Guerilla In Our Midst


*Thanks, Clicky… I didn’t realise at the time that Monday’s post was on my PPE anniversary…*

*Okay then, Picky… the first time I wrote about what happened…*


“You’ll love this,” Thoughtful Man told me as I placed a plate of sandwiches next to him on the bed. “Typical newsflash these days.”

He tapped the screen of his phone and scrolled about. “Here it is – ‘People locked in London Zoo’,” he announced.

“Okay,” I replied, refilling his glass with fizzy pop.

He looked at me solemnly. “A gorilla has escaped.”

“So there are people trapped in London Zoo but a gorilla managed to escape?” I said, screwing the top back on the bottle. “Typical.”

“That’s what I said,” Thoughtful man replied through a mouth a cheese and pickle  “Mm, delicious. You are the Sandwich Queen.”

I blew him a kiss and went downstairs to do the ironing.



*S’okay, Clicky, they’ve caught it… Carry on and have a Song*




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