I’m Possible…*/dreaming…*

Dear Reader, a Song has been going around my head for days now…

The other night I even had a dream about it, except… Well, it wasn’t George Michael singing it but another dead crooner, Frank Sinatra…


*Oh, I remember seeing the headline at the time, Clicky, but I hadn’t read the letter… Shall we?*

Dear Friends,

When I saw your Calendar cover today about George Michael, “the reluctant pop star,” my first reaction was he should thank the good Lord every morning when he wakes up to have all that he has. And that’ll make two of us thanking God every morning for all that we have.

*Calendar? Hmm… I’ve posted about a Calendar recently, Clicky…*

*Well unlike a standard calendar, it did have 13 months, Clicky… /wink… Come on, back to the frank letter…*

I don’t understand a guy who lives “in hopes of reducing the strain of his celebrity status.” Here’s a kid who “wanted to be a pop star since I was about 7 years old.” And now that he’s a smash performer and songwriter at 27 he wants to quit doing what tons of gifted youngsters all over the world would shoot grandma for — just one crack at what he’s complaining about.

*Oh, in a musical mood are we, Clicky? …/furrows brow… I don’t know about ‘moving’ so much, the letter does seem kinda pointed…*

Come on, George. Loosen up. Swing, man, Dust off those gossamer wings and fly yourself to the moon of your choice and be grateful to carry the baggage we’ve all had to carry since those lean nights of sleeping on buses and helping the driver unload the instruments.

*1990… /tilts head… Maybe Frank’s words did hit home, then…*

And no more of that talk about “the tragedy of fame.” The tragedy of fame is when no one shows up and you’re singing to the cleaning lady in some empty joint that hasn’t seen a paying customer since Saint Swithin’s day. And you’re nowhere near that; you’re top dog on the top rung of a tall ladder called Stardom, which in Latin means thanks-to-the-fans who were there when it was lonely.

*/smiles… The lad from Hobo Ken did have a point…*

Talent must not be wasted. Those who have it — and you obviously do or today’s Calendar cover article would have been about Rudy Vallee — those who have talent must hug it, embrace it, nurture it and share it lest it be taken away from you as fast as it was loaned to you.

*Yeah… Seems George did manage to turn ‘the tragedy of fame’ into something else…*

Trust me. I’ve been there.

*Ahh… Thanks, Clicky! …/shakes head… Wow! You’ve managed to knock the song-worm out of my head…*

*/pats snout… Have a Song…/:D…*

6 thoughts on “I’m Possible…*/dreaming…*

  1. Roob

    I saw that letter. Bit of a mind fuck to say the least.

    But so was Last Christmas which was timed to perfection, about something else.

    And just from anecdotal evidence ‘we’re’ turning up in each others dreams.

    Liked by 1 person

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