Can’t Wait to Watch Films: An Under Underdog’s Reply

Over at UBU, Poppy Sweet Pea has listed the films she can’t wait to watch…
Top 5 films Poppy can't wait to watch

The last film I went to see at the cinema was ‘Kajaki‘ but it was the premiere with red carpet and everything…

I don’t go to the cinema much, so going to see that was a special treat and I did get to catch a glimpse of two celebs on the night…

Which is an odd coincidence considering that half a year later one was sacked from BBC’s ‘Top Gear’, whilst is other is being touted as a replacement on the show.

The last film before that, one I paid to go and see, was ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’…

That’s not the film, Clicky…


Ahem… like I said, I don’t go to the cinema much but Thoughtful Man wants to see the new Dad’s Army movie. Now he’s kinda weird in that he’s fond of those old films made from TV comedies… ‘Please Sir’,  ‘Love Thy Neighbour, ‘On the Buses’, ‘Porridge’ and of course, the original Dad’s Army film.

I’m not so sure – how can you recreate beloved characters with new actors without leaving the audience feel cheated? I’d tried watching Sky’s version of ‘Yes Prime Minister’ and hated it. However, knowing I have a soft spot for underdogs…

Alright, Clicky *rolls eyes*

… my friend Hugo on Merovee coincidentally pointed me in the direction of the Daily Flail and the captioning of the images from the film…

Hugo brings Roobee Dad's ArmyThat’s another coincidence, Clicky, as I attended the Kajaki premiere with Toby, my sister Juju’s stepson, who was a cameraman on the film…

Aww cute pug, Clicky. Have a Song…

4 thoughts on “Can’t Wait to Watch Films: An Under Underdog’s Reply

  1. Like you, I don’t go to the flicks very often.

    Can’t remember the last time I went, but one of my all-time favourites had a similar sniper theme:

    Its one scene which stretched credulity was the romance/seduction scene. The protagonists had been living in the crumbling ruins of devastated Stalingrad for months, amidst the rubble & dust, and, clothing & water shortages. Yet when the heroine is getting laid, she had freshly-laundered white knickers. Not very realistic for the period.

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