Adventures in Remote Viewing: I See You…

Last night, Dear Reader, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, suffering from the Coronavirus, was admitted to the care of the ICU team at St Thomas’ Hospital… "We're all working together to implement the plan that the prime minister set out"On #BBCBreakfast Michael Gove MP explains how government will continue while Boris Johnson remains in intensive … Continue reading Adventures in Remote Viewing: I See You…

Adventures in Remote Viewing: Stranger Fins

*/rolls eyes… I agree, Clicky, the first two seasons of Stranga Fings did concern ‘Free Will’,… /lights up… butt that’s Free Willy…* Dear Reader, after posting Cade’s latest Missive at the LoL on Friday evening, we settled down, in our respective locations – Southend and Texas – to remote view season 3 of the Netflix … Continue reading Adventures in Remote Viewing: Stranger Fins

Mating Dance

It’s Mother’s Day today, Dear Reader… *Yeah, Clicky, that so reminds me of mum… /lights up…* I’ve not been about much as I’m settling into my new job and editing some short stories submissions for the next Underdog Anthology… *That’s right, number 5… /drags… * … And struggling to write a submission of my own. … Continue reading Mating Dance

Missive From ‘Merica: The Blighty Bounce

Experiment (n.) mid-14c., “action of observing or testing; an observation, test, or trial;” also “piece of evidence or empirical proof; feat of magic or sorcery,” from Old French esperment“practical knowledge, cunning; enchantment, magic spell; trial, proof, example; lesson, sign, indication,” from Latin experimentum “a trial, test, proof, experiment,” noun of action from experiri“to try, test,” from ex-“out of” (see ex-) + peritus“experienced, … Continue reading Missive From ‘Merica: The Blighty Bounce

CLICK5 Special: Wanna Dance?

Extract from ‘A Family History for Ruth and Julia (Gawd ‘Elp Us!)’, a.k.a. ‘The Ma Papers’ by Judith Eileen Newton (formerly Shewan, née Packer) The worse part of being a girl was that if your mate was prettier than you she would be asked to dance and this would leave you on your own if you … Continue reading CLICK5 Special: Wanna Dance?

Gawd ‘Elp Us… period

Just a month to go and Project Fear’s UK tour is in full flow. So far, we’ve been assured, a vote to leave the EU (pronounced ‘ew’) would result in war, famine, pestilence and the other one… */rolls eyes… well, 23rd June does fall within the star sign of ‘cancer’, Clicky.* 😉 So wrapped up in making us fear for … Continue reading Gawd ‘Elp Us… period

Peep ‘Ole REGN… Oo’er MRS!

*So, Clicky, ‘Pop’ was the decision. Interesting…* Receiving word that a Prince of Pop had pops his clogs so shortly after I’d popped the question, was a surprise. Thoughtful Man was the bearing of the news… again. “You’ll never guess who’s died now?” I hadn’t heard him come downstairs as I was still engrossed over at Hugo’s second … Continue reading Peep ‘Ole REGN… Oo’er MRS!