‘Owls With Laughter…

Redrum Bathroom 1

*There you are! /taps foot… I got back really quickly. Where have you been, Clicky?


*Red Franks? I left you at Blue Franks… Clicky, dinner is about to arrive and Thoughtful Man and I have ‘Suicide Squad’ to watch… I wanted to write this post before he got home from work… /wrings hands… *


*Chocolate? You think you can get round me with… chocolate? /takes both… Delicious… Damn, did you hear that?*


*That’s Thoughtful Man pulling up now… Okay, Clicky, laters…*




*Clicky… Dear Reader doesn’t want spoilers! …/taps…*




*/shields eyes from daylight to stop stinging sensation… Clicky!  Oh fuck, my eyes… Clicky?!*


*Oh there you are…/kisses snout… Make us a cuppa, Clicky? …/groans and lights up… What the fuck happened last night?*


*Monologued with Legs… Yeah, what else?*

*/slurps and drags… Then what?*

*Oh yeah, fuck… the Debate… That was fucking excellent…*


*Hey! Have you been wearing my Rubedo mask again, Clicky? I was asleep 49 minutes ago… I know, I still have the taste in my mouth… /lights another… Better…*


*Oh yeah, owls… or is that ‘owls?*


*Alright, let me get myself together, Clicky… /yawns… I think I’ll have another coffee… /stop hand sign… It’s okay, darling, I’ll do it…*


Owls, Dear Reader. MEROVEE Frank mentioned owls in his last (sew above)…


… And puzzles and that’s exactly what PetesQuiz wrote about putting ‘the pieces of the jigsaw together’ in the ‘sew below’ at Blue Frank’s follow up to his ‘Defining the Future’ earlier on today…


*I know! How did he know I was going to use from TBBT in this post?!*

Dear Reader, we have a number of owls at the LoL…



None of our owls have names. This fella came from the Packer side of the family. It used to be a table lamp; I’m not sure if Grandad bought it or was given it by German POWs in WW2 – he was Captain of a camp in Egypt and was given lots of carvings by prisoners who appreciated his fair and even-handed treatment. But it hasn’t cast light in a long time…

OWL 2 (and friend)


I don’t know where these guys came from, but they look down on me in the Library every day.



I remember exactly when these fellas arrived. It was the day the boys broke up from school for Christmas. Thoughtful Man and I were waiting in the playground to collect them. Thoughtful Man had gone off with Kit Kat (who was always first out) for a chat with one of the other dads. I was standing aside, stamping my feet and blow out pretend smoke with my frozen, crystalised breath.

Suddenly I spotted Loops’, smiling from ear to ear, rushing toward me. He looked so excited. Then I saw his puffing, red face teacher, plodding along on behind. She was laden with… OMG, what the fuck was she carrying and why is she mouthing ‘I’m so sorry’ in my direction?!

“Mummy! I got you a Christmas present!” Loopy exclaimed, wrapping his little arms around my waist. “Owls!”



*Brilliant! Finished it at last, Clicky… /yawn… I think I’ll slip off to bed for a recharge… Give Dear Reader a Song, please…*

8 thoughts on “‘Owls With Laughter…

  1. Roob

    Triggered 🙂

    I watched the original Lost Horizon over the weekend. No owls but pigeons. Singing pigeons.

    And I thought you may like to know it’s OK to smoke in Shangri La. Everyone was at it.

    Life’s a hoot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leggy *and Click* – you’ve both worked for Dumey. Is the Doctor soulless and have you ever noticed if he has a lisp?

      Two reasons for asking:


      ‘Thouless’ insight was to show that the flow of electrons at the boundaries has a topological character: the flow is not perturbed by defects – the current just bends around them and continues with its onward flow. This is similar to strong water flow in a river that bends around boulders.

      Thouless figured out that here was a new kind of order, represented by a topological index that counts the number of edge states at the boundary. That’s just like how the number of holes (zero in a sphere, one in a doughnut, two in glasses, three in a pretzel) define the topology of a shape and the robustness of the shape so long as it is deformed smoothly and the number of holes remains unchanged.’

      I posted that in a comet at Merovee on Saturday

      In the clip, above, Doctor Cooper instructs Penny on the importance of finding the edges to solve the puzzle.


      I had a squirrel incident today when I was putting this post together… *Thoughtful Man was sleeping and you were searching me out the TBBT clips…*

      You know how I’ve mentioned my dad’s a squirrel and how a squirrel pops into our lives when any important stuff happens, like the boys’ birth?

      Well, I was sitting at the computer when I heard some thumping noises outside the conservatory. I looked over and saw a grey blur at the bottom of the door. I looked the other way to make sure it wasn’t Poppy, and I’d locked her out (it wasn’t – she was sleeping in Loops’ Captain’s chair). When I looked back, there was a squirrel pressed up against the glass, like he was trying to get in…

      *Knot exactly, Clicky*

      Yeah, my dad’s name was Bob.

      *Yeah, creepy… that’s why I’m asking about Dume…*

      ‘The owls are not what they seem’

      You know. both ‘knot‘ and ‘seam‘ are Topology terms…

      */thinks… Log Lady… Be Log Lady… Blog Lady… WebLog Lady… We blog Lady… Lady who?*

      Liked by 1 person

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