The Shining: Bathrooms Part 2


I should probably explain, for those that haven’t seen ‘The Shining Forwards and Backwards’ that there is a convergence point in the film, where ‘Forwards’ meets ‘Backwards’…

*Right at the centre of the film, Dick in Florida shines beneath a black goddess. Thanks, Clicky! ❤ *

The film is mostly set at the Overlook Hotel, a mountain resort, therefore the centre point of the film, the convergence, could be considered a peak. All the action leading up to that point could be considered as ascending a mountain, and the action after that point as making the descent.

The Boulder bathroom scene when Danny talks to Tony occurs in the first part of the movie (ascent). The other three bathroom scenes occur in the second part of the movie (descent)…

movie diagram showing bathroom scenes

*Brilliant! A rough sketch to demonstrate what I mean, Clicky. Thanks!*


Room 237 Bathroom 

Let’s just remind ourselves of the scene with accompanying soundtrack…

That’s the ‘Forwards’ action. Silently running backwards is the scene when Jack first meets Lloyd in the Ballroom and tastes his first drink in a long time…

The Forward/\Backwards scene starts with the bathroom door being pushed open. Think ‘Wizard of Oz‘ reveal…


The shower curtain pulls back, mimicking the action of the door. He ‘tastes’ the naked woman revealed and savours…


Jack looks on… left, then right before having a crafty lick of the woman’s breasts…


He ‘tears’ at her flesh as she rises up out of his mouth…


The woman steps out of the bathtub as Jack has a gnaw on her arm…


She walks forward and Jack cradles her legs before swirling his glass of bourbon. The bottle’s pourer injects her arm…

Bathroom 237 6

Jack approaches the woman/bottle of booze, index finger erect, waggling his eyebrows…


Lloyd, the bartender, and shelves of liquor appear between Jack and the woman…


She reaches out to Jack. He can’t believe his luck as she starts to run her hands up his body…


As her hands moveup to Jack’s chest, Lloyd unpours the drink from his glass, back into the bottle. He then holsters it in the woman’s vagina. Jack taps his empty glass…


Lloyd looks on as the woman’s hands reaches Jack’s throat and Jack reaches for his glass…


The woman’s arms snake around Jack’s neck as he caresses, first, the bottle of bourbon and then the woman’s hips and waist. They pull closer…


They embrace and kiss. Jack is lost the heady experience…


Jack drinks deeply of their kiss. He holds his glass out and looks at it at first admiringly…


And then with sudden clarity. The beautiful woman is actually a scabrous old one/Lloyd and his shelf of booze. Jack is horrified…

Mirror in the bathroom

The decaying woman floats in the bathtub before advancing on a retreating Jack. As Jack tells the story, he waves his hand… it was nothing…


Notable thing. The spirit Jack drinks/Lloyd unpours is Jack Daniels, whilst Jack tells Lloyd about Danny’s accident. The actor that plays Danny is Danny Lloyd.

If you interested in seeing a breakdown of these two scenes, but in the ‘ascent’ part of the movie, one can be found here.


The Ballroom bathroom scene is up next in Part 3

*Good one, Clicky!*

11 thoughts on “The Shining: Bathrooms Part 2

  1. Mind if I swoop in here for a quick bit of complete and utter nonsense that is really just me being me and the irritating me that I am? Cool. Let’s do this.

    Um…what was I gonna say……..OH YEAH! I have never seen the movie “The Shining.” Not big on horror. Not big on supernatural stuff. Not big on slasher type movies. Not big on murder mysteries. All of these movies suck because someone has to die for there even to be a story. All of a sudden, the story is all about everyone and everything in the goddamn Universe…save for the poor schlub who got whacked. Dealing with life because of a death seems like a shitty analogy for life. Life is life. Life is for the living. Life living off of the dead or death or dying? Just seems that too much is made of proper labeling instead of improper labeling. Especially when dealing with set based punitive sets that are so goddamn narrow, figuring this shit out is like trying to jam a wet rope up a wildcat’s ass. Personally, I’d rather jack-off a wildcat in a phone booth with a handfull of briars…but that’s just me.

    Using thought patterns and streams like these tells me that being labeled as “insane” means that you are 50% closer and/or just one step away from being labeled “criminally insane.” It also says to me that those who work within these streams and continue to try and control these streams seem to always be oblivious to their own slipstreams, and how these slipstreams affect the streams that they “navigate for the greater good.” That leads to prevention or at least preventative type of behaviors and thought streams, and it’s not long before you find yourself in the “never again” pool of stagnation. This is in no way an endorsement of violence, as I have a metric fuckton of experience with that sort of stuff. However, I can’t prevent someone from walking up and punching me in the face for whatever reason. Nor would I want to remove that option from someone. How the fuck do you even begin to do that? What I CAN do myself is not walk around and punch people in the face. I can try avoid “trouble” by always being mindful of others irrespective of whether or not they are mindful of me. If God/the gods/The Universe would have wanted robots, we would be robots.
    Evil: “Slugs? God created slugs? I would have started with lasers…eight o’clock…day one!”
    Movie = Time Bandits

    I was talking with someone yesterday and trying to relate my thoughts with respect to “the indestructible” and that “the indestructable” is in and of itself…destruction. Complete and total. Something that cannot be destroyed will only and CAN only destroy. It’s all it can do. This is the basis for the hows and why as to how “the infinite” and “the eternal” are RADICALLY different. That there are many infinities and many and much that are infinite, but only The All is eternal. Love and Hate are equally infinite. They must coexist separately and independent at the same time and at different times…all at the same time. And they must do this for eternity.

    Have a great day over there limey friends and enemies and drinkers of that black swill ya’ll call “pints” irrespective of whatever swill your local pub is poisoning your palate with. 😉

    ❤ Ya'll!

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          1. Not THAT horny for chrissakes. Plus, mine’s about 1/10th that size. Oh…there it is. On a scalar type of scale…I guess I am that horny. 😛

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