Tracheotomy Tears

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Dear Reader – It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Thoughtful Man in possession of a life-threatening abscess, must go under the knife.

sherlock 1

*True. In fact he’s had two operations, Clicky. The first emergency one to drain the poison and remove teeth. Then he had to have another one on Saturday morning…*

sherlock 2

*Yeah, there was some concern he wasn’t getting enough oxygen ventilating through his nose, so they decided a tracheotomy and keeping him sedated would be the best way to help him…*


“What’s a trash conomy?”

Loopy looked expectantly at me from his captain’s chair. “Is Dad okay?”

“It’s tracheotomy and it’s when they cut a hole in your throat and stick a tube down it.” Kit Kat replied in the teenage tone of the perpetually bored. “Don’t you know anything?”

“Er…” I looked from one to the other, “Were you both listening to my conversation?”

“Yes.” Strange. They don’t normally agree on anything.

I licked my lips. “Oh okay, um, Dad’s fine but he needs another operation…” I waved towards Kitten, “…the doctors want to put a tube in his neck to help with his breathing.”

I pointed to the hollow of my throat and felt myself swallow.

“Okay, two things,” Loopy got up and ambled toward me. “Three things. Firstly, hug?” He wrapped his arms around me, patting my back.

“Thank you. What’s the second thing?”

“Will he have a scar?”

Again, Kit Kat replied for me – this time with an impatient sigh. Again Loopy ignored him.

“And thirdly… can I have something to eat?”




sherlock 3


sherlock 4
CLICKY: I couldn’t resist.

*/squint… Well, I’m glad you’re seeing a funny side to this, Clicky *

To be continued in “Dreamy, Sleepy, Nighty, Snoozy Snooze’… Have a Song


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