Letter to Leg-Iron…


It’s a very exciting time here are the Library, Dear Reader – ‘The Underdog Anthology’ is still on course to be published for Halloween.


*Eek! I’ve got three stories in it, Clicky…*


*’Succulent Sardines’… that’s the first one I wrote…*

*’Mind the Gap’… Mind palace the gap… /chortle…*


*/smirk… ‘Til the phat lady swings? Clicky, you’re such a wag…*

Dear Reader… Have a Song…



2 thoughts on “Letter to Leg-Iron…

  1. I guess we do the best that we can eh?

    ❤ Hope you filthy fucking limeys are well and all is well and…well…shit like that n'stuff. ❤
    You know…I've been thinking quite a bit about fish. I haven't eaten fish in years. I used to love fish.I love fishing. I still love fish, just not fond of eating them. That said, I'm quite keen on the prospect of eating some good fish one of these days. Perhaps via traveling. I still love shrimp and crab, but even that is a rarity. I miss traveling. I miss eating fish. Coincidence?

    Hope all is well on that side of the pond. I've been sick/am sick. Course…yeah…I'm always sick. But yeah, also like, sick like normal sick and stuff. Just "part of it" I guess.

    Whatshername #2(A.K.A. – "Y") suggested that we go down to the local park today and make some videos. I am, afterall, back on "that" side of town. Nice lady she is. Pretty too. Very smart. Almost like a trend or something.
    Q: Are all women nice, and smart, and pretty?
    A: I think so. Of course…I prolly just wanna get laid.

    Ya'll have a great weekend over there….k?

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    1. ‘I guess we do the best that we can eh?’

      Yes, so we can best it…

      *I know, Clicky… gutting*

      It’s good for you to get out. Y… ‘cos you’re gonna make some fantastic videos together. Actually, I’m over at SMFH, now, experiencing your latest. I tell you what… it’s gripping! 😉

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