A short one today, Dear Reader, as Clicky is over at…*/concentration tongue poke* Sync Miss For Him */satisfied smile* wallowing in Cade’s latest swamp of a post.

Honestly! I’ve constructed about six posts in my head today, but now he’s decided to piss off ‘cos he’s seen something better */rolls eyes*

Anyhoo, also been watching the latest Big Bang Theory today so… have a clip 😉

5 thoughts on “Songless

  1. “swamp of a post?”

    I am highly offended.

    Actually, “swamp” is prolly as accurate as possible on so many levels …that…yeah…….”swamp of a post.” I like it. (No offense to swamps)

    I pissed someone off over at Merovee regarding the differences between hope and faith. I can allude to God being a fucking idiot, and call someone else a fucking devil worshiping Satan loving Luciferian…but damnit…leave hope and faith where they are, as they are. Derp derp. My head…it’s sploding at 14.3 times the speed of light. Or is it 14.3 times the speed of sound? Prolly both. But I digress.

    So yeah…stuff. I guess I just think back to many times wallering in pain during withdrawal and all the pain and mess that goes with that…and thinking…”I hope I get through this” or “I hope I die soon.” I guess having faith that I would get through it, then during the actual “day to day” having hope here and there and everywhere doesn’t translate well to most. Cause at the end of the day, at the end of the withdrawal, I’m still gonna be in pain. The pain meds may go away, but my injuries never will.

    “I hope the pain isn’t too bad.”
    “I hope God has the sense of humor that I hope God has.”
    “I hope God finds me funny.”
    “Otherwise, I guess I better hope that God never finds me.” 😉
    I have faith. 😛

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    1. Cade, one of my best friends lives in a swamp. In a castle. He saved Clicky from certain death. Which is ironic as my friend is certain death. Certainly to the unwary. So don’t turn your back and even then, the possibility of death is a certainty. Let’s just say, you have to be on the guard and if that fails, on your toes. Very quickly.

      *A song, Clicky? I could have done with that last night. Fortunately, the lovely Cade brought two so…*

      */sigh… you know me too well*


      1. “Very quickly” is not typically in my vocabulary. Except and when it is. And under those circumstances, “very quickly” is as such those most are under the impression that “it never happened” or “no fucking way” or some such.

        God’s sense of timing is fucking impeccable.

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