Missive from ‘Merica: Asshats Innate


Ah… It’s here! *…/waves hand…* Another missive, Dear Reader, just arrived from The Okie Devil… */contains excitement…*


*Hey! …/squints… I was going for contained excitement, Clicky…*


*/splutters… Cheeky bugger! I’m not like that…*


Erm… So yeah, Dear Reader, a new missive… */acts dismissive…* from Cade (Freak Of Nature) Apollyon follows… */lights fag, starts to read…* 




Lemme get that fer ya.

You look like the …um…

…conservative type.

^SirensCeol – Coming Home [NCS Release]^

Now that we are all aboard this insane-0-train…
Let us now be entertained.
After all, we’re all in this together…
Insert something here about stormy weather.
Forgive me for trying here to be clever…
But I’ve been waiting to do this shit forever.
For what is coming next…you may want to duck…
Nice shoes baby…but I bet walking in them sucks.
Kinda like this shitty poem sucks.

^Cartoon – Why We Lose (feat. Coleman Trapp) [NCS Release]^

Truth Value – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truth_value
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You ain’t gonna believe this shit…
But it appears … that people have been around for a while.


People have been around for a LONG-assed motherfucking time!

A: ¿?¿

I dunno either.
Your guess is as good as mine…so I guess…we’ll just have to guess.

^[Glitch Hop or 110BPM] – Tristam – Till It’s Over [Monstercat Release]^

This next song goes here for no other reason than it does.

^[Glitch Hop / 110BPM] – Pegboard Nerds & Tristam – Razor Sharp [Monstercat Release]^

So let’s get to all of the current bullshit on my mind since you fucks are too busy playing your goddamn word games to just come right out and say whats on your fucking mind.

EXAMPLE: What in the FUCK is this bullshit being floated about assassinations?
I mean…you asshats DO realize that the only fucking times this assassinations bullshit even comes up anymore is when…

A) Some “controversial” election happens somewhere…
B) When someone is actually successfully assassinated.

It’s like deathwatches and death pools and deadpools and bullshit like that. Let me just go ahead and chime in on how fucking STUPID predicting “death” is.

At some point, as far as we know…every human being dies.
See the stupid there, stupid?

I mean…grow some fucking balls and call it “The Accelerated Death Pool” or some shit like that. Because as far as I can see? This ain’t about “being right”…that’s already taken care of for you within the confines and scopes of life itself. Nope…this is about righting right. Maybe even…righting and wrong.

So you want someone dead eh?
No other way?
Better be sure.

^SKINNY PUPPY ‘VX Gas Attack’ TOO DARK PARK Backing Film excerpt (HQ Audio)^

Sovereign State – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sovereign_state
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Boeing B-52 Stratofortress (Redirected from B-52) – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_B-52_Stratofortress

It would be almost sacrilege here to not post a B-52’s song here after…all that…unrelated bullshit whatever above…and I’ve thought about doing just that, because there is a Skinny Puppy song that I had in mind for posting here. But since a question has arisen in my puny brain, I’m gonna go ahead and ask that question, irrespective of any of this other disconnected bullshit rambling that doesn’t appear that it’s gonna end anytime soon…

Q: Who is it that decides “what is” and “what is not” the concept known as…sacrilege?

A: ?¿?

Srsly. I don’t know. Anyone know? And if anyone does know, how do you know?

^The B-52’s – “Legal Tender” (Official Music Video)^

Power and Control also seem to be on the menu for today…
A: If you are having control problems…add or remove power.
Mystery = SOLVED! Next!

Nah…I’m not gonna let myself off that easy. ‘Cause that was WAY too fucking easy. And shit that is easy? Yeah…there’s something MAJORLY fucking wrong. So let’s think more about making something simple difficult.

Lesse here… … …what was it… … …that I mentioned… … …in the comments section… … …of that previous nightmare of mine… … …AH YES!

A) Control
B) Issue
C) We
D) Much (or…”So Much”)
E) It
X) Dashes as opposed to Ellipses.

This was based on bennyjurger’s comment to the effect of…

“Control is an issue – We have only so much of it.”

So the pretense, as I see it, is still about control and power being simultaneous. But more than that, the necessary additives of the precepts or concepts of “powerlessness” and “control sans”…as I will term that last one. That should save us from having to directly address shit like “out-of-control” and “under-control” and “lack-of-control” as-nauseum.

