Abscess Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

CLICKY: Simply click the pix.

Dear Reader – Over the course of the next three days Thoughtful Man’s health deteriorated as the size of his jaw increased…

Desperate Dan

*Exactly, Clicky, he looked like Desperate Dan…*


*Hurting? Oh yes, Clicky, he was in a tremendous amount of pain.*

Despite a visit to the doctor, who prescribed him two courses of antibiotics and extra strong painkillers, Thoughtful Man’s swelling and discomfort got worse. I wondered if he might have mumps…


“I’ve already had mumps. You can’t get it twice.”

Thoughtful Man groaned with the effort of speaking.

“Yes, but it says here,” I stroked the screen of my iPad, “‘Once you’ve been infected by the mumps virus, you normally develop a life-long immunity to further infection.'”

Miserable eyes stared back at me. Blankly.

Normally… that’s not exactly definite, is it?” I put the iPad aside and squidged down beside him under the duvet. “And we’re not exactly normal, are we?”

hurting 3


“Please, go back to the doctor in the morning. You don’t seem to be getting any better.”

Thoughtful Man grunted acquiescence and closed his eyes. Gently, I touched his burning brow. “You’re still so hot. Is there anything I can get you?”

“A gun.”

hurting 2

*It’s alright, Clicky. I also refused his request for a one-way ticket to Switzerland… /rueful smile …*

The next day local doctor took one look at Thoughtful Man and sent him straight off to A&E.

“Abscess…” he croaked down the phone line to me, “…operate immediately… if it bursts, I’ll die.”


Hurting 4

*Tell me about it! Oh, Clicky, it’s been another long one. I’m off to bed…*

To be continued in  ‘Tracheotomy Tears’. Have a Song.


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