Apols! A quick and dirty shambles…

Clicky! You’ll never guess what just happened on Merovee

Merovee 2

Hugo just called me ‘divine’. Clicky…

Hugo calls Roobee Divine

There are so many syncs with this story, Clicky…

Okay, we’ll list them…


Virgil Doll

That right, Clicky, on Saturday you posted a photo of my Thunderbirds Virgil doll. Quite why you decided to arrange it like a cock and balls is beyond me…

Joe L brings up Richard Doll's Bet

Ah yes, Richard (Dick) Doll… darling of the Tobacco Controllers, friend of industry

Roobee and Dick Doll both had smoking bets

Of course D = Door… lol 😀



That’s me online, my avatar, a dog called Roobeedoo2. And, Click, Rain sounds like reign sounds like rein sounds like REGN… and that’s MRS to you…

Shall we move on…?


Came with the Library. Now wears trousers.
Came with the Library. Now wears trousers.

That’s you, Clicky, helpful assistant. Now that’s 3 syncs with Hugo’s story. but I’d really like 4 for a condor

Condor means scoring four under par (−4). This is the lowest individual hole score ever made. A condor would be a hole-in-one on a par-five (typically by cutting over a dogleg corner).

come on, Clicky, think…


ai weiwei sunflower seeds

My Ai WeiWei sunflower seeds! Clicky, how clever… OMG! Is that the time? Clickstar, have a Song…

2 thoughts on “Apols! A quick and dirty shambles…

    1. To be honest with you Joe, I don’t believe tobacco is the global Angel of Death it’s painted to be. Modern Tobacco Control statistics are not very statistical and is based on science previously undertaken by those ‘live and let live’ and totally trustworthy scientists working in Germany during the 1930s…


      I don’t recall ever seeing that advert before, JP, thanks. The Flintstones… wasn’t that based on a US sitcom in which a husband regularly threatened to smash his wife’s face in?

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