For an example…I present…the following video below, for your intellectual, philosophical and cultural stimulation(s)…


HERE’S the video I wanted you to consider considering…

^Container Ship SNAPS in Half^


HERE’S the fucking video I wanted you shitheads to fucking consider considering for your own fucking consideration with respect to considerations you fucking may or may not now be willing to fucking afford me goddamnit!!! … … …

^DUI checkpoint video goes viral^

As we can see from the previously aforementioned video and/or videos that you may or may not have watched and/or may or may not have been able to watch…that when we have things that are what they are, and suddenly…those things are taken away because of, not our own actions, but because of the actions of someone else? Yeah…we tend to get just the tiniest bit upset. Especially when these actions taken by “those enforcing the rule of law” by looking for this someone that may or may not even be there? Yeah…shady as FUCK!!!
The short of this being…


It’s motherfucking real dipshits.
Even the unreal shit…seems to be…pretty fucking real.

^Skinny Puppy-The Choke^

Segregation – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Segregation
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Magnesium Sulfide – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnesium_sulfide
Slag – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slag
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Alkali – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alkali
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Vegetable – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vegetable
Cereal – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cereal
Nix v. Hedden – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nix_v._Hedden
Horace Gray – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horace_Gray
Serious – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serious
Seriousness – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seriousness
Yahoo Serious – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahoo_Serious
Humour – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humour

I sometimes have something to say by the time I reach the end of one of these “Wacky Walls” or “Wiggly Walls” or “Wavy Walls” or whatever Roob has so dubbed them. But in this particular instance, this here bullshit that you are reading not is all I could come up with.


^Who’s Laughing Now? – Skinny Puppy^

I dunno, but who does?
Oh…I’m sorry. I forgot that you are not in my head/cannot read my mind.
Lemme start over…

I dunno if any of this shit is ever gonna do any good, but who does? Not that I can see the future any more than you can see into my head…but…who wants to know the future. Seems to me that “the future” is the only thing that we ourselves can make. Or at least, help make. Yes…I believe in both fate and destiny. Who wouldn’t? I mean, people and other entities have been pondering this shit for ages. They both are self-evident. So why would someone not “believe” in them? Oh…that choice thing? Welp…I went for the third option. Which, when numerically represented “as it happens” gets kinda complicated and not so much or so simple as…

1 + 1 = 2 = 3

That whole, divided and separate together kind of flowing that is more concrete here, and less concrete there…or less concrete here, and more concrete there. But I think that’s what allows us the freedom of choice and the freedom of freedom to do whatever in the fuck we want to whenever we want to…whenever we can. It’s not simply about chaos or order, or even chaos and order together. That omits everything else. And what is “everything else”…you might be asking yourself in this particular context? Welp…for starters…time and times. They are different and the same…at the same time AND at different times…all at the same time. It neither omits nor includes. That is what I personally would call…the now. The present. A gift…if you will. 😉

^Skinny Puppy – Burnt With Water^

Maybe we are arguing the same point from different perspectives. But how is that a bad thing? There has to be SOME reason that we are talking…right? Cliche’s like “You are preaching to the choir” aren’t going to save us here, because you suddenly assume the “the choir” is somehow more righteous than “the congregation.” Nevermind the assumption that “the pastor” or “preacher” or “priest” or whatever…is more righteous still. I dunno tho…that’s just my life, and has been my life tho…tests and being tested. When I’m not “being tested?” I’m motherfucking lost as shit. And in my case, that means if there is not blood and guts and gore (always mine) and adversity and bad dispositions and bad situations and just bad bad and motherfucking BAD…it’s bad. It usually means that something even worse is just around the corner.

Do I have your attention?
Because here is “the kicker”…if you will.

There is, and has been, all fucking KINDS of good stuff and awesome stuff and fun stuff and amazing stuff in my life. It’s simply a matter of being whoever you are, wherever you are, however you are. The most important part, to me anyway, is that you are. Yes…YOU! Not me. Just another thing that I kinda…do. Observing and pointing out the good stuff, in addition to observing and pointing out the bad stuff. Again…more choice(s).

To Point…Or Not To Point…That Is The Answer.

^Skinny Puppy – One Time One Place^

There’s always a better way.
If you look for something, you will find it.

^Skinny Puppy – Deep Down Trauma Hounds^

^Skinny Puppy – Deep Down Trauma Hounds (Backmasked) (Lyrics)^

Dwayne Goettel (Redirected from Dwayne R. Goettel)

❤ :-(-: Ɛ>

^Skinny Puppy – Process^


^Skinny Puppy- Social Deception^



*Yes, I did enjoy that… Nice work, by the way, on getting all the videos to appear this time, Clicky…*



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