader, on this Sunday afternoon…

*Yeah, something like, Clicky…*

…The third installment of the 85th ‘somethingWhoTFcares’ missive from the Text Us Okie Devil will be along later. In the meantime… Have a Song 😉


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