/Burger Burp… S’cuse Me

Today is ‘National Burger Day

*Start at 2.37? /rolls eyes… Oh Clicky, I’m working on The Shining Bathrooms Part 3, but they’re big gifs, difficult to wrap…*

tape eye

*Yes, I know you’re handy with the sellotape…*

tape face

*A little too handy sometimes… /shakes head… Look, Clicky, can we just get on with the post? It’s been another hot day and I’m still sweating buckets here*

Etymology Online gives us…

burger (n.)1939, American English, shortened from hamburger (q.v.).

burgher (n.)1560s, “freeman of a burgh,” from Middle Dutch burgher or German Bürger, from Middle High German burger, from Old High German burgari“inhabitant of a fortress,” from burg “fortress, citadel” (see borough). Burgh, as a native variant of borough, persists in Scottish English (as in Edinburgh).


Yesterday evening, whilst Thoughtful Man listened to Fulham beat Borough in the FA Cup, I got into conversation with Hugo, who’d sent me an article about the discovery of a planet orbiting neighbouring star, Proxima Centuri.

‘”A planet around even a wimpy star like Proxima Centauri is going to be more than a billion times fainter than the star itself. So, what you do is block out the light from the star using a special device and that allows you then to go deeper into the star’s surroundings,” explained Cambridge University’s Prof Gerry Gilmore.’

Did the conversation continue along a scientific line, with wonderment at this discovery? Dear Reader, it did not.

Hugo and Roob talk Wimpy burgers
CLICKY: Try eight…

*Eight in the area, Clicky, but I’ve only been to 3*

Then, Red Universe Frank put up a new post at MEROVEE containing a burger reference…

Merovee Burger

The planet Mercury takes 88 Earth days to go around the Sun and according to Back to the Future, 88mph is the speed that makes time travel possible…

BTTF 88mph

hydrargyrum (n.)“mercury, quicksilver,” 1560s, from Latin hydrargyrus, from Greek hydrargyros “quicksilver” (as prepared artificially from cinnabar ore; native quicksilver was argyros khytos “fused silver”), from hydr-, stem of hydor “water” (see water (n.1)) + argyros “silver” (see argent). Hence the chemical abbreviation Hg for the element mercury.

Of course,  ‘argent’ is a ‘Shining‘ word 😉

joanna lumley

No.8 ‘The Corridor’ by Toby Dye

Dye pays homage to Kubrick in this installation, applying his pioneering camera and narrative techniques. Each of the four endlessly looping films are set in the same location be feature a different character inspired by Kubrick’s filmography.

UNKLE’s ‘Lonely Soul’ (ft Richard Ashcroft) accompanies Toby Dye’s moving picture. This was the original piece of music that James sent to Stanley Kubrick for the music video that never was. The track features on UNKLE’s critically acclaimed debut album Psyence Fiction.

burger breathing

*Agreed, Clicky… /wipes brow… talk about Mercury rising… a breeze would be nice. Back to the gifs tomorrow… Song for now?*

15 thoughts on “/Burger Burp… S’cuse Me

  1. I haven’t heard that version – probably ‘cos Beck’s version got most airplays on the pirate stations (Caroline / Wonderful Big L – Radio London) just before they were banned

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  2. You weirdos are weird. And keep Clicky the fuck away from me. I’m allergic to aliens. And shark attacks.

    Lessee…what was that which I remembered?
    Click Ease Keys?
    Clicky’s Keys?
    Click These Keys?
    Click Those Keys?
    Click Any Keys?
    Click N.E. Keys?
    Lessee…would that pertain to…North and East? Or Northeast?
    Something about an arc?
    Or an ark?
    See Any Sea Lark?
    Seal Arc?
    Or should that be…. Seal Ark?
    Something about “Weigh Any Sea Lark?”
    And/or “Way = N.E. – Seal Ark”
    Which is weird because both England AND New York are North East of me.
    And I have a date with a box in New York at some point.
    Click Ease Keys….Keloids?

    We all have those…don’t we love?

    That said, um…what was I going to say, Oh well, whatever it was…it was probably a lot. DISASTER AVERTED!!! lol

    So…how’s it going young lady? How’s that man of yours? Better? Sill rocking out with his cock out? 😉

    (I hate the RHCP BTW. Not that I “hate” them…I just don’t like them. In the event you wanted to know.)

    ❤ u guys.
    I really do.
    Working on it.
    The best I can do. 😀

    You are you.
    I am me.
    Doppelgängers? Meh…an overrated concept. Take that for what you will.

    You may or may not wonder…"what the FUCK is wrong with this guy?!?!?"
    A: You name it. 😉

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    1. Aww but Clicky loves it over on your Sync Miss thread, Cade…

      *Good work out for you, eh Click?*

      I suppose we are a bit weird… you fit right in 😀


      Thoughtful Man is well, thank you Cade, although he is suffering a sty at the moment…

      *No. In his eye, Clicky, his eye…*


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