Poppy Popstar: An Under Underdog’s Reply

Over at UBU, Poppy Sweet Pea has written about her dog Susie and Hannah Schneider, a Danish musician, who’s music, it turns out, is pretty wonderful…UBU Hannah Schneider Dreaming Kind Pets

Clicky, I need a photo of Poppy, this is going to be way to long to stick in the comments at Leggy’s place…


Ha Ha, Clicky… now get a proper one…


Oh, you’re being like that are you? Clicky, pull your socks up; I’ll start without you…

Poppy is the queen of our household. Miniature in size, humongous in impact on the running of our household. Which is quite a feat considering she’s an Olympic standard sleeper.

She had just turned 1 when we got her; she’d spent the first year of her life living in a cage, something recommended for Dooshunds’ spine development. The old lady that owned her didn’t want her, probably because she’d kept her in a cage for a year and didn’t get to know her.

“All she needs is love” is how my sister Juju described Queen Poppaea to me. We weren’t going to get another pet – been there, done that with two rats (Chewy and Han), a cat that ran away (Nat King Cat), gold fish (Tom and Jerry), a enormous, hairy German Shepherd (Klaus) and Pumpy, the moggy I took in before I took Thoughtful Man into my home – she lived long enough to meet the boys… just.

So Poppy Popstar joined our family. She’s pedigree with a fancy name (Chocolate Puzzle) and we got her for free. Mistress Ploppy is smooth as a sea lion and curls up in your lap like a cat (presumably because she has a strong spine. Thoughtful man insists that she likes to spoon during their afternoon nap). Unless she wants her belly rubbed. Then she she just lies on her back, pawing the air and presenting her soft, pink underside with a come hither look that says “I know you want to. You know I want you too. Just do it and make them long, hard strokes. I’ll tell you when to stop”. She’ll dictates the rhythm with her thumping tail…

Pops will lick your face off when you wake up, return home from work or even if she hasn’t seen you for 10 minutes. She’ll lick your legs and feet (and for some reason, the inside of my shoes) with a relentless determination and thoroughness that is a wonder to behold.

The boys adore her. She’s like a little sister to them. Thoughtful Man treats her like a daughter we never had, which is brilliant because I do not want any more kids. When she eventually goes, we’ll get another Dooshund… except I don’t think I could bear to keep one in a cage for a year. Perhaps then we’ll get a pug…

We likes an underdog, don’t we Clicky?

12 thoughts on “Poppy Popstar: An Under Underdog’s Reply

  1. Of course. Who could forget the delectable Debbie H.

    Two decades after her/their first UK #1, they repeated the feat:

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      1. Yeah, I think it’s something of an emotional rollercoaster ride at the moment. All week I’ve gone from the verge of tears to laughing out loud – within seconds! Every day I’ve had to pinch myself and tell myself I need a reality check – and then something even weirder pops up to make a mockery of the very idea of reality!

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          1. Roob, this photo is titled “Mr Cameron crouches down as he carefully stands his ring of poppies against a metal pole in front of veterans and their families”

            Bit of an odd description for a wreath – then I remembered Poppy on the turntable.

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  2. Wish I could go with the flow Roob but I’m intensely curious and once something has aroused my interest I find it difficult to let go. I will get round to watching Aunty Irma – will add it to my watch list. 🙂

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    1. You ARE going with the flow, Hugo 😉

      And I have ‘Humans’ on mine, but you explained the series so well on Merovee and with your Probe that I don’t feel a rush to watch it. I will watch it at my leisure…

      As you pointed out yesterday Cecil killer is still in the news. Marshall McLuhan fascinates you, yes? You might enjoy the Humane Arts series of talks. I’ve been listening to and posting some of them today…


      I sat up when when he mentioned ‘massage’ 😉


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