Adventures in Remote Viewing: Stranger Fins


*/rolls eyes… I agree, Clicky, the first two seasons of Stranga Fings did concern ‘Free Will’,… /lights up… butt that’s Free Willy…*

Dear Reader, after posting Cade’s latest Missive at the LoL on Friday evening, we settled down, in our respective locations – Southend and Texas – to remote view season 3 of the Netflix hit show ‘Stranger Things’. In terms of remote viewing bingeing, it was…

Epic Man Hat on


*/drags… Knot sure Cade liked it as much me, Clicky… /streams smoke… I fuckin’ loved it!*

… I’d already started to wonder how exactly I was going to shamble about it. Fortunately, Red universe Frank gave me the perfect opening on MEROVEE

Merovee Spooky Action At A Distance

… And again when Clicky posted news there that the Big Apol! was experiencing a massive blackout, exactly 42 years to the day after the last ‘Great Blackout’…

Frank and Roob and 42 on Merovee


… Strangely enough, season 3 of the series started with a blackout…

‘Winona Ryder plays a chain smoking mother, fighting for her children. She is also, or rather the spelling of her name, is a Mandela Effect.’

*Do ya fink that jigsaw image is kinda Shoe On, Clicky? …/flicks ash…*

‘What JLL says in that talk about ‘bio-tropic clues’ should interest anyone who has spent time here on the good ship Merovee, or paying attention to synchronicity in general…

bio (n.)

tropic (n.)

‘“All the clues in the world don’t count if you don’t know what crime has been committed.” – ‘John Lamb Lash – Follow Up on WYN WIN NONA Clustering and Biotropic Clues (25)’

“You have to know what the question is, in order to know what the answer means.” – Deep Thought – ‘Answer To The Ultimate Question – The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – BBC’

ST Winona Ryder tangled ball of lights.gif

*Aye, Clicky, deep finking ana luminous ball of entanglement…*

… Of course, given that ‘Eleven’ is a character on ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Day of the Dead’ was the movie playing at the time of the first episode’s opening blackout…

…And that the New York blackout occurred on the 13th July (7), Clicky posted the idea that occurred to me over a morning cup of coffee and a cigarette, way back in 2013…

Clicky on 137 42 and 24

*An’ 24 hours in a day… /deep drag… It’s true, I am pretty much dead until I have a coffee and smoke in the mornings, Clicky…*

… Frank further replied with news of a hovering marvel, seen in Paris on Bastille Day…

Frank Back To The Future Sync

*/plumes smoke…*

… Now, I don’t think Red universe Frank is familiar with ‘Stranger Things’, but the other movie to feature during season 3, was ‘Back To The Future’…

… And then Clicky posted a tweet from ‘Hopper’ from the New York blackout with a definite ‘Go West’ sync to Friday’s LoL Missive From ‘Merica…

*/stubs butt… Oh I see, Clicky! The ‘does ‘opper return?’ cliffhanger to Season 3… Will he?*


*Clever… /nods slowly… Okay, Clicky, go choose a Song…*

…Anyhoo, that’s my ‘Stranger Things’ shambles, Dear Reader. I have another in mind to post, that concerns an extremely spooky short story written by Legs. That’s a treat for later this week, so make sure you come back. But for now… Have a Song… ❤



/Burger Burp… S’cuse Me

Today is ‘National Burger Day

*Start at 2.37? /rolls eyes… Oh Clicky, I’m working on The Shining Bathrooms Part 3, but they’re big gifs, difficult to wrap…*

tape eye

*Yes, I know you’re handy with the sellotape…*

tape face

*A little too handy sometimes… /shakes head… Look, Clicky, can we just get on with the post? It’s been another hot day and I’m still sweating buckets here*

Etymology Online gives us…

burger (n.)1939, American English, shortened from hamburger (q.v.).

burgher (n.)1560s, “freeman of a burgh,” from Middle Dutch burgher or German Bürger, from Middle High German burger, from Old High German burgari“inhabitant of a fortress,” from burg “fortress, citadel” (see borough). Burgh, as a native variant of borough, persists in Scottish English (as in Edinburgh).


Yesterday evening, whilst Thoughtful Man listened to Fulham beat Borough in the FA Cup, I got into conversation with Hugo, who’d sent me an article about the discovery of a planet orbiting neighbouring star, Proxima Centuri.

‘”A planet around even a wimpy star like Proxima Centauri is going to be more than a billion times fainter than the star itself. So, what you do is block out the light from the star using a special device and that allows you then to go deeper into the star’s surroundings,” explained Cambridge University’s Prof Gerry Gilmore.’

Did the conversation continue along a scientific line, with wonderment at this discovery? Dear Reader, it did not.

Hugo and Roob talk Wimpy burgers
CLICKY: Try eight…

*Eight in the area, Clicky, but I’ve only been to 3*

Then, Red Universe Frank put up a new post at MEROVEE containing a burger reference…

Merovee Burger

The planet Mercury takes 88 Earth days to go around the Sun and according to Back to the Future, 88mph is the speed that makes time travel possible…

BTTF 88mph

hydrargyrum (n.)“mercury, quicksilver,” 1560s, from Latin hydrargyrus, from Greek hydrargyros “quicksilver” (as prepared artificially from cinnabar ore; native quicksilver was argyros khytos “fused silver”), from hydr-, stem of hydor “water” (see water (n.1)) + argyros “silver” (see argent). Hence the chemical abbreviation Hg for the element mercury.

Of course,  ‘argent’ is a ‘Shining‘ word 😉

joanna lumley

No.8 ‘The Corridor’ by Toby Dye

Dye pays homage to Kubrick in this installation, applying his pioneering camera and narrative techniques. Each of the four endlessly looping films are set in the same location be feature a different character inspired by Kubrick’s filmography.

UNKLE’s ‘Lonely Soul’ (ft Richard Ashcroft) accompanies Toby Dye’s moving picture. This was the original piece of music that James sent to Stanley Kubrick for the music video that never was. The track features on UNKLE’s critically acclaimed debut album Psyence Fiction.

burger breathing

*Agreed, Clicky… /wipes brow… talk about Mercury rising… a breeze would be nice. Back to the gifs tomorrow… Song for now?*