Lyrical Breakdown

For today’s post, Dear Reader, I shall start with a tweet…

And a Song…

*/sings… I am the walrus…*


*Ha… I love that Bonio version, Clicky… Knot really fought about it until I listened and then I wondered about the lyric…*

*It is a weird song… /grins… No, just the one particular line in it, Clicky…*

Expert Textpert choking smokers


*Fucking ‘think of the children’ brigade…*


*Oops… Apols, Clicky, let me help you…*

*You know, there is a horse in Leggy’s clip… mustn’t forget the nags… /wink…*


*Yeah, drug pushers sucking on the tax-payer teat… /squints… Are you looking at my tits again. Clicky?*

*Oh for gawd’s sake… /covers chest with arm… I can’t help it, they’ve always been like that…*


12 thoughts on “Lyrical Breakdown

      1. Yes, I know that. You are one of life’s kind people.

        I don’t often understand what you are on about, so I tend to pick out something that makes some kind of sense to me.

        The ghastly Charlotte Pug had a fit last week which wasn’t at all funny. Fortunately my son was here and he dealt with it so gently. He stayed with her until it was over. I just freaked out and could hardly move, let alone comfort her.
        This is incurable, nothing to be done, except to have her put down, but not just yet. And she has been fine since then, and still eating like a horse.

        God preserve me from animals. i am a useless wimp when any of mine are in distress.

        Sorry. This is nothing to do with your Blog.

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          1. Yes, the youngest. The son I have just Blogged about. Nothing much wrong with him when he can care for an ageing, decrepit and very ugly Pug when I couldn’t even go anywhere near her. I actually hid behind a bush and asked him what was going on, much to my shame.

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