Who’ll be Ten? A Lady?


*/huff… These wee… key leaks… /puffs… Clicky, have become… a flood…*

Meanwhile, in keeping the tit-for-tat, ahead of Wiki’s ninth release, overnight the ninth’s Trump accuser came forward, when a Clinton donor claimed the billionaire kissed her on the mouth in front of her shocked family at Mother’s Day lunch at Mar-a-Lago club.



*Me? No, I’ve never met him…*


*/blows out cheeks… knot the mains team… /stretches back… Me? ja… /rolls eyes… There… /wrings out mop… that’ll have to do, Clicky… until tomorrow…*




7 thoughts on “Who’ll be Ten? A Lady?

      1. It’s a disease I’m sure. If it’s not it should be. Reminds me of Smashy and Nicey and all the good charity works they did.

        They normally end up in Africa. Poor Africans.

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