Abscess Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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Dear Reader – Over the course of the next three days Thoughtful Man’s health deteriorated as the size of his jaw increased…

Desperate Dan

*Exactly, Clicky, he looked like Desperate Dan…*


*Hurting? Oh yes, Clicky, he was in a tremendous amount of pain.*

Despite a visit to the doctor, who prescribed him two courses of antibiotics and extra strong painkillers, Thoughtful Man’s swelling and discomfort got worse. I wondered if he might have mumps…


“I’ve already had mumps. You can’t get it twice.”

Thoughtful Man groaned with the effort of speaking.

“Yes, but it says here,” I stroked the screen of my iPad, “‘Once you’ve been infected by the mumps virus, you normally develop a life-long immunity to further infection.'”

Miserable eyes stared back at me. Blankly.

Normally… that’s not exactly definite, is it?” I put the iPad aside and squidged down beside him under the duvet. “And we’re not exactly normal, are we?”

hurting 3


“Please, go back to the doctor in the morning. You don’t seem to be getting any better.”

Thoughtful Man grunted acquiescence and closed his eyes. Gently, I touched his burning brow. “You’re still so hot. Is there anything I can get you?”

“A gun.”

hurting 2

*It’s alright, Clicky. I also refused his request for a one-way ticket to Switzerland… /rueful smile …*

The next day local doctor took one look at Thoughtful Man and sent him straight off to A&E.

“Abscess…” he croaked down the phone line to me, “…operate immediately… if it bursts, I’ll die.”


Hurting 4

*Tell me about it! Oh, Clicky, it’s been another long one. I’m off to bed…*

To be continued in  ‘Tracheotomy Tears’. Have a Song.


Monday Movies: Scary Monster

“No. I know of the film, I’ve just never watched it.”

Thoughtful Man looked at me with astonishment. “You’ve never seen ‘Aliens‘?!”

“Well, I haven’t seen ‘Alien‘ either,” I replied defensively. “I don’t like scary monsters.”

My iPad chirped as the confession left my mouth; my friend Leggy had just posted a comment about me to an under-underdog.

It suddenly occurred to me that my reticence to watch scary movies could be problem when adapting short horror stories to film, so hesitantly I agreed to Thoughtful Man’s follow up suggestion, that we indulge in a double movie bill.

“Come on. You’ll enjoy it. Stop being a wuss.”

Clicky for a Song

“Are you alright? Did you survive the scary monster?” Thoughtful Man turned round to me as the second set of credits started to roll. “You did actually watch the films, didn’t you?” He’d spotted my iPad loitering on my lap.

“Yes! I hid my eyes a couple of times.” I demonstrated by lifting it up to cover my face. At least he couldn’t see me blush.

He sighed and rolled off the bed. “Okay, so what did you think then of the bits you did watch?”

“I enjoyed them. The first one was scarier but the second one made me jump more.” I yawned and made to get out of bed. “I might write a post about them later. The monster is a Giger invention.”

Thoughtful Man stooped to click off the TV at the plug and sighed again. I wasn’t sure if it was for my mention of writing a post, confirmation that I had been peaking at my iPad or the realisation that I would beat him to the bathroom. I didn’t wait to ask.

Clicky for a Song

*So, Clicky. You watched the films with us. What did you think?*

Sink Mist

*/Rolls eyes… Okay, synchromystically. Well, actually, that was weird, the comment Vik posted at Merovee whilst we were watching…*

Vik x

*Yes! John Hurt, the War Doctor, was in it…*

Doctor Hurt
Clicky for Kane


*You know, John Hurt does have a sync-link to my last post, Clicky…

‘On 6 October 2015, international news media announced that David Bowie has arranged his new track “Blackstar” as the theme song of the show, as well as introducing the listener to 45 seconds of the intro.’

The last panters
Clicky for Super Bowel

*It’s Super Bowl, Clicky, and don’t pull your innocent face… Hey, you know Lady Gaga sang the national anthem at the game, well she was on the Grammys last night*

*/shiver… I don’t know what scares me more, Lady Gaga or spiders.*


*It had 8 legs, Clicky, but it wasn’t a spider /grimace… Actually, they were more scary than the adult monsters. Especially by the time of Ripley’s big fight at the end of the second film…*

Clicky Weaver’s Role after ‘Alien’

*Oh, she starred with two different Hurts, one after the other? Hmm… Hey, I wonder if Ripley has any link to ‘ripple‘..? I did watch a film at the weekend that had Einstein in it…*

Roobee Absolutely Anything
Clicky for Merovee link

*/Yawn… Is that the time. Shit! I should get to bed; Thoughtful Man wants us to watch another scary film tonight. You lock up, Clicky, and have a Song